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Nation Publishing MUST Do Better

There is the saying often posted in this space that the price of freedom (democracy) is eternal vigilance. A necessary component to safeguarding our freedom (democracy) is a relevant media. An extract from The Role of Media in Democracy: A Strategic Approach authored by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) states:- A free, objective, skilled media is an essential

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Mottley’s Decision Rejected

The decision by Prime Minister Mia Mottley to reverse the controversial appointment of 18 year old Khaleel Kothdiwala is unfortunate. It was evident from exchanges in the last session of the Upper House the amendment to the Constitution to allow Khaleel’s sitting would not have garnered support from independent senators. Immediately after the January 19, 2022 general election Prime Minister

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Rihanna BOOM, Kothdiwala BOOM

Rhianna and Kothdiwala

Prime Minister Mottley surprised the nation during republic celebrations with the announcement international Barbadian artist was elevated to national hero status. A couple months later – post-general election with the appointment of government senators – Mottley did it again, she provisionally appointed 18 year old Khaleel Kothdiwala as a government senator. The appointment requires a change to the highest law

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Who Is Khaleel Kothdiwala?

Submitted by Douglas Smith FROM: Concerned Citizens TO: The People of Barbados We have contemplated this letter for some time but have restrained ourselves, believing that the behaviour would cease. However, we were listening to the Down to BrassTacks call-in show on Monday and we were once again assaulted by a contribution of the country’s most popular teenager, one Khaleel

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Press Statement on CXC Press Conference by Student Advocate

On Sunday, October 18, Sir Hilary Beckles, in his capacity as Chairman of the Caribbean Examinations Council, and Dr. Wayne Wesley, Registrar of CXC, held a virtual press conference to release the preliminary findings of the Independent Review Team, empaneled to investigate the examination process, allocated examination results and general performance expectations, inter alia.  For the purpose of context, this Review

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The George Brathwaite Column – Rejecting Youth, Pillorying Women?

Submitted by Dr. George C. Brathwaite Last week, Barbadians were exposed to several alarming political utterances when Members of Parliament (MPs) debated the Appropriation Bill 2017. Barbadians heard frantic reactions to the state of affairs. The Bill was theatrically delivered by MP Christopher Sinckler, arguably, the most unpopular Minister of Finance in the history of Barbados. The gravity of the

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