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Coronavirus Outbreak – Is Barbados Becoming a Satellite of China?

This submission is timely with the Coronavirus in China. Nine million Chines in one region have been asked to evacuate. How worried should Barbados be about the virus? The blogmaster exercised license by inserting ‘Coronavirus’ in the title. David, blogmaster Submitted from and email addressee ‘is time to wake up’. Today I listen to BBC and its report on the

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Prosperity May Be Restored, With the Right Policy Mix

Thanks for the assist Amit– David, blogmaster Source: As we embark on the third decade of the 21st century, Barbadians look to our economic prospects with a mixture of hope and trepidation. Our hopes are grounded in our economy’s inherent strengths: our highly regarded tourism services, good transport and communications, reliable public services, and our resourceful and well

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Becoming Sane

The main reason given for demolishing the structurally sound 6-storey old NIS building, is that it is not compatible with the “sacred ground” of the proposed Clement Payne park. The Government did not properly maintain the building, and several workers got ill. We are told to believe that the building is a reminder of people getting ill, which is not

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Adrian Loveridge Column – Sleight Promotion

Delivering consistently good customer service, across the board, has for a long time has been one of the greatest and contentious challenges on Barbados.  And even if locals have been conditioned to accepting the many failings, our visitors are starting to rebel, contending whether increasingly high prices, are indeed offering actual value-for-money or justifying the prices charged. While running a

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PREDATORY MARKETING and the Vulnerable in Society II

An earlier blog titled PREDATORY MARKETING and the Vulnerable in Society provoked several questions from the BU family. A BU family member (Wonderer) was motivated to to put in some leg work on behalf of the BU household to seek clarification. Unfortunately the effort although appreciate by the blogmaster raised more questions. Today I called the Bank Supervision Division of the

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