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GOD Bless BIM…god bless the Republic

Barbados barring no unforeseen event will be declared a Republic on the 30th November 2021. For many including this blogmaster, it has taken too long and with hindsight should have been part of the independence transaction in 1966. It is embarrassing to listen to some Barbadians in 2021 justifying why the Queen of England should be regarded as head of

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Why the Haste to Appoint a Governor General?

In early 2015 Prime Minster Freundel Stuart announced that Barbados will switch from the monarchical system of government to republican status. It is December 2017- almost two years later- with a general election on the horizon and clearly Barbadians must conclude that this is another empty promise by a politician. The appointment of Justice Sandra Mason makes the BU household

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Another Perspective on Barbados Becoming a Republic

Submitted by Amused In circa AD100, the Roman poet Juvenal in his Satires bemoaned the descent into dictatorship of Rome and explained how the dictators operated to gain political power with the phrase, “Give them bread and circuses.” And we know what happened to the Roman Empire as a result. Yet, a little less than two millennia later, Bajans are

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Becoming a Republic

Posted to Facebook by June Naime Yesterday at 10:15pm. Going Republic might sound good in principle but when you change the legal entity to another legal entity every Treaty every Agreement even down to the letterhead has to change including all international Airline Routes, every Double Taxation Treaty will need to be changed and amended. Do you think that Barbados in

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Talk About a Republic Merely a Diversion

Submitted by Anthony Davis

Stuart pointed out that for all practical purposes, Barbados was already a republic. A Republican form of government stipulates that those run the people’s affairs should be chosen directly or indirectly by the people themselves. We already do that. Under republicanism, the persons who administer your affairs can serve during your pleasure. In other words, they should only be able to stay as long as you want them to stay Barbados Today

Dear Mr. Prime Minister, please tell me where you will get the money needed to change around everything from the Monarchical system to that of the Republican one?

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