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Enlightened Rastafari

Like many who were teenagers in the 1970s, the Rastafarian idea, promoted through reggae music, was popular. Their claim to follow the teachings of the Bible convinced me that they were not only brothers in humanity, but brothers in faith. I researched their claims, and was shocked to see “Jah” written in my Bible. During that period of my life,

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African Heritage Foundation: Our Children Are Our Own

Reproduced from African Heritage Foundation website The African Heritage Foundation is taking this opportunity to respond to recent statements made by child advocate Faith Marshall-Harris while delivering a position paper over the weekend on what should be contained in the laws of Barbados to ensure this country is fully compliant with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the

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Barbados Education System Challenge, 50 Years and Moving

Posted to the The African Heritage Foundation (AHF) website. The Rastafari continue the tussle to highlight changes needed to improve our education system. We wish the group good luck in their discussions with the Ministry of Education to home school their children – David, Barbados Underground Since the case of the Rastafari family who were wrongfully charged with failing to

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Think Outside Of The Colonial Box

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel This excerpt that follows is chosen to strengthen the point that what we are clinging to in our colonial mentality is nothing more than European invented identities that were created solely for the benefit of Europe/America. The slave economy of the past was never for the benefit of the slave. Similarly the slave economy of the

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