Ronald Jones Should Be Dottined

Ronald Jones, Minister of Education

Ronald Jones, Minister of Education

“There are persons who have no respect for democracy, they have a right to talk, but when they believe that right spreads to the creation of a groundswell to breed insurrection Mr. Speaker you will be calling on the military forces of Barbados, the Royal Barbados Police Force to bring back law and order,” he said.

“Who will be the Complaints Authority then? There will be thousands of complaints because by necessity in order to restore order you have to crack some heads, you have to shoot some people, let’s understand this reality. Nineteen thirty seven in this country many persons died, some that we can’t account for even now, so let them speak – .” (more of Ronald Jones’ statement which has sparked debate in the country)

Several interpretations can be placed on the VIDEO. The fact that BU received it from a White person only serves to add another dimension to the interpretation. BU’s simplistic view is if you place ‘power’ in the hands of someone who is operating way below a level of competence then that person will ‘ape’ what they have observed from others.

BU understands what Jones tried to communicate, although some believe it was a poor attempt at exploiting a Machiavellian principle.  BU believes it was simply an ignorant statement by a minister of the crown who is responsible for Education, Science, Technology and Innovation who became afflicted with a heavy bout of verbal diarrhoea.

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Alexandra 2012 The Reincarnation Of Coleridge And Parry 1990

The person who submitted this article has asked that their name be withheld – Barbados Underground

Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur

Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur

There are a number of conscientious Barbadians who take particular pains to ensure that they keep newspaper clippings. One such person made available to me a clipping from the WEEKEND NATION of FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 1990 which represents the recent and ongoing ALEXANDRA SCHOOL saga as nothing more than a reoccurrence of the events which plagued the COLERIDGE  AND PARRY SCHOOL during the Hallam King administration of that school. The difference this time is that former Prime Minister OWEN ARTHUR and his party seem to be presenting a different approach to the problem this time around which may even be regarded as HYPOCRITICAL.

The newspaper report sought to highlight the Board of Management’s refutation of Arthur’s claim that it was “PARTISAN”. This is what the report says:

The board responded Wednesday in a statement to comments made by Arthur, Barbados Labour Party representative for St Peter, who, on June 12 in the House of Assembly, described the board as a ” partisan one with partisan interests“.

The board’s statement read :

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A Matter Of Integrity

Kaymar Jordan, Editor in Chief, Nation newspaper

A letter the group dispatched to Stuart said: “Against the backdrop of growing concern among supporters of the Government and our party, with respect to perceived weaknesses in our leadership of the country, and a sense of drift and inertia arising therefrom, we the undersigned elected members of the Parliamentary Group seek an urgent audience with you to discuss matters of grave concern to us, as well as to chart a path forward for the retention of our party in Government.”

Nation Newspaper Mon, December 12, 2011 – 1:43 PM

The Nation newspaper broke the story last weekend that 11 disgruntled DLP parliamentarians signed a letter which was dispatched to Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart. The message conveyed in the letter was that many on Stuart’s team were dissatisfied with his leadership. BU subsequently confirmed that there is some concern in the DLP camp about Stuart’s leadership and his ability to lead the party successfully into the next general election. The Nation newspaper was very clear in its message to its readership that the letter was signed by the 11 DLP parliamentarians.

Since the newspaper report Ministers David Estwick, Michael Lashley et al have challenged the local newspaper to produce the letter which is alleged to carry their signatures. In fact they have threatened legal action. The Nation newspaper in its most recent statement on the matter has indicated it is sticking to its story. The question which is on the lips of many Barbadians and political commentators is whether the Nation should produce the letter with the alleged 11 signatures and in the process ensure its journalistic integrity, at the same time the reputations and political careers of MPs identified in the Nation newspaper report would effectively be destroyed. To most onlookers the decision for the Nation is a no-brainer, it should produce the letter. One is left to speculate by the refusal of the Nation to produce the letter whether sensationalism is winning the battle over ‘journalistic integrity’.

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Sanka, The Decaffeinated Variety

Submitted by David Alleyne


Sanka Price, Nation Newspaper Editor

I have read the rubbish published in the Daily Nation by a journalist who boasts the same name, appropriately, as a certain brand of decaffeinated coffee. Appropriately, because it promotes the idea that one is drinking real coffee, but denies the buzz or bite or essence. So, let us take Mr Fake Coffee’s dissertation to pieces.

The thrust of Mr Fake Coffee’s rambling is that the blogs (or social media) are not held to the same high standards of journalistic integrity as he, he claims, is. So, “journalistic integrity” is Mr Fake Coffee’s new buzz word for sloth and failure to report anything and for hiding behind his other favourite buzz phrase, “sub judice”, even when the matter is NOT sub judice, but “fair comment”?

THERE ARE TWO things that I have learnt from my job as a journalist – one is that the truth is not as simple and straightforward as it is sometimes presented to be, and secondly, that you don’t know who is connected to whom, so you’re never quite sure that what you’re being told is the truth.

He fails to add that, in Barbados at any rate, any sort of investigative journalism is the province of the blogs and must never be permitted to tarnish the face of the “fourth estate”.

Because of this, something that sounds plausible – especially if it involves a conspiracy theory and certain high-profile individuals – could turn out to be a total untruth.

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Barbados Featured In January/February 2011 Issue Of National Geographic Magazine


The article, penned “Warm-Hearted Barbados” on the cover of the magazine, and entitled “It’s a Wonderful Life,” details writer Charles Kulander’s visit to the island with stops at St. Nicholas Abbey, The George Washington House, Zed’s Surf Adventures, Bathsheba, The Atlantis Hotel, Sea-U Guest House, Cobbler’s Cove, Oistins, Lone Star and many more, with the true theme of Bajan hospitality present throughout. “A family picnicking nearby waves me over and invites me to a meal of flying fish washed down with Barbadian rum…” - Click Image To Read Article

Police Tortures Teen In Guyana

Submitted by Dawn Simmons – Chairman of the North American Region People’s National Congress Reform

14 year old Torture VictimTeen Being Transported to Hospital

14 year old Torture VictimTeen Being Transported to Hospital

The North American Region of the People’s National Congress Reform condemns the most recent heinous acts of torture committed by members of the Guyana Police Force on a fourteen-year old, while in their custody at the Leonora Police Station, Guyana. The shocking photographs published in the Kaieteur News on Saturday October 31, 2009, and appended to this statement provide gruesome evidence of the reprehensible conduct of the police officers.

It is alleged that members of the Police Force, while interrogating a teenager, set fire to his genital area after soaking him with mentholated spirits. He was also burned on his tongue and lips. This is not a singular case, but is the latest of several examples of the pervasive culture of the Police Force which permits such despicable behavior.

In a press statement issued only two days prior to this horrific incident, Guyana’s Parliamentary Opposition Leader, Mr. Robert Corbin of the People’s National Congress (PNCR) warned that the Ruling Party, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP/C) appears to condone torture of individuals in Guyana by its dismissal response to reported allegations of torture. Regrettably, the Administration, which is a signatory to the UN Convention Against Torture, seems comfortable with the current state of affairs in Guyana. The refusal of the Jagdeo Administration to take serious and drastic action in cases of reported torture coupled with its failure to condemn such behavior leads one to the conclusion that the Guyana Government gives tacit approval to these acts of torture. Moreover, the Government by its inaction conveys the message to the Security Forces that such behavior is acceptable.

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Do You See The Weeds In The Lawn?

Submitted by BU family member Chris Halsall

lawn-weedsDear BU Family…

There are times when one simply has to ask just how much Bajans care about anyone except themselves. As seen on page five (5) of The Barbados Advocate (2009.04.14):

Headline: Double parking chaos

Summation: Several drivers decided that it was their right to double park, and to block other drivers (actually, parkers) from being able to leave when they wanted. Even more significantly, the “authorities” were impotent to do anything about this.

Significant quotes:

“At around 4 p.m., one policeman was seen responding to the situation and attempted to calm those drivers awaiting news of whether [sic] or not the inconsiderate drivers had been identified.

“The problem was made worse by the fact that officials co-ordinating entry into the Over-50’s exhibition, announced that without a PA (read: Public Announcement) system to advise of the parking situation and to communicate the registration plate details, it was a matter of waiting on those drivers to return to their vehicles in order to be able to move one’s car.

“Fortunately, just 20 minutes later, the driver at the front of the blocked-in traffic was ready to leave […] and was able to do so through the smallest of gaps between to of the culprit vehicles.

“As the other two drivers then followed suit, even the police officer attending notes that those drivers who’d parked in a parallel line to the the [sic] others were not excising good driver judgment.” Continue reading

You Are Fired

firedThere is something very strange which has started to unfold in Barbados and around the Caribbean in recent weeks. Many of our leading and PROFITABLE companies have been sending home workers. The reasons being given vary from the rising cost of raw materials and services to the need to restructure to face the challenges which the current global economic recession is expected to levy on our small and open economies. The fact that Barbados according to local analysts has not yet had to face the brunt of the global recession makes the retrenchment decisions of some of our PROFITABLE companies distasteful.

Trinidad based One Caribbean Media (OCM) hurriedly dismissed 20+ workers from the Nation Group of Companies in Barbados days after declaring a profitable 2008 which EXCEEDED 2007. Sagicor insurance company which is one of the DOW companies of the Caribbean ditched 40+ with a promise of more to follow. Again Sagicor is a company with a healthy profit trend over the years.

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Nelson Barbados Group Ltd Vs Barbados And Others~The Other Side Of The Kingsland Estate Court Matter Part XVII

Submitted by BU family member


Over the last year or so, I have read with considerable interest your “Other Side of Kingsland” series. It makes a change from the hearsay and unsupported allegations of Keltruth and Barbados Free Press.

Recently, I was shown certain documents that I think you and your readers may find of interest and I attach them, since it is upon one of them that Nelson Barbados Group Limited relies for its standing to sue Barbados and certain of its officials, including its present and former prime ministers and its chief justice.

First is the Deed of Mortgage made between the Goddards (Larry Kent and Maria Jane – Maria Jane is the daughter of Marjorie Knox) and Peter Andrew Allard. I will refer to this as the GODDARD MORTGAGE. It will be noted that in the third paragraph it is recited:

AND WHEREAS this deed is supplemental to a mortgage therein [should read ‘bearing’] even date herewith and made between MARJORIE ILMA KNOX of the ONE PART and the Mortgagee [Peter Allard] of the OTHER PART whereby certain shares were charged by the said MARJORIE ILMA KNOX to the mortgagee by way of deed of charge for securing the payment of the sum of $1,150,000.00 with interest thereon and therein contained.

Next, let us take a look at the Deed of Charge referred to between Marjorie Knox and Peter Allard. I will call this the KNOX CHARGE. Have a look at paragraph three and you will see recited:

AND WHEREAS this deed is supplemental to a mortgage therein even date herewith and made between LARRY KENT GODDARD and MARIA JANE GODDARD of the ONE PART and the Mortgagee of the OTHER PART……

So I would like the legal expert(s) responsible for these documents to explain to me just how two documents can be supplemental one upon the other. The answer, of course, is that they cannot be one supplemental upon the other supplemental. It just cannot be done. There has to be a ‘stand-alone’ document.

Another little point that is of concern is that the amount referred to in the body of the Knox Charge and the Goddard Mortgage is $1,150,000.00 and these documents purport that the Knox Charge is executed to further secure the Goddard Mortgage. Interesting. Let us take a closer look: Continue reading

Stephen Grant's Plea ~ Help! Help! Help!

Stephen Grant – Source:Nation Newspaper

As an individual who works in the Social Service sector in North America, it is sad to read about Mr. Stephen Grant’s diagnosis and the ongoing problems he has faced his entire life. Are Barbadians so preoccupied with wealth that they refuse to address social issues such as Mr. Grants health and housing issues. It is sad when a Welfare worker refuse to accommodate him in their office and nothing is done about their attitude towards this man. I am sure there are great bajans out there who are willing to advocate on his behalf. His support plan is simple, health care and housing. This man is not on any form of drugs or does not have any mental health issues that is being mentioned. Come on let Mr. Grant spend the latter half of his life in dignity. One day while vacationing abroad take a trip to our shelters here and then you will be thankful for the minor cases you have there. Barbadians are suppose to be God fearing people where is that fear and compassion when addressing the serious needs of your own people – Submitted by BU Commenter Karia

Karia, a BU commenter was moved to post the above comment after reading about the plight of Mr. Stephen Grant’s ailment in today’s newspaper. BU also received a few emails asking that we join with the Nation Newspaper and spread the word about the diagnosis of this unfortunate gentleman. We are usually very harsh on this newspaper, but on this human interest story, we commend them.