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COVID 19 Dilemma!

Edited 4 April 2020 (2.02PM) Dear David King: I would like to signal my intention to take future action that may be construed as an attempt to break the Barbados curfew law on Wednesday 08 April 2020. I respectfully request that the arresting officers wear protective masks. I do not wish to be infected by them. My point, is that

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COVID 19 Food Disbursement System Required

Submitted by Dr. Margaret Brito The Government of Barbados should immediately create an emergency food disbursement system that would deliver free food directly to people’s houses free of cost and would continue for the duration of the lockdown. The government needs to utilize every resource at its disposal to ensure that citizens can successfully live through this lockdown, this period

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Solutions Barbados COVID-19 Survival Plan

I did not know what to make of last night’s [1 April 2020] announcement. We continue to treat this COVID-19 as a political exercise. However, it seems to have finally dawned on someone that their political games will have fatal consequences. Last night, the Government finally admitted what was obvious to everyone. They stated: “We therefore need to formulate a

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DeLisle Worrell Speaks to COVID-19

Reproduced with permission, the text of Dr. Delisle Worrell – former Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados – April 2020 newsletter: The World Health Organisation (WHO) has counselled countries around the world to implement four measures to minimise the risk of an explosive increase in cases of Covid-19. The measures are extensive testing, of persons who are judged to

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Open Note to Doctors – COVID 19 Notes

The following was posted by Peter Lawrence Thompson to another blog. Given the many unknowns about the COVID 19 virus the blogmaster thought it useful to repost. Obviously the target is the medical community – David, Blogmaster   This has a lot of medical jargon, but if you read it carefully it gives a picture of what front line medical

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