Barbados Then and Now

Barbados is about to celebrate 48 years of Independence (whatever that means). You will read a lot of trite proffered by well meaning Barbadians in the days to come. The BU picture gallery clearly confirms that Barbados has made quantum strides in physical development.

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The speeches by Sir Grantley Adams, son Tom  and the late Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow question our execution of the vision our leaders of the past had for Barbados other than physical development.

A Marriage Made in Heaven

Submitted by Pachamama

Mia: ah hay Dipper tell you to form a national unity gouvment
Fruendel: well, I was tinking that Owen would have been a better partner. Dipper seemed to feel so ………….
Mia: Tom like he would agree too. But I is the maximum boss now, not Owen. He would never be able to overthrow me again!
Fruendel: the boys down under got other plans fuh he. Well, we can consider dah idea for the country. Like the social partnership, but deeper, as deep as Dipper use to dip and broader. The boys from down dey tink we could deepen we personal relationship too, yuh know.
Mia: but you aint got nuh wife
Fruendel: and you aint got nuh husband
Mia: so are you suggesting a powah alliance that is not merely political

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A Cricket Match from Down Under

Submitted by Pachamama

Tom: hurry up and let we spin the toss, man!
Dipper: alright, but since we recruited Thomo you set a world record down hey for the number of declarations in one-dayers
Tom: you mean I got the record up dey and down hey too!
Dipper: yuh aint win one since, you is the only man whoever declare in a one day match because yuh frighten fuh fast bowling
Tom: but uh win every election though
Dipper: next time we gine have Burhnum on our side
Tom: Dipper that would be against the rules and yuh just recruit Richie to open the batting
Dipper: Yuh know he always liked to dress up like Snow White but can’t play too much cricket
Tom: we thinking about calling up Owen
Dipper: he can’t win anymore up top so yuh might as well
Tom: but we playing yuh to a draw on top
Dipper: No, a win is a win
Tom: if a win is a win, let we play another cricket-election match and see wuh Mia gine do to Fruendel

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Westminster or West Sinister? Where Have All The Great Men Gone?

Submitted by Old Onion Bag

Acknowledged Father of Independence (l) succeeded by one who transitioned Barbados to the 'modern economy' (r)

Rather than have to think about my crime, I’d prefer to be completely unconscious – MACBETH

As once one of the more rapid evolving Third World countries, Barbados in past years has shown  the world (once envied by Singapore) its sustained economic prudence and masterful copying of the Westminster style Government and laws aptly earning the nickname Little England. This economic prowess which was conjured, was matched only by larger Caribbean communities the likes of oil rich, Trinidad and Tobago, and bauxitegold laden  Jamaica and Guyana.

Likewise were its leaders, who played the most important part of steering the ship through rough and uncharted waters, always finding safe harbour and never abandoning ship. Men the likes of Grantley Adams, Errol Walton Barrow, JMGM ‘Tom’ Adams and more recently Owen Seymour Arthur to name but a few have, all left a legacy of astute and celebrated leadership, that has borne fruit for this country.

Prime Ministers were looked up to for advice and direction in times of chaos. One could rest assured with the country in the hands of such men, that there would always be a solution to a problem and a phrase of  long lasting remembrance….”friends of many , satellites of none “.

How things have changed. We were always occasioned protection from the WOLVES who at many times came to our doors, with sinister plans and cohorts to disadvantage the Barbadian. With our then leaders, we could rest assured, that they would be right on hand to swiftly drive any such blackguards and bandits back to the shores from which they came, restoring peace and order to the country.

We long for the return of such days.

Next Tuesday’s DLP Budget: An Instant Sugar Rush Of Feel-Good

Former Chairman of the NAB and BLP Supporter

Barbados is fortunate to have had some giants as Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. Persons like: Tom Adams; Owen Arthur and Errol Barrow easily come to mind. By all accounts, these men were not ‘bluffers,’ neither did they ‘beat around the bush!’ The entire country could rely on them because there was a feeling that they knew exactly what to do and when! Oh, how have things changed!!!

Barbados has been under DLP rule for almost four years now and yet, the DLP’s check-list of achievements is so un-flattering that it does not convey that the Government knows what it is doing or what to do, to get the country out of the mess it manufactured in large part. In fact, you could say that: the DLP is an “upside-down Government in reverse” – those things that should be up are down and those that should be down are up. As an example, unemployment, the cost of living, crime and inflation – should all be down but they are not. The foreign exchange earning sectors should be producing but they are not. Real incomes; consumer and investor confidence should be up but they are not. Little wonder that, (despite access to the fatted calf) even die-hard Dems, also feeling the pressure in their pockets, are asking whether the DLP is fit to run the economy because it just does not seem to be: “up to the job!”

Let’s be as fair to the DLP, as we can. The recent Moody’s downgrade is evidence that the policies contained in its Medium Term Fiscal Strategy (MTFS) are simply not working. Yet, that strategy is the DLP’s best idea but it is clearly not good enough. The deficit was supposed to come down, but it went it significantly. The national debt is increasing and not for capital works projects or to build productive capacity – as would be expected. The simple reality is that the DLP is borrowing to pay day-to-day bills. Given the DLP’ dangerous economic mismanagement of the Barbados economy, the brutal reality is that there is no painless way out of the mess it has manufactured.

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