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Nation Publishing MUST Do Better

There is the saying often posted in this space that the price of freedom (democracy) is eternal vigilance. A necessary component to safeguarding our freedom (democracy) is a relevant media. An extract from The Role of Media in Democracy: A Strategic Approach authored by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) states:- A free, objective, skilled media is an essential

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Ministry Breaking the Law!

Submitted by Paula Sealy According to Section 42 of the Charities Act mandatory audited financial statements are required of charitable organisations. According to subsection 6 any person who fails to do so is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine of $1000 or imprisonment for 6 months and an additional fine of $100 for every

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CXC- Time to Get it Right!

Tennyson Joseph, UWI lecturer and political scientist shared a personal experience in his recent weekly column. While it is a personal experience, it scrutinises and exposes decision making at the highest level by education planners in the region. We must do better if we are to compete on the world stage, especially being able to cover-off rudimentary decisions. See article

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Monkey Handling Vote

Grenville Phillips

There has been another school mass shooting in the US. Since the US has politicised this issue, it is foreseen that there will be many more school mass shootings. When a problem becomes politicised, the solution is not normally determined by reason, but by what is politically expedient – which tends to be the worst possible solution. For generations around

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Cost of Living – Crapo Smoke We Pipe

It is no surprise the ineffectual debate about reducing the cost of living has resurfaced. As usual the country is beguiled by the usual talking heads whose commentary is crafted to fulfil political interest and reaffirm traditional economic theories. However you ‘slice and dice’ the challenge facing Barbados to significantly reduce the cost of living, it cannot change the fact

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A Pox on You

Submitted by William Harriss The Immortal Bard, otherwise known as William Shakespeare, is an easily recognizable figure no matter where you go. Four hundred years after his death, his phrase is still used. This is the new frightening story of the Monkeypox, which may well end up as ‘A Pox On You’ and ultimately a ‘Pox On Your Business’ and

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From Pillar to Post

Many will agree the times we have to live have been and will always be uncertain, especially for small developing states (SIDs). Countries like Barbados- if economists are to be believed- will be vulnerable to economic shocks. To add to the vulnerabilities there is scientific consensus about the threat caused by global warming, predicted to translate to increasing drought, rise

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Keeping an Eye on the Murder Rate

Source info compiled Barbados Murder Statistics January to April 2022 After a long hiatus (due in part to my spending time tracking and posting data on Covid-19 and the 2022 General Elections), it’s time to catch up on tracking murders across Barbados. Data presented below is from January to April 2022 (I will post 2021 numbers in the near

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