911 Story Continues – WTC #7

Hello Barbados Underground, GreenMonkey here.

The forwarded email below the first four paragraphs contains a link to a two minute video preview of an upcoming documentary on the 47 story skyscraper WTC #7’s rapid collapse on the evening of 9/11/2001 and the recently issued final report of a privately funded 4 year investigation into the cause of the collapse. This 4 year study was conducted at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) by a team consisting of 2 PhD candidates in civil engineering (each since awarded their PhD) and headed up by UAF’s Civil Engineering Professor Leroy Hulsey PhD.
Professor Hulsey has recently issued his final peer reviewed, written report on his investigation concluding that the official US government authorized investigators from the USA’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) had made significant errors in their assumptions and calculations in concluding that  office fires (seen burning in a couple of floors of the building on the day of 9/11)  could have been responsible for causing the rapid and total collapse and destruction of the building.
WTC #7 fell symmetrically, mostly into its own footprint and at a very high rate of downward acceleration reaching absolute freefall for 2.5 seconds of the approximately 7 second collapse sequence.  Professor Hulsey’s team used computer modeling to examine various collapse scenarios and found the only way they could mimic the building collapse as seen in the videos of the event was by simulating the removal of support from all structural steel columns in the building almost simultaneously.  This is something that a few isolated, office fires could not possibly accomplish. His report can be downloaded here: https://www.ae911truth.org/nist (page down until you see the headline “Downloads”).  You can also view a video  presentation by Professor Hulsey on his team’s findings presented in the UAF’s auditorium here: https://youtu.be/RYV33LKDY8k .
On 9/11/2001, I was residing overseas and noticed how all the US  mainstream media TV channels replayed over and over the collapses of the two main WTC towers in the three or four days immediately following 9/11.  However, the sudden and total collapse of WTC 7 was ignored and never rebroadcast on mainstream media after the initial event.  Knowledge of this unusual event was only kept alive and propagated by “conspiracy theorists” on the internet. Take from that what you will.
The link to the two minute documentary preview is below:

9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out Video

Submitted by Green Monkey

Professional Engineers, civil Engineers, structural Engineers,  mechanical engineers,  fire protection engineers,  chemical engineers, a metallurgical engineer, an electrical engineer,  an ex-military combat engineer, architects, ex-firefighters, scientists (inlcuding mathementaticians, chemists and physicists) explain why the National Institute of Sceince and Technology (NIST) explanation for the destruction of the 3 WTC towers on 9/11 solely as the result of the collision of the hijacked airliners and resulting office fires or, in the case of WTC 7, just office fires alone, is a coverup.

These enigneers, scientists and academics believe that sinces the bulk of the evidence from the WTC site was shipped out before it was subject to a forensic examination; since NIST ignored multiple reports by first responders, news reporters and others witnesses of explosions and flashes of light at the time of (or just prior to) the collapses;  since NIST did not follow established procedure as laid out in regulations to test for incendiaries at sites of building destructions where molten steel or molten concrete is found ( both were found at the WTC after 9/11); since NIST ignored the evidence of the minute iron spheres in the WTC dust (evidence of much higher temperatures than can be caused by office fires or burning jet fuel); and since NIST final explanations  of the way the buildings fell are clearly  in contravention of some very fundamental laws of physics, their investigaion is invalid.  They believe the NIST reports must be rejected and a new investigation, independent of government,  completed which will look at all the available evidence and take into full account the laws of physics.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lw-jzCfa4eQ (2hr 15min)

Betrayal By The Fourth Estate In The News of The World Scandal – Is The 9/11 Story Still To Be Told?

Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch

Many have been following the events of the last week which has seen the fall of media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s British empire. One group probably paying more attention than most is the Fifth Estate.  There is the well known position that the price of democracy is eternal vigilance. For such vigilance the people through the years have partnered with the Fourth Estate. The shenanigans of Murdoch’s now defunct News of the World  best explains why ordinary citizens the world over have decided to use social media to promote opinions and exchange news even if from their own amateurish and sometimes unprofessional perspective. In the case of BU we observed a concentration of ownership of our local media and a manipulation by corporate Barbados and the politicos of media practitioners – scary!

Who on earth would believe a mainstream media outfit owned by Rupert Murdoch would hire a private investigator to access and delete messages from a murdered teenager’s voicemail? In the process compromising the investigation? Unbelievable!

A simmering story which may develop out of the News of the World story is the possibility the same thing was done to 9/11 victims and their families. Not too long ago, less than two weeks actually, to broach the idea that such a dastardly act could have been conceived far less perpetrated by mainstream media would have provoked many to accuse BU of feeding a conspiracy theory.

More and more reputable and prominent people have been speaking out about “a great mass of evidence relating to 9/11 kept hidden by the mainstream media”. While BU is not ready to say there has been a conspiracy which shrouds the tragic 9/11 saga, it is clear many more in the know believe information is being suppressed. One such person who has come public with his concerns is Tony Farrell who had been employed for twelve years as ‘Principle Intelligence Analyst’ for South Yorkshire Police, 13th largest of the 44 police forces in the UK., read what he has to say:

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US Lawmakers Invested In Airport Body-Scanning Machines Company, Guess Who Might Have Caused The Mess?

Inverted Body Scanner Image Shows Naked Body In Full Living Color - Photo Credit:Prison Planet

For many who have to travel frequently by air doing the mandatory security check has become the most disliked part of the journey. Gone are the days when you dumped your carryon in a basket, empty your pockets of coin and whizzed through airport security to your onward destination. Occasionally at the sound of a beep the attendant would manually scan your person without bothering you to remove your shoes or belt. In the post 911 era travelling by air has gotten that much more difficult.

In December 2010 Minister of International Business and Transport, George Hutson alerted Barbadians that the Barbados government had acquired high tech scanning equipment at a cost of USD65,000.00.  It appears Barbados has not seen the need to go the way of body scanners, given the nature of air travel it is only a matter of time.

When one reflects on how the world has changed post-911, it boggles the mind that there is any trace of truth to reports circulating that the World Trade Centre disaster may have been averted.

Have a view of the following video:

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World Trade Centre 911 Debate Continues

Submitted by BAFBFP

It is so great to have been afforded the opportunity to make some kind of contribution to this blog; a blog that somehow has been able to attract an enviable variety of publicly respected opinion, and me, so often considered to be a lunatic fringe maniac, to have been given this opportunity to at least belch in your presence. I am humbled..! I am humbled..!

Two days ago in the Barbados Today on-line newspaper (I dun buying hard copies, too lazy) I came across a very likkle likkle article (Reuters generated of course) on the outcome of a case brought against the GOUSA involving claims by workers about ailments brought on by clearing the WTC (which stands for the now defunct World Trade Centre) site after the Sep 2001 media event…! Ladies and Gentlemen over nine thousand men and women won this case against the GOUSA… for working on ONE construction site….! Now I have no idea what ailments had been thrown up (talk to GP, he seems to know every damned thing ‘bout here), but of course I have to assume that they were not the usual broken hands and necks that one would expect on a construction site…! Again I implore that you see me as a lunatic, my accustomed disposition.

Now what originally concerned me was the lack of focus (by Starcom Network of course) on the fact that these people were actually taking the GOUSA to court on a winnable case that involved Human Rights… and were able to win… easily!

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US Poll: Many Still See Obama As Muslim

Submitted by Austin

President Barack Obama

A recent poll in the US reported that 43% of Americans when asked “What is Obama’s religion?” still are unsure, with many still thinking he is a Muslim.  Let me keep it real for a moment, I’m not a betting man but it would not surprised me if we discovered that many of the unsure and still confused about Obama’s religion are those who have not gotten over the nation electing the first African-American President.

Many of these same folks who believe this nonsense of Obama being a Muslim which he has said repeatedly he is not, interestingly enough also blast him for being associated with the controversial Christian Reverend Wright as one of his followers. OK confused people which one is it?

Racism and religious bigotry in the US in recent years has had to find new ways to spew its venom, and from time to time raises it’s ugly head in very creative ways. What is also puzzling to me is that despite religious freedom being a founding principle in the US constitution, somehow its core meaning often gets marginalized.

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WTC North Tower Collapse, New Discover(?)

Video of WTC North Tower Collapse

BU family member Green Monkey has been a persistent voice propagating the conspiracy theory surrounding the collapse of the World Trade Centre. It was in October 2008 when another BU family member Micro Mock Engineer (MME) and friends decided to make a stand and duke it out with the monkey.

To this point the BU household, by a simple majority believes that MME et al has done enough to debunk Green Monkey’s theories. Despite the onslaught from those oppose in the BU family GG has rebounded by exhibiting the trait of a worthy adversary-persistence!

GG has produced a 5 minute video (only) with commentary and analysis by a member of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth to resurrect his conspiracy argument. We have not seen MME around recently maybe this latest discovery by GG will prod MME out of hibernation.

FBI Counterterrorism Agents Blocked From Going Public On The 9/11 Affair

wtc-small54 The current state of the American financial market which prompted the US Secretary of the Treasury to sound the alarm by asking for $700 billion dollars to buy bad debt in the system has shattered a widely held perception.  In the Caribbean we have been indoctrinated to believe that the financial expertise available in Washington should be sought after, often times at the expense of local talent. The meltdown of the American financial system  has seen several investment and banking entities on the chopping block. Despite the ‘bail-out’ package which the US legislative houses were finally able to pass many financial analysts remain unconvinced that it maybe the solution.

Another age-old perception help by many in the Caribbean that the USA intelligence community i.e. the CIA, FBI and the other agencies operate in tandem to protect the interest of Americans is now being questioned by some. The Barbados media is always quick to dismiss news reports which probe the motives of the US intelligence agencies as engaging in conspiracy theories. Our local media has perfected the art of delivering sanitized news and it is the standard which their passive audience has come to appreciate.

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