‘Vote Buying’ Tactic!

This week Barbadians were treated with the news that the government released five million dollars to the account of the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) to settle income tax returns. And that an additional five million dollars will be disbursed in the coming days. If public comment is to be believed, outstanding returns go back many years. Clearly the government- like

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CL Financial Bailout – how the Integrity Commission Failed to carry out its duty

There is the saying that there is nothing new under the sun. One aspect of the CL Financial (CLICO) saga Barbadians can learn from is to critique how the Integrity Commission has performed its role given the clamour to impose transparency legislation in Barbados. Citizen Advocate Afra Raymond shares the view that the Integrity Commission failed to discharge its duties

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The Grenville Phillips Column | Marijuana – to legalise or not?

We were told that if we wanted the youth vote, that we must agree to legalise marijuana for recreational use.  Well, Solutions Barbados policies will significantly benefit the youth of Barbados.  However, while we plan to allow non-addictive extracts to be prescribed by doctors for medicinal uses, recreational use of marijuana is another question. In a Solutions Barbados administration, using

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