Leptogenesis: The Mythological Confluence Of Pagan Ritualized Churchianity

Submitted by Terence M. Blackett

Leptogenesis: The Mythological Confluence Of Pagan Ritualized Churchianity, Judaic Rabbinization & Apocryphal & Midrashic Islam Aligned Into A Clash Of Religious Mythologies

“If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him…” ~ Voltaire

Let me state at the outset of this discourse that I am not a Durkheimian Functionalist, either at the core or at the periphery. The understanding that “the totality of beliefs and sentiments common to the average members of a society forms a determinate system with a life of its own. It can be termed the collective or creative consciousness” (Durkheim – The Division of labour [1893]) posits that modern society is more than the sums of its parts, and although religion is at the heart of this narrative – each part of the organism, we call society, must harmonize as a composite whole to avoid the kind of crises we are seeing in the 21st century, which is at the heart of the global Papal-Interfaith-Movement. A mission doomed to failure and rightly so!

To give luminescence to this ancient quest, a cursory glance at Kathleen Herbert’s work, is this posited ideas narrative that men are still frantically looking for the “Lost ‘gods’ of the Anglo-Saxons” which parenthetically includes the modern-day English “neo-sub-mariners” who according to Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1797–1798) in his eclectic poem: “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” paints a dystopian picture of a ship manned by the pathetic souls of dead men, led by a mythical albatross. Coleridge’s penchant for melodramatization cites:

Ah! Well a-day! What evil looks

Had I from old and young!

Instead of the cross, the Albatross

About my neck was hung. (Lines 139 – 142)

Four times fifty living men,

(And I heard nor sigh nor groan)

With heavy thump, a lifeless lump,

They dropped down one by one.

The souls did from their bodies fly,—

They fled to bliss or woe!

And every soul, it passed me by,

Like the whizz of my cross-bow! (Lines 216 – 223)

Today, postmodern reLIEgion is still an “Albatross” around the necks of multi-millions, if not billions, whose sincere endeavours seek the discovery of “TRUTH”, yet like Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus, find themselves “SINCERELY WRONG”, yet well-intentioned in their pursuits of faith-based religiosity. What is so disdainful is that their supposed faith does not in any way correlate with their works, words or so-called wisdom. They argue vehemently over a storm in a teacup and can ever hardly agree to disagree on pretty much anything, without salacious human venom; mindless epithets and braggadocious drivel! Scripture rightly says: “From such turn away.”

Many may be kerfuffle by the use of the word ‘Leptogenesis’. To use this term as a point of reference in regard to this particular discourse, must be understood within the contextual ambit of how the Early Church Fathers understood this terminology – although many of these so-called illustrious men were nothing more than wolves in sheep’s clothing and sell-outs to the cause of righteousness and to cite any of them must be taken with a serious sprinkling of Celtic sea salt.

In the realm of physical cosmology, Leptogenesis is the generic term used for ‘hypothetical physical processes’ that produced an asymmetry between leptons and antileptons in the very early universe, resulting in the present-day dominance of leptons over antileptons. However, in TOV Rose’s seminal work as an author, speaker & television producer, cited in his seminal work – “The Book of Jubilees: The Little Genesis”: “(Leptogenesis), is an ancient Jewish religious work of 50 chapters, considered canonical by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church as well as Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jews), where it is known as the ‘Book of Division’ (Ge’ez: Mets’hafe Kufale). Jubilees are considered one of the pseudepigrapha by Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox Churches…”

It was well known to Early Christians, as evidenced by the writings of Epiphanius, Justin Martyr, Origen, Diodorus of Tarsus, Isidore of Alexandria, Isidore of Seville, Eutychius of Alexandria, John Malalas, George Syncellus, and George Kedrenos. The text was also utilized by the Essenes community that originally collected the Dead Sea Scrolls. No complete Hebrew, Greek or Latin version is known to have survived…”

The Book of Jubilees claims to present “the history of the division of the days of the Law, of the events of the years, the year-weeks, and the jubilees of the world” as revealed to Moses (in addition to the Torah or “Instruction”) by Angels while he was on Mount Sinai for forty days and forty nights. The chronology given in Jubilees is based on multiples of seven; the jubilees are periods of 49 years, seven “year-weeks”, into which all of time has been divided…”

The Roman Catholic Church has had a lurid fascination with “Jubilees” but moreover, when there is a “Jubilee of Jubilees” and in this ‘supposedly’ holy weekend sees the confluence of Easter; Passover & Ramadan collide as this 33-year-old phenomenon landed upon us in this month of April 2022. We have seen on the Temple Mount clashes between Jews & Muslims where over 150 people were injured and 100’s arrested, with actually violence being perpetrated in the very mosque on the mount. These 3 Abrahamic reLIEgions (though sons of Sarah, Hagar & Keturah) – wives of the Patriarch and brothers to each other, remain in gratuitous battle-like, violent contestation for over the last 3 millennia (with no end in sight).

The confluence of pagan churchianity and its ritualization of this mythological time called Easter, Judaic rabbinization & apocryphal & midrashic Islam – all have their Leptogenesis in the symbolic origins of sun and moon worship (adoration of the starry host of heaven) that have displayed themselves in a myriad of forms since post-diluvian times – namely during the inception of the tower of Babel.

Although we think we understand the past primordial ages – in our dauntingly corrupt, postmodern age, sociological questions remain as to how religious beliefs and other factors relate to other conditions such as race, age, gender and, education. Primarily, is this notion of how religion affects social change and the effects it has on political and/or educational institutions?

Durkheim in his religious treatise looked at suicide rates amongst Protestants & Catholics. Max Weber & Karl Marx looked at religious orthodoxy as a unique role in social institutions such as politics & the economy. So while Durkheim & Weber looked at the cohesive part religion plays in a given society – Marx was more scathing in his outlook, focusing on the conflict and oppression that religion plays, as it was used as a tool for class oppression and social control that promoted stratification – (i.e.) supporting a certain hierarchy of persons to the detriment and subordination of other humans to a divine form of authority. (cf. Giddens, Anthony [1991] Introduction To Sociology. NY. W.W.Norton & Co.)

In a NYT piece entitled: “A Bleak Outlook Is Seen for Religion” expanded on in BBC Future follow-up piece aptly titled – “Tomorrow’s God: What is the future of religion?” are these words: “Sociologists argued that the march of science was leading to the “disenchantment” of society: supernatural answers to the big questions were no longer felt to be needed. Communist states like Soviet Russia and China adopted atheism as state policy and frowned on even private religious expression. In 1968, the eminent sociologist Peter Berger told the New York Times that by “the 21st Century, religious believers are likely to be found only in small sects, huddled together to resist a worldwide secular culture”… Further, “now that we’re actually in the 21st Century, Berger’s view remains an article of faith for many secularists – although Berger himself recanted in the 1990s.”

Clearly, the only thing religion hold together is the ‘house of cards’ and ‘Interfaith Dialogue’ as a medium for strengthening the religious bulwarks is not working even at the highest echelon levels of mainstream religion. The University of Cambridge held a symposium in 2011 where Jews, Christians & Muslims met around the Scriptures as a form of interfaith practice for the 21st Century but 11 years on, what is the current state of play?

The simple answer is “Division”! Why? Most want to be comforted by a “LIE”!

Let’s take a simple example from the ‘Abstract’ without leaning heavily on the ‘Full-Text’ of a piece published in 2019 entitled: Muhammad, the Jews, and the composition of the Qur’an: Sacred History & Counter-History, by the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion which states categorically: “According to Islamic religious teachings, some Jews confirmed the authenticity of Muhammad’s prophethood and joined him. Most Jews, however, are condemned for both rejecting the Prophet and failing to live up to their own religious imperatives. Medieval polemics tended to be harsh and belligerent, but while Muslims and Christians produced polemics under the protection and encouragement of their own religious and political authorities, Jews lived everywhere as minority communities and therefore lacked such protection. In order to maintain their own sense of dignity Jews polemicized as well, but they had to be subtle in argument. One form of polemic produced by Jews and other subalterns is “counter-history,” which retells well-known narratives in a manner that questions or undermines their message. One such counter-history is an ancient Jewish re-telling of the traditional Muslim narrative of divine revelation.

In an earlier citation, by Professor Walter Veith, he lay down a serious unimpeachable argument that Islam & the Rabbinization of Judaism will always be in competition, and although they may both be bent out of all shape and proportion, over the validity of Muhammad’s cave revelations, and the fact that Quranic revisions of the Torah may never be divine light – at the heart of the issue is that solitary word: “INSPIRATION”!

Judaism & Christianity on the other hand, remain at a fork in the road, when it comes to the issue of the historical “YESHUA” AKA “JESUS” (the Incarnation of the Divine Son of God) – the 2nd Person of the Godhead (the Eternal Majesty & Mystery of the “Glorious TRINITY”). The ‘deep differences’ between these 2 religions cannot be easily abridged, given the fact that most Jews will never accept even the historical Jesus, far less worship Him as Messias. Moreover, Rabbinic traditions is no different today as it was when Christ walked the earth almost 2000 years ago, doing all manner of great and mighty works, but was railed on as a deceiver (to the point of being called a son of the Devil)!

There are voices however that believe that there can be convergence between religions beyond inter-faith dialogue – where harmony and even echoes exist within the writings of religious script. These voices are few and far between and with Passover, Easter, and Ramadan falling so synchronistically close – all the goodwill in the world will not be able to negate the gulf that exist between them.

In conclusion, the historical reverberations over the issue as to when to “keep The Passover became known as the Quartodeciman Controversy”. Quartodeciman is a Latin word meaning “14th.” It states that “in the New Testament, we learn that Jesus kept the Passover on the 14th of Nissan. He taught the disciples to remember His suffering and death on this day. This instruction was followed by the early disciples (see Acts 20:6, I Cor. 5:6-8, I Cor. 11:17-32 for some examples). Remembering the death of Jesus on Passover was of major importance to early Christians. In the mid-second century, a movement started out of Rome to stop practicing Passover; they also tried to establish a new celebration. Believe it or not, this subject had an impact on the weekly Sabbath!”

The Quartodeciman Controversy was part of the movement by the Church of Rome to abandon any practices considered ‘Jewish.’ Their actions were contrary to those taught by the first Apostles. Moreover, this controversy was eventually used to push the idea of weekly fasting on Friday and Sunday gatherings.”

The controversy concerning Passover would last for centuries into the future and be discussed at church councils such as Nicaea (325), Antioch (341), Laodicea (364), and Constantinople (381). The groups who persisted in the observance of Passover were deemed heretical because they did not comply with the Roman Catholic Church. Eventually, Roman Law would codify penalties against those who practiced Passover like Jesus (see CT: 16.5.9 [382] and CJ: 1.5.5 [428]). In fact, all groups deemed heretical had severe laws enacted against them (see The Theodosian Code, Book 16, Title 5 for over 60 laws against groups deemed heretical).”

Daniel (the prophet), in chapter 7 verse 25, warned that the “Little Horn” power (which is the Roman Catholic Vicegerency (POPERY) would seek to change “TIMES” & “LAWS” and from 538 AD until today, that has been its ethos and motto. This nefarious pagan institution has supplanted the Apostolic Doctrine for “RITUALIZATION” & Leptogenesis on a Biblical scale as the world grinds precariously on its axis. Now all that’s left is a “Shattered Paradise” & “The Undead Intellect” from which “The Creator God” hope to salvage a “Remnant”…

Semper Fidelis

God Will Protect You

Submitted by Charles Knighton

Bible“I want you to know that God is telling you a new thing. He wants you to step out in faith and be bold for the Lord, and He will protect you from all harm and danger…”Pastor Delroy Burley, March 21 Advocate, “Pastor: Trust in God”, March 22 Nation, “Pastor: God doing new things”.

One is constrained to ask whether Pastor Burley or any of his flock follow world events? The tepid Christianity practiced in Barbados pales in comparison to the real, old-fashioned visceral faith now found only in those countries where it is persecuted, such as in the Middle East. No Christians on Earth have been more “bold for the Lord”. They have been rewarded for such fealty with an ongoing genocide. The image that constantly comes to my mind is that of the twenty Coptic Christians being marched along the shore by their black-clad executioners. Their stoicism was quite likely based on Biblical teachings similar to those of Pastor Burley, that their faith would protect them from “all harm and danger”, that miracles occurred at the behest of their God, a being who is omnipotent as well as omniscient and omnipresent.

As the sharp knives of their executioners began their grisly work and it became  obvious there would be no deus ex machina moment, one wonders what may have been their final thoughts? I think I know, and I think you do too.

“I want you to know that God is telling you a new thing. He wants you to step out in faith and be bold for the Lord, and He will protect you from all harm and danger…”. Risible piffle, Pastor Burley.

A 10-Point Plan by Alice Bailey – New World Order for the DESTRUCTION of CHRISTIANITY and the Establishment of Secular Humanism

Submitted by Eye-Opening Reality

Alice Bailey (1880 -1949)

Alice Bailey:1880 -1949

While the church sleeps, the Devil is damaging souls with the current Babylonian system. Here is a strategy crafted by an occultist who died 65 years ago. Till today, the system she designed is still dragging people to Hell. Can Christianity and the modern Church develop a system to repair these damages and spread the Gospel to all the world as a witness? Let’s see what the NOW plans are:

THE STRATEGY:- The 10-Point Charter

PURPOSE:– To change Christian tradition or to redeem the nations of Christian tradition.

Change curriculum to ensure that children are freed from the bondage of Christian culture. Why? Because children go to school to be equipped to face life, they are willing to trust and they are willing to value what is being given to them.

If you take God out of education, they will unconsciously form a resolve that God is not necessary to face life. They will focus on those things the school counts them worthy to be passed on and they will look at God as an additional, if one can afford the additional.

N.B. Today they introduce Transcendental Meditation (TM) in schools which takes children to altered states of consciousness to meet with demons (spirit guides) = New Age.

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Fulfillment Confirmed

Zoe requested we share the following with the BU family.

For I am the LORD:
I will speak, and the word that I shall speak shall come to pass;
it shall be no more prolonged:
for in your days, O rebellious house, will I say the word,
and will perform it, saith the Lord GOD.

Ezekiel 12:25 (KJV)

Fulfillment Confirmed.

Is Marriage an Institution Between One Man and One Woman?

Submitted by St. George’s Dragon

If gay marriage is allowed, why not polygamy?

If gay marriage is allowed, why not polygamy?

There has been much debate recently about gay marriage and its acceptability or otherwise. Most of the debate hinges on what the Bible says and in defence of the status quo the phrase “marriage is between one man and one woman” keeps occurring. The argument is then taken further to say that if gay marriage is allowed, why isn’t polygamy, for example.

It now appears that the Bible was not that prescriptive about what constituted an acceptable marriage. From the DesMoinesRegister.com, an article written by religious scholars about what the Bible actually says:
“The debate about marriage equality often centers, however discretely, on an appeal to the Bible. Unfortunately, such appeals often reflect a lack of biblical literacy on the part of those who use that complex collection of texts as an authority to enact modern social policy. As academic biblical scholars, we wish to clarify that the biblical texts do not support the frequent claim that marriage between one man and one woman is the only type of marriage deemed acceptable by the Bible’s authors.” The fact that marriage is not defined as only that between one man and one woman is reflected in the entry on “marriage” in the authoritative Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible (2000): “Marriage is one expression of kinship family patterns in which typically a man and at least one woman cohabitate publicly and permanently as a basic social unit” (p. 861).

The phrase “at least one woman” recognizes that polygamy was not only allowed, but some polygamous biblical figures (e.g., Abraham, Jacob) were highly blessed. In 2 Samuel 12:8, the author says that it was God who gave David multiple wives: “I gave you your master’s house, and your master’s wives into your bosom. … And if all this had been too little, I would have given you even more” (Revised Standard Version).

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Church of England Under Pressure to Change

Photo credit: The Telegraph

The Church of England considers a celibate person of homosexual orientation to be eligible for ordination, even if the person has entered into a civil same-sex partnership, noting “The Church should not collude with the present assumptions of society that all close relationships necessarily include sexual activity.

[Church of England News, 25 July 2005. House of Bishops issues pastoral statement on Civil Partnerships. Retrieved 18 July 2007.]

Last week those who follow matters of the ecclesiastical variety would have been stunned to learn that the House of Laity – part of the General Synod of the Church of England – killed a twelve year effort to allow women to elevate to the position of bishop. There is the ridiculous situation developing where the David Cameron government is considering repealing equalitarian legislation to force the Church of England to accept women to perform in the role of bishop.  The Church of England is answerable to the UK parliament which makes the decision to block women from attaining bishophood the more intriguing given its declared position on human rights.

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Is There A Scientific Basis For Spirituality? And Can Quantum Mechanics Map A Space/Time Continuum For Proto-Consciousness Which Invariably Frames A Solid Argument For the Existence Of God?

Submitted by Terence Blackett

In 1492, when Columbus was making his voyages through the Caribbean, it is said that the Native West Indians (American Indians who had travelled South) could not see the sailing vessels approaching on the distant horizon. Their brains could not process the information due in part to the fact that they had never seen such large galleons before. It was only after constantly looking out onto the horizon that spatial recognition transformed the ships into physical objects of reality creating a new consciousness in their minds.

The philosophy of consciousness is inherently a fundamental part of the universe just like scientific issues of matter and velocity. Human spatial awareness is inherently a God-given attribute which has always existed and we each have our own individual consciousness as part of this larger collective consciousness. The exploratory concept of proto-consciousness however assumes that every living thing is also a part of this spatial consciousness, and that each living being has to some extent varying levels of what we term self-consciousness.

This is fundamental to our understanding because it is said that we are only seeing and experiencing the tip of a quantum mechanical iceberg. If our brains can process 400 billion bytes of information per second – then why are we only using 2000 bytes which involves our spatial recognition and understanding of time-space distanciation, our physical bodies and its [5] primary senses and our evolving and changing environment? Are we even capable of going beyond the realm of mere superficial consciousness – migrating from a loci of sensory perception to another proto-consciousness state? And what can the science of quantum mechanics and quantum geometry allow us to understand about our own levels of human spirituality if anything at all?

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The “Mystery” Of The Divided Church: How Christianity Was Infiltrated – Is More Divided Than Its Ever Been And How Millions Of Christians Live In The Abyss Of Religious Deception – Part I

Submitted by Terence Blackett
“Order out of chaos – the soldier dies but the war continues” – Masonic Motto

A house divided against cannot stand. These were the fateful words of Jesus. Christianity today is divided among fiercely divergent sects, groups, denominations and viewpoints, nearly all of which are narrow-minded at best and pleased to condemn each other at worst.

Christianity has become exclusive instead of inclusive – narrow, instead of visionary.  It has made God out to be either a fiend or a power-deficient weakling who saves a select few, and condemns the rest of His creation to an eternity of Hell.  How absurd! Is this “Someone” any of us would be inclined to worship and to serve?

Most postmodern religions (and over the many centuries) including the disciples of Jesus have fallen into the same demon-inspired lies as those held by the heathen man-made religions.

The Angel of Revelation 18:2-5 tells of the Fall of (spiritual) Babylon – that great city had become the hideout of demons and evil spirits, a nest for filthy buzzards and a den for dreadful beasts. For all the nations had drunk of the wine of passionate immorality. The rulers of the world have committed adultery with her and the merchants of the world have grown rich as a result of her luxurious living. Christ is asking His people to come out of her and to not partake of her sins lest they be punished with her for her sins are piled as high as Heaven and God is ready to judge her for her evil deeds.

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Moral Authority Of The Church Under Threat At Eastertide

Digital image by Judy Green

It seems the biggest irony that Pope Benedict XV a German should be under pressure at this time because of the role the Catholic has played in covering up sex offences through the years. Perhaps now more than at any time in recent history the moral authority of the Church is being challenged. Other denominations may want to believe that they are absolved from the growing public perception that problems in the Church is confined to one or the other. The reality of the situation is that the perception of the Church is probably seen by many as having a more amorphous meaning. The Church still represents to many the moral anchor, the possibility that it maybe losing its relevance at a time when cultural relativism is on the rise continues to be a big concern to many.

In 1989 the dismantling of the Berlin Wall signalled the end of the cold war period, Reagan the Capitalist had triumphed over Gorbachev the Communist, from their current locations they both might agree it was truly an epiphanous event. Some are wondering at this Eastertide if Pope Benedict XV will demonstrate the courage to use his position to signal to the world once and for all that the Catholic Church is ready to exorcise the sex demon which continues to besmirch the work of the Church.  Twenty years after the felling of the Berlin Wall we live in a world which still wants to believe that there is someone greater, they maybe ready for yet another epiphanous event.

In any society there is always a place for the wise and intellectual among us. One thing we know is that to believe in God requires faith, no amount of debate whether in a docile or rancorous form can change this reality. While some may argue that religion has been used to brainwash the ignorant; there is the value position which some forget religion teaches of good and bad which has played its role in weaving modern day societies now under threat from moral degradation. If we are to believe that religion has no place in the emerging multicultural societies the question must be answered – What will replace it?

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Hermeneutics And Exegesis

Submitted by Georgie Porgie

Any truly valid interpretation of Scripture must be based upon sound rules. These rules must then be applied consistently. The following are the most basic rules we attempt to always follow in our interpretation of Scripture. We do not feel at liberty to discard these rules when they lead us to a conclusion in contradiction to what ‘orthodoxy’ has taught us.  We instead endeavour to allow the scriptures to speak for themselves and believe by faith whatever conclusions they may lead us to.

I  It will be assumed that the 39 books of the Old Testament, and the 27 Books of the New Testament are the wholly inspired Word of God. “That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” 2 Tim 3:17.

II  The Bible itself will always be used to define its own terminology, symbols, etc. No appeal will be made to any man-made dogma, theory, or writing, such as the apocrypha or psudopygrypha, to explain Biblical terms which are already clearly defined within the Bible itself.

III  The proper interpretation of any given passage will be determined, not only by that with which it stands immediately connected, but by considering all scriptures which have bearing upon the subject throughout the entire Bible . The truth of any given subject can only be determined by bringing together all scripture which sheds light on that subject.

IV  Every passage will be given as literal an interpretation as possible, unless such a literal interpretation would render the meaning absurd, or bring it into disagreement with other passages which speak in positive language.

V  No interpretation will be given to any scripture beyond what the fair meaning of the text itself allows. For Example: Carcass cannot in any case be interpreted to mean immortal soul burning in hell.

VI  All passages belonging to any particular subject must contain one or more of the peculiar features of that subject, by which it may be identified as belonging to that subject.

VII  The truth of any doctrine must be determined firstly by those passages which speak in clear and positive language, and not those which are symbolic or parabolic in nature. No inference should be drawn from any symbolic or parabolic passage which would bring the passage into contradiction with those which speak unequivocally on the same subject.

VIII  No doctrine will be derived based on a single passage of scripture, a mere inference, or an argument from silence. Any true doctrine will found throughout the entire Bible.

Fundamental Rules for Interpreting Scripture

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Increasing Terrorist Activity May Have Implications For The Caribbean

BU for sometime has featured many blogs on the obvious tension which continues to grip the world caused perhaps by the clash of the two dominant religions – Islam and Christianity. Our concern as a small island which is significantly dependant on tourism is the looming impact current tensions may have on our tourist industry.

On Christmas day we had the attempt by a Nigerian who attempted to explode a North Western flight as it was about to land in Detroit, USA. Today (27 December 2009) the world again tensed-up when a North Western flight from Amsterdam to Detroit alerted the authorities of a possible danger and emergency action was triggered as a result.

Our regional leaders need to anticipate that in a post-911 era the world will have to live in Code Orange mode edging to Red and global travel will become increasingly challenging. How will the security weary tourist react to security measures which are becoming more and more cumbersome? The video above exposes the challenge Western governments now face in battling a growing threat by people who are sympathetic to the Islamic view. While the focus of past terrorists incidents have been located in the USA and parts of Europe, the footprint of the threat is expanding.  It is not BU’s intention to stereotype one group of people but the obvious reality cannot be ignored in the aftermath of recent events.

Unfortunately this part of the world our media is reluctant to tackle issues which touches race and religion because of the sensitive nature of it all. At some point our leaders in this region, media et al will have to assess the impact of the unravelling issue of growing tensions between Islam and the rest of the world.

Of interest to the BU family is the following comment posted to an earlier blog which was posted to represent the Islam religion in a non-stereotypical view.

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