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Condemn Richard Branson’s Bullying and Extortion of Caribbean Governments

Submitted by Tea White In July this year, Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic announced that it would end its flights to St Lucia on 8 June 2020. This decision was taken because the government of St Lucia refused to agree to Virgin’s demand that they hand over some EC$20 million in subsidies to Branson’s monopoly company over a 3 year period.

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The Adrian Loveridge Column – Sharpening Tourism Pencil a Must

What practical measures could we implement to help negate the consequence of the falling value of Sterling and make Barbados more affordable for our existing and potential British visitors? My thoughts are, that we have to think way beyond the very basics, like flights and accommodation and look for smart partnerships which will bring the overall cost of the holiday

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The Evils of FREEMASONRY in Barbados

Submitted by Terence M. Blackett Influence Peddling & Favour Swapping – a Peculiar System of Morality Veiled In Specious Allegory & Nebulous Symbology Involving Government Officials, the Judiciary, Law Enforcement & the Private Sector I know your works, and where you dwell, where Satan’s throne is…(Rev 2:13) Ten years ago, almost to the exact month, I posted up an article

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The Natalie Crichlow Video

This video shared widely on social media raises doubt in the minds of some that the truth surrounding the death of 44 year old Natalie Crichlow is being suppressed by the authorities. The Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith confirmed in a press release no accelerant was detected from the post mortem process and  likely cause of death was as a

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Open Letter to the Registrar of Supreme Court about Leroy Parris Matter

  The embedded letter dated 30 January 2019 was sent to the Registrar of the Supreme Court in the matter of Civil Case 99 of 2016 – Clico International Insurance Company (under judicial management) Claimant vs. Leroy Parris First Defendant, Branlee Consulting Services Inc Second Defendant and Estate of David Thompson (acting through duly appointed Personal Representative Marie Josephine Mara

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Transparent Incompetence

Press Release issued by leader of Solutions Barbados, Grenville Phillips II There is a refreshing amount of transparency with the current administration.  Unfortunately, it seems to be used as part of a public relations campaign rather than to improve public policies.  The passage of the Data Protection Bill last week is a recent example. The national organizations representing: doctors, lawyers,

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