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Sex in Schools

Solutions Barbados is disappointed with the Ministry of Education’s weak response, to the warnings from Charlie Spice of the Adult Industry Association. Mr Spice noted that over the past three years, there have been countless child pornography videos of Barbadian school children circulating via smart phones.  He noted that child prostitution was growing exponentially across Barbados, and that Barbados was

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New UN Treaty May Put Gender Ideology in International Law

Submitted by  Stefano Gennarini, J.D. NEW YORK, October 4 (C-Fam) In a new treaty, the General Assembly may scrap the definition of gender as “male and female” currently in international law and endorse a definition of gender as “socially constructed.” The new definition would open the door to 100+ “genders” in binding law. The International Law Commission has asked the

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Job Creation a Must for the Youth!

The blogmaster listened recently to an extract from a speech by Minister Ryan Straughn where he emphasized the importance of Barbados investing in our youth because this is where future growth will have to originate. He was quick to clarify for those that would assume the obvious the older demographic will not be neglected given such a focus. The preamble

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Good to Go

The Barbados National Trust has the lawful responsibility of identifying Barbados’ historical treasures, for their preservation.  They examined the underground building at Fort George, and found nothing of historical significance to deserve being listed.  Their sorry excuse was that they were given a choice of either its complete demolition, or providing water to Barbadians. It took a special type of

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Why Black People Were, Are and Will Always Be Slaves

Dear Sir/Madam, Daily, readers of news media are bombarded by the news litany about “white policies and practices of institutionalized and/or overt actions, that speak of “hate towards blacks”. My attached documents provide a different, disturbing, self-deprecating perspective of an act that is particularly egregious, one that on examination makes the reader carefully consider “what whites are chronicled to have

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