Land of the Walking Dead

Submitted be Beresford
 Dr. DeLisle Worrell, Governor of the Central Bank

Dr. DeLisle Worrell, Governor of the Central Bank

The tantrum thrown by the Governor of the Central Bank, Dr. DeLisle Worrell is just more clear evidence that the DLP and its political appointees are not serving Barbados. The unbelievable sideshow of issuing a haughty ban on a media house is a distraction from the much more serious issues of the Worrell’s unfitness to hold the position he occupies. The focus must be on his twists and turns, much like Chris Sinckler’s, which only cause confusion and derail confidence.

Cocooned by a large salary and perks, his construing that all is well while every fact and figure announced by Worrell himself point starkly to the contrary and isolates him as totally unconnected with reality.  This condition is not associated with the top floor of the Tom Adams Financial Centre but another place in a certain well-known street in another part of St. Michael.  This is buttressed by his history of foolish statements and reports on developments in Barbados pulled from thin air.

At no time, but in Barbados’ most critical period, should a Government serious about reversing the slide to the precipice abide the knots and the long string of clowning from Worrell?

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Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program and Implications for Barbadian Workers

Compiled by Due Diligence and David

A vigilant citizenry is required for a democratic system of government to optimally function. Governments across the globe use propaganda and manipulate the distribution of information to paint its agenda, the objective ALWAYS to secure popularity. It is important for a citizenry to compensate for such dishonesty b using the avenues which any democratic system of government provides to probe for the truth.

Barbados has had to battle the issue of low-wage Caricom workers, i.e. Guyanese; and Canada has its issues with low wage workers recruited under its Temporary Foreign Worker Program including those entering from Barbados.

In January this year the GIS Barbados issued an announcement, “there may be light at the end of the tunnel for some unemployed Barbadians, as a major job recruitment drive will get under way in the island this weekend. Canadian recruiting firm, Diamond Global, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Human Resource Development, will host a job fair on Friday, January 17, and Saturday, January 18, at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. The recruitment could result in scores of Barbadians being offered employment in Canada under its Temporary Foreign Workers Programme.”

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The Leveson Report Posted On The Internet NOT The Alexandra Report!

Lord Justice Leveson

After the phone hacking scandal which occurred in July 2011, the UK government commissioned a 2-part Inquiry to be headed by Lord Justice Leveson. The Inquiry was given a remit to “make recommendations on the future of press regulation and governance consistent with maintaining freedom of the press and ensuring the highest ethical and professional standards.” After nearly 1-year of investigating Lord Leveson’s report was published today.

The recommendations of the Leveson report will have implications for how the global media manages its affairs. BU notes that the role of blogs was covered in the report. BU also notes that the report which was made public today is widely accessible on the Internet.   The same CANNOT be stated about the government of Barbados which has laid the Alexandra Report in the House of Assembly BUT still the document remains elusive to taxpayers.

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Media, War Propaganda And The ANTI-CHRIST

Submitted by Pachamama

President Barack Obama labelled The Anti-Christ

Today China and Russia vetoed a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution and prevented a possible Third World War scenario. That resolution would have enabled the United States of North America, NATO and a motley group of plutocratic, oligarchic, despotic Persian Gulf Arab regimes (which purport to represent something they call ‘The League of Arab States’ to institute regime change in Syria a la Libya.

To Obama the Arab Awakening has presented an opportunity to institute regime change in countries the USA dislikes in its quest for unquestioned global dominance. The powers are not interested in removing the leaderships of  criminal, undemocratic, client states in Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Jordan, Egypt and Kuwait which otherwise act as gas stations and US military bases. Obama’s regime change military strategy is overtly aimed at Syria, Iran, Venezuela and other countries that defy American foreign policy but the real agenda is to encircle and check China and Russia. This colonial policy has no interest in the human rights of the peoples in countries where the ‘leaders’ dutifully take their orders from Washington. Washington itself may speak about civil rights in glowing terms for its own people but its history suggests a lack of any commitment to human rights, as a more fundamental requirement for the peoples of North American.

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Is Guyana Government Threatening Freedom Of The Press By Choking Advertising Dollars

Submitted by Rickford Burke, President of the Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

The Editor in Chief
Kaieteur Newspaper
Georgetown, Guyana

Dear Editor:

I have noted your notice to readers detailing a nefarious, systematic Government of Guyana campaign to strangle Kaieteur newspaper by drastically decreasing or withdrawing government advertising as a punitive measure. I have also scrutinized the following statistics which you published on the percentages of government of Guyana advertisements which were placed in newspapers in Guyana from, April 18 to April 24, 2010: Guyana Chronicle – 35.9%, Stabroek News 32.1%, Guyana Times: 18.5%,  Kaieteur News: 13.5%.

When the PPP government withdrew its ads from Stabroek newspaper two years ago, President Bharrat Jagdeo stridently argued to the nation as well as to me personally and a group of Guyanese with whom he met during the Caricom Heads of government summit in New York, that his government had withdraw ads from Stabroek News and had placed them in the Kaieteur News instead, because Kaieteur News by far had the widest circulation among all newspapers in Guyana.

So, what has changed from then to now? This level of decline in government advertisement to Kaieteur has a direct correlation to Kaieteur News’ continual exposure of corruption, malfeasance, criminality and impropriety in the Jagdeo regime, and its sustained policy of investigative reporting that demands governmental accountability.

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Fourth Estate Surrender

Recently Mr. Richard Cox, Head of News and Current Affairs at the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) passed away. Last week BU learned that veteran Nation newspaper journalist Albert Brandford was put out to pasture and is currently freelancing at the Nation (seems a little strange). Despite BU’s disagreement with many Brandford’s positions on political matters, we concede that his ineffectiveness over the years may have been caused by the lack of support from his colleagues. Wow, if David Ellis were to exit the profession next, the talent level of the Fourth Estate would be less than mediocre. As if to support the point BU read a story which was reprinted by the Nation from the Associated Press (AP) which questioned Tiger Woods proclivity for fraternizing with White women.

For sometime BU has been discussing race issues and we have been labeled racist by some. It is interesting the Nation newspaper would highlight the Tiger story verbatim from the AP wire, but would hesitate to publish local stories which highlight the hypocrisy around race relations in Barbados. The conspiracy to prop up the status quo maybe?

Our journalists today seem happy to run with stories which appeal to the fast food diet of readers. Recently, a caller to a talk show made the analogy of patients doing research before visiting the doctor and consequently keeping the doctor’s diagnosis honest. The same is occurring within the media sphere. A knowledgeable and discerning public now has access to news and information on the Internet more than ever before. There is the current readership who will continue to prop up the membership of the local media but BU sees it declining overtime with a changing demographic.

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The Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation In The News

The new General Manager of the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation assumed duties Wednesday morning at its Pine headquarters. Lars Soderstrom was met on arrival by CBC Chairman Leroy Parris and Executive Director David Wright and then was introduced to the senior managers in the Corporation's boardroom - Source:Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation 30/07/2008

The Swede Lars G.O. Söderström is reporting on his Website that he has been the General Manager of the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) for the last three months. We try to keep on top of the news which affect Barbados but we have to confess we missed this announcement. As always the BU household thanks the BU family member for drawing this matter to our attention. We have to admit though that the Swede’s resume is impressive, on paper! Continue reading