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Fee Setting by Legal Profession and other Associations Left Unchecked by Successive Governments

The following was posted to the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) website in July 2008. It is not necessary for the blogmaster to cover the below with comments except to say, ‘we not ready’. See FTC recommendations on page 26 of the document embedded. In 2007, the Commission began a follow-up inquiry into fee setting in the professions focusing especially on

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Cable & Wireless ‘Amalgamation’ and Lack of an Operational Barbados Stock Market

Submitted by Crusoe The Nation news reports that C&W is seeking to purchase all remaining shares in the company, from minority shareholders ”Under the proposed amalgamation, shareholders will surrender their shares in Cable & Wireless Barbados in exchange for a cash payment of BBD$2.86 for each common share.” For a company that has not paid a dividend for years, yet

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Arawak Cement Limited Files Complaint with Fair Trading Commission Against Rock Hard Cement,with documents

The ongoing battle between Arawak Cement Limited and Rock Hard Cement Limited for marketshare has escalated to the Fair Trading Commission (FTC). The law firm Belgrave Eastmond Associates acting on behalf of Arawak Cement has lodged a complaint to the FTC citing several breaches of the Consumer Protection Act as it relates to Rock Hard Cement advertising. Section 12 (2)

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Our Energy Policy is Adrift

The following submission probes government’s energy policy Our energy policy is becoming more and more perplexing. So much so that any reasonable person analyzing the decisions and statements of those whose stewardship we depend on for efficient, reliable, sustainable energy practices would conclude that presently we as a nation could not be any further adrift. Commenting on the same issue,

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