West Indies Cricket Dominance Threatened By The Inaction Of ICC

Chris Gayle (l) Sunil Narine (r)

Cricket loving fans in the Caribbean have been reacting to the news that a solution to the Gayle WIBC impasse is imminent. Reports in the regional media indicate that a high level mediation led by Prime Minister Ralph Gonzales [Chairman of the Caricom sub-committee on cricket] and President of the WIBC met with Gayle in St. Vincent last week. The fact that Gayle will need time to mull over a proposed deal continues to illustrate to those of us not intoxicated by the emotion this issue has generated that the underlying problem for the WICB and the West Indies team remains.

The real problem for the WICB is to recognize that the foundation of the problem is money and greed. Defenders of Gayle’s position suggest that loyalty cannot be taken to the supermarket. It does not matter that Sir Viv Richards and other prominent cricketers of yesteryear spurn attractive money offers to play in South Africa as one example of principle trumping money considerations. To think they were paid far less than present day players by the WIBC! There was a time when individuals were prepared to stand on a principle, any money consideration although important was not the ‘over-weight’ consideration factored to arrive at a final decision.

The leadership (used loosely) in West Indies cricket needs to reconcile what are the overriding perquisites to building a cohesive team now and the future. One does not have to be Peter Drucker to appreciate that a team requires members to committed to team objectives, as important, is the need for team members to manifest behaviours which lend to the team achieving optimal cohesion. All other considerations must be weighed secondary if the West Indies team is to achieve success.

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Jackasses All Braying In Unison

The failure of the West Indies cricket team to make it through to the semi final stage of the ICC T20 tournament appears to have caught West Indian supporters by surprise. One would have thought a team with the track record of the West Indies cricket team in the last 12 years would  NOT have provoked such an uproar. Surprisingly even the unperturbed Captain of the West Indies Chris Gayle was driven to apologize to the West Indian people. Bear in mind, Mr. Duckworth Lewis was very generous to the West Indies in the preliminary game against England. Does anyone believe the West Indies would have scored 190+ to win that game?

As expected the region’s media has been having a field day carrying several opinions of regional cricket commentators echoing the plight of the West Indies team and offering the usual feeble suggestions to the way forward. In a nutshell, much of the outpouring of opinions and commentaries in the various media can only be described as high order flatulence aka bovine excrement.

BU was reminded to check the International Cricket Council (ICC) website to seek confirmation of the West Indies cricket team’s current world ranking. To no great surprise there was confirmation that of the 12 teams with ICC rankings, the West Indies occupies a distant number 8 position behind Pakistan with Bangladesh in tow.  To paint the picture, the four teams which trail the West Indies cricket team in the ICC Rankings are: Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Ireland and Kenya. Again, did we reasonably expect West Indies to win the ICC T20 competition?

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T20 – Refreshing, In More Ways Than One

Hartley Henry - DLP Political Strategist

They said “Bring it” and Caribbean people brought it! The T20 world cricket tournament is, I declare, a phenomenal success! Not since the days of Lloyd, Richards, Lillee, Chappel, Botham, Gavascar and Bishan Bedi have I been so glued to my television screen, watching the battle of bat versus ball.

I am not getting involved in the argument of the adverse impact of this version of the game on the traditional test and one day formats. I leave that to the experts. What I am saying is that T20 meets the needs of persons such as me who simply want to watch good, exciting cricket and who do not have a lot of time to hang around waiting for a result.

Frankly speaking, I am West Indian, but, it bothers me not who eventually wins the 2010 championship. From where I stand, this outcome does not define or determine any aspect of cricketing supremacy. This is simply a case of cricketers having fun and spectators sharing in the excitement. Added to this is the fact that sponsors are getting good value for money and administrators are making a profit. Simply put, T20 is win-win for all concerned.

Even the host countries are benefiting, unlike in a tournament of recent memory when all but a few political operatives lost their shirts. Just imagine that the region is spending a mere fraction of what was spent on Cricket World Cup and is reaping benefits that surpass and far outweigh those of CWC.

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International Cricket Council (ICC) Boots Barbados Craft Vendors Out Of Kensington Oval At T20 2010

Kensington Oval Barbados

There is a situation which is brewing at Kensington Oval involving craft vendors. Today, an ICC lawyer before he could get a tan made all the craft vendors dismantle their stalls on the grounds that they were not permitted to sell craft items. This is after the Craft Vendors paid a contract fee to ICC some months ago, in order to secure a space to sell their craft and the money was taken, knowing that these people were going to sell craft. The vendors were allocated space by Kensington Oval but this morning as soon as they set up, the ICC lawyer came and ordered them to remove their craft and leave.

Apparently, the craft vendors were given the same contract as the food vendors. This is what happened at CWC 2007 as well, except that a separate negotiation went on for the craft; even though the contracts were the same. All that happened is that the criteria for the craft were inserted into the vendors contract… but all this happened long before the matches started.

This time around, ICC (through their legal representative) waited until the first day to tell the vendors they can’t sell craft. Douglas Trotman, Attorney-at-law, has taken up the case for the vendors. Up to late this evening, the vendors were still awaiting word of negotiations between their lawyer, ICC and Kensington.

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Bob Woolmer Was Not Murdered~Jamaica Police Dropped The Ball

Source: Nation News

Jamaica police have scheduled a news conference for later today (Tuesday) in which it is expected they will confirm reports that Bob Woolmer died of natural causes and was not murdered.

The conference will be addressed by police commissioner Lucius Thomas, who will read a statement, outline toxicology results and give details of post-mortem examinations carried out on Woolmer’s body.

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Searching Questions Listed In Anonymous Letter About CWC 2007 Making The Rounds

It has come to the attention of BU that an anonymous letter raising several concerns about how Barbados tax dollars were expended around CWC 2007 was sent to David Thompson MP, Richard Sealy MP, Denis Kellman MP, Austin Husbands, David Ellis and Adrian Loveridge.

A summary of the contents of the letter is as follows:

1) What was the expense to the taxpayers of Barbados for this charter out of India?

2) What was the role of the Director of Cruise Tourism that requested her to travel to India three times?

3) How many passengers eventually travelled to Barbados, and took cabins on the (Carnival) Destiny?

4) How many ICC tickets were purchased by the BTA to give away and at what cost?

5) How many certified travel agents and certified journalists from India did the BTA pay to travel to Barbados?

6) To sum it up, how many people in all did the BTA pay for?

The letter goes on to make some allegations which we can possibly explore with the help of our tourism guru Adrian Loveridge.

Source: Adrian Loveridge

Prime Minister Arthur The Master Of Spin~Does Anyone Feel Dizzy?

Last week BU posted a blog which had the head line Caricom Heads Of Government Should All Resign Over CWC 2007 ~ Just A Bunch Of Fuddy Duddies. We know that our call is probably viewed as extreme but we stand by it. We reiterate that the decision making process which the Heads Of Government engaged in was flawed. We maintain that there is sufficient evidence to show that cricket is dying in the Caribbean, and within the current structure West Indies cricket teams of the foreseeable future will find it difficult to compete successfully on the world stage. Certainly even the cricket sentimentalist must admit that many of our youth are gaining scholarships from the other minor sports like basketball, volleyball, golf, athletics and others when compared to king cricket. Just imagine if the government would allocate a fraction of the monies it has on cricket the opportunities that would further accrue to our youth. It was interesting to hear Rudy Webster admit last week that West Indies is about 10 years behind Australia if we compare the infrastructural development in the two countries.


We revisited the topic in light of recent comments by Tony Greig who is one of the world’s most famous commentators on cricket and Prime Minister Arthur of Barbados.


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