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Will the “Island of Heroes” Deliver an “Heroic” vote for the CCJ on 6 th November?

Submitted by DAVID A. COMISSIONG, Attorney-at-Law and Son of the Caribbean Community A national Referendum on the issue of whether a Caribbean nation should disengage from the British Privy Council and accede to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as the nation’s highest appellate Court is more than just a vote about a court of law!  Rather, it is a

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BLP and DLP Laughing at We

“Eternal Vigilance is the price of democracy” Thomas Jefferson In recent days the blogmaster has been reflecting on the fact professionals in Barbados that have accrued questionable track records do not seem to suffer reputational and career damage. What triggered the reflection? Thousands of innocent Barbadians whose only ‘crime’ was that they trusted successive governments to properly manage the affairs

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Heed the IMF’s Warning

On 4 October 2018, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) published their report on the Government’s austerity program.  Despite the current administration’s claims of being more transparent that the previous one, reading these IMF reports suggests that they are similarly non-transparent.  Speaking more often does not equate to transparency. The IMF report provides significantly more detail than what is reported locally. 

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IMF Program Unpacked – Our Way of Life Will Change, FOREVER

STAFF APPRAISAL 30. Over the last decade, Barbados economy has experienced very low growth, and fiscal and external imbalances have gradually led to an unsustainable situation, with very high debt, and very low reserves. These challenges must be addressed by a combination of fiscal consolidation, measures to boost growth, and debt restructuring. The authorities’ Economic Reform and Transformation program seeks

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The Grenville Phillips Column – No Need to be Scared

The PM is reportedly scared of hurricanes, earthquakes and automatic weapons.  She is wise to fear such things.  Fortunately, she is the one person in Barbados that can actually do something to minimize the risks from all three. As Minister responsible for building regulations, she should be aware that Barbados has the unenviable distinction of being perhaps the only country

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The Adrian Loveridge Column – A Time to Discount!

Discounting has always been a sensitive subject in the tourism industry and I seriously doubt that will change in the foreseeable future. As a British based tour operator for twelve years our company never discounted a single holiday, except as an incentive to encourage early booking and even more important, early payment. We are talking about a time when commercial

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