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Fathers Being Stiffed by Barbados Courts

The following cry was posted to the blogmaster’s Facebook timeline by indefatigable citizen advocate Kammie Holder – Blogmaster Dear David King I may not be an officer of the court but it pains me to have to publicly condemn our court system. The selection process of judges and magistrates must undergo greater scrutiny to assure they are fit for purpose

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Former Insider Attorney Philip Nicholls Exposes Barbados Court System

It would be disingenuous of BU not to have read Philip Nicholls’s book More Binding Than Marriage and to provide unvarnished feedback. Nicholl’s has revealed enough about the Barbados Court System, Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock, former partners Allan Watson and Joyce Griffith, Disciplinary Committee, lawyers in the system and much more to be sued if true. It is

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A Message to Judges, Deliver Timely Decisions or We Withhold Your Pay

When mention is made of layoffs in the public sector no thought is ever given to extending the treatment to our referred Judges. BU has been relentless in the effort to expose the inefficiency of the Judiciary – see Tales from the Courts. Chief Justice Marston Gibson of whom much was expected has resigned himself to communicating about the thousands

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Tales from the Courts – A lucky Dip into the Decisions of the Barbados Court of Appeal Part XVII

“Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied” – British politician William Gladstone A dip into decisions of the Barbados Court of Appeal  by BU legal eagles has provided the opportunity to critique the case James Livingstone Eastmond v. Rayside Concrete Works Limited [Unreported] C.A. B’dos Civil Appeal No 18 of 2003. The decision was handed down on 2012-11-08 by a panel comprised

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