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Return the Chagos Archipelago to Mauritius

Press Release submitted by Colonialism Reparation Colonialism Reparation welcomes that the International Court of Justice has decided that the process of decolonization of Mauritius has not been lawfully completed and that the United Kingdom has an obligation to bring to an end its administration of the Chagos Archipelago and requests that the United Kingdom present apologies and compensations for the

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Submitted by Ras Jahaziel At this epoch of Mankind’s evo­lu­tion, where democ­racy and respect for human rights are being immor­tal­ized as indis­pen­si­ble virtues which every soci­ety must pos­sess and are uni­ver­sal yard­sticks by which the actions of gov­ern­ments are mea­sured, it is almost incon­ceiv­able that there are still those who con­tinue to reject the idea of repa­ra­tions for descen­dants of

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The Caribbean Advances Claim for Reparations

Reports circulating in the international media indicate 12 Caricom countries along with Haiti and Suriname have initiated proceedings to sue three former colonisers, Britain, France and the Netherlands. This is good news for many Blacks in the Caribbean who believe (and justly so) that the heinous practice of slavery must be addressed in a material way. Why should it be

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