The Lucifer Project II: Rise of the 4th Reich – The Pornofication of BIG BROTHER Politics & the Savagery of Dystopia in the 21st Century

Submitted by Terence Blackett
Erine Griffith,Chief Immigration Officer

Erine Griffith,Chief Immigration Officer

“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, number or name” Rev 13: 17.

The Latin phrase ‘Damnatio Memoriae’ which means “condemnation of memory” based on the formulation of an archaic judgment made upon individuals which removes their works, sentiments and memories of who they were from the annuls of the public record with the sole intent of a form of “dishonorable discharge” – where a person’s personal records were expunged having been passed by the Roman Senate as dissenters, traitors & subversives who discredited, maligned or leaked the secrets of the Roman State.

The 1st Reich was seen as The Holy Roman Empire – geographical and political enclaves which were a continuity of the Roman Empire in Europe that started in the lands ruled by Charlemagne.

The 2nd Reich, also known as The German Empire, ruled by the Hohenzollern dynasty, in the areas known as Prussia and Brandenburg, from 1871 to 1919, then fell with the ending of World War I. During this “Reich” the “Iron Chancellor” Otto Von Bismarck united Germany, and set the roots for what was World War I. The 2nd Reich under Hohenzollern Germany, from the unification of Germany following the Franco-Prussian War (1870 – 1871) and the crowning of Wilhelm I as German Emperor at the Palace of Versailles, with Otto von Bismarck as the first Reichskanzler, to the abdication of Wilhelm II in 1919 following the German defeat in WW1.

Then enters a period known as the Weimar Republic, from 1919 to 1933 (called sometimes the pre-3rd Reich). The 3rd Reich (from 1933 to 1945), called Nazi Germany, under Hitler control – a term most likely taken from the book “Das Dritte Reich” published by Arthur Möller van den Bruck (1876 – 1925) in 1923. He called it the 3rd Reich because he thought that under his leadership Germany could reunite the old Holy Roman Empire, bringing Germany back to its glory days. This Reich was terminated with the fall of Germany at the end of World War II.

In the 21st century landscape, we are witnessing the emergence of the 4th Reich – an Elitist corollary of a “Fourth Estate” who claim that in order to keep us safe from “TERROR & CRIME” they must be the self-anointed, postmodernist vanguard that implements “Snooper’s Charters”; curtailment of civil liberties; and the infringement and abridgement of our human rights by an Elite intelligentsia who sole modus agendi is to ‘spy’, ‘intrude’ and ‘monitor’ every single move every human being makes on the planet.

In Barbados this past week, what we have witnessed are on-going attempts by an international elite under the guise of our current government to have announced biometric monitoring which include finger-printing technologies of everyone coming and going out of the island which merely fulfils the NSA’s & GCHQ’s cyber­-electronic surveillance, DNA genotyping, biometric fingerprinting IRIS scans, footprint technology and human leukocyte antigen data pools – orchestrating the pretext for full Caribbean monitoring and data storage of the 40 million persons who live in these idyllic island states.

Alexis de Tocqueville in his ground-breaking work – “Democracy in America” in chapter 15 answers a very important question in an age where governments are instituting all kinds of biometric technologies which include all of the above and more – a whole sleuth of insidious mass surveillance techniques of meta data compilations to supposedly avert any plot, presage and portent acts of crimes or terror in a Minority Report type “Predictive Technology” which will be rolled out across every country on the planet very soon.

Tocqueville argued that while the Elite anciently would attack the person in order to subdue his soul – he believes that today: “Such is not the course adopted by tyranny in democratic republics; there the body is left free and the soul is enslaved. The master no longer says: “You shall think as I do, or you shall die”; but he says, “You are free to think differently from me and to retain your life, your property, and all that you possess; but you are henceforth a stranger among your people… Your fellow-creatures will shun you like an impure being; and even those who believe in your innocence will abandon you, lest they should be shunned in their turn.”

This form of ‘Damnatio Memoriae’ today which is a form of “Pornification” have been seen as a result of information “leaks” by Julian Assange and Wikileaks & the on-going self-imposed, forced incarceration of Mr. Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London; the self-exile of Edward Snowden in Russia and the 35 year imprisonment of Bradley Manning by US military establishment for handing those files over to Assange. Fallout from both the NSA and GCHQ revelations, as well as the (mis) trial of Mr. Manning, convicted of leaking those classified documents to WikiLeaks poignantly reminds us that ‘BIG BROTHER is watching you’ but also, as British Home Secretary Theresa May ask BRITS to spy on eachother during this time of Islamic Jihad radicalization posits the idea that ‘BIG BROTHER is you watching’ everyone else. Sinister indeed!

One can safely argue that in 2016, George Orwell’s ‘1984’ have become the ‘Brave New World’ of Aldous Huxley but with much more sinister overtures. This “vapourization” of “unpersons” as cited by Orwell where “He did not exist; he never existed” – a type of ‘Damnatio Memoriae’ is telling of a future world tyrannically held captive by the ever-watchful oppressive gaze of BIG BROTHER – a world of “perpetual war, omnipresent repressive government surveillance and public mind control – a malevolently dystopic fiction that has become a menacingly quotidian reality of death, obfuscation and plausible deniability.

Since George ‘DUBYAH’ Bush’s 9-11 war on terror – we have witnessed extraordinary rendition, imprisonment without trial or Habeas Corpus, the use of war prisoners as slaves, public executions in Saudi Arabia and across ISIS held territory, breaches in Geneva Convention on torture to extract confessions, the use of Yazidi and Christian hostages as human shields, and the mass deportation of whole populations as are being witnessed across OZ (Australia) and now across Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Eritrea into Europe. A deluge of humanity which will have serious repercussion for every nation state on earth!

The acrid aftertaste left in our mouths as a result of BIG BROTHER is vacuously political in its nature. Orwell’s vision of the capitalistic comodification of human life captures a nasty, niggling, nefarious portent for our times – a world with the loss of privacy through intrusive technologies, the relegation and degradation of language, the waging of proxy wars by #AmeriKKKa, Britain et al notwithstanding, the ‘Damnatio Memoriaewhich sees the disappearance and sequestration of political dissidents.

The ‘thought’ Gestapo in concert with the (im) ‘moral’ police pits us in a constant state of combat and turmoil to secure and control the narrative in the public space; the hopelessness of a counter-narrative as a way of moral escape given the mass media’s broadcast of empty speeches and meaningless rallies by politicians and law enforcement over the need for constant surveillance.

Barbados is a small nation state with a population under 300,000 people. According to Bloomberg, Barbados debt load equal to 96% of GDP. The government’s (CAB) Current Account Balance stands at -$276.6 million (2013). Yet despite the dramatic improvement in the tourism industry in the last year, seeing a 14% increase in long stay visitors from UK & Canada et al, the Barbados economy merely grew by a nominal 0.3% in the first 9 months of the year, according to Central Bank numbers. Net new foreign capital inflows were estimated at BDS$417 million (US$208.5 million), down from BDS$542 million (US$271 million) a year ago. The country spent BDS$144 million (US$208.5 million), or about 20% less on fuel although the amount brought in increased by 8% with public debt standing at a whopping 90.5% of GDP (2013).

While immigration remains a huge, all-consuming issue around the world with some in Europe calling it a refugee crisis – the pretext is much deeper underlying the globalization of biometrics and the need to have every person tagged and labelled has become a much more sinister proposition. The question must be asked of the Barbados government as to where the monies are coming from to offset this biometric project given that individuals in the country still aren’t being paid. Is this project being funded by the US or EU governments and to what ends? Freedom of Information and transparency as to how taxpayer’s monies are being spent is crucial to accountability notwithstanding; integrity and openness of foreign investments which seek the control of the data of local citizenry are paramount.

President Bill Clinton in his State of the Union address, on 25th January 1994, said: “we must also work with the private sector to connect every classroom, every clinic, every library, every hospital in America into a NATIONAL INFORMATION SUPER HIGHWAY by the year 2000.” Today, that super highway is fueled and run by the NSA, GCHQ, Interpol, CIA, FBI, Mossad & a whole sleuth of invidious international agencies who according to 6WResearch declare that the Global Biometrics Market is projected to reach some $21.9 billion by 2020.

North America leads the overall biometrics market, where the U.S. is the major revenue generating country in this region. Increasing homeland security, government spending, research and development activities are driving the growth of the U.S. in North American biometrics market which also includes Canada. The key companies in global biometrics market include – Morpho Safran, 3M Cogent, NEC, Suprema, Nuance, Hitachi, Crossmatch Technologies, Iris ID, ZK Technologies and others. Biometrics Technologies include: Fingerprint, Face, IRIS, Hand/Palm-Print, Voice, Vein, Keystroke Dynamics, DNA, GAIT, & Multimodal Biometrics.

The Indian government of Mr. Modi will spends some US$250 billion over next five years on programs aimed at the poor however; the government has approved about $670 million as part of an overall package of several billion dollars to biometrically register its 1.2 billion population.

The Orwellian dystopia of BIG BROTHER foresees a looming global totalitarianism unobtrusively realized by very few people who are awake and alert to the machinations and manipulations of the Elites. As a result, most people will fall victim to an impregnable conspiracy based on ignorance, apathy and refusal to accept certain realities. Orwell suggest that “the people could be made to accept the most flagrant violations of reality, because they never fully grasped the enormity of what was demanded of them, and were not sufficiently interested in public events to notice what was happening.”

40 years ago, few would have envisioned an interconnected ONE-WORLD where a fusion of politics, religion and commerce would be amalgamated into a diabolical whole. That dream is even closer now than at any other time in human history. Yet many will still argue as to the validity of the BIBLE* and the authenticity of Biblical prophecy!

Former Pope Paul VI in an 1967 encyclical on the topic of “The Progress of Peoples” in an entire section titled “Toward an Effective World Authority’’ proclaimed: “This international collaboration on a worldwide scale requires institutions that will prepare, coordinate, and direct it until finally there is established an order of justice which is universally recognized….Who does not see the necessity of thus establishing progressively a world authority, capable of acting effectively in the juridical and political sectors?”

The late Pope John Paul II saw his uniquely ‘divine’ role as the one capable of bringing to reality ‘The World Government’ which is yet to emerge – however, an excerpt from his Catechism declares: “It is the role of the state to defend and promote the common good of civil society. The common good of the whole human family calls for an organization of society on the international level.” A dream that may very well come true under the Jesuit Pope Francis!

Stay tuned as it all kicks off!

WANTED: Fourth Estate Not Beholden To Any 'Party'

Submitted by Hamilton Hill

Albert Brandford (l) Kaymar Jordan (c) Sanka Price (r)

It is 5:00pm on the evening of the tenth day of this the month of October, the day chosen by the extended arm of the Barbados Labour Party known as the Nation Publishing Co. to make what so far has to be its most brazen attempt to hoodwink the Fruendel Stuart administration. Barbados is two short hours away from an act of political prostitution of its fourth estate, headed by a group that over the past few years has perfected the art of creative deception. Only this group could manage to disguise a political meeting so well that it could be sold as a town-hall forum.This political meeting is being held for the sole purpose of trying to force the government’s hand in calling the elections, even though all of the experts {and let me be  first to admit that I believed them} said that a longer wait was to the detriment of the government. The stench of this exercise reaches to the high heavens.

The Nation’s editor Kaymar Jordan who will be the chair person of this political meeting was heard on brass tacks today lamenting the fact that the prime minister had refused to be a speaker at this event. With all due respect I say to the lady that gone are the days when children were made to go pick the whip to inflict lashes to their very own asses. Freundel Stuart nor any member of the DLP for that matter, has any business being in attendance at this seminar of shameless deceit hosted by a bunch of part time journalists/full time party hacks who are driven to satisfy the morbid cravings of Owen S Arthur. Should he ever develop a cancer this bunch should know even before his doctor, for their heads are so far up his ass how could they miss it? One might wonder from whence comes this malcontentedness?

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A View Of The NATION From Underground

Submitted by WordSong

Kaymar Jordan, Editor-in-Chief of the NATION Newspaper

No Kaymar Jordan you did not tell the truth and stand justifiably accused by the general public. Your manipulations and distortions converted what could have been an otherwise great story into a scandalous piece of journalistic tripe. Now you and whoever helped you write that editorial would hoodwink the public (again) into believing that there was merit in what you did; all you have done in the editorial is to confirm the stupidity of the NATION’s newspaper policy. Technology has seen it fit that newspapers remain widely read. So what was the point you were making about technology again? No amount of spin doctoring will alter what remains a travesty.

You distorted the truth – for effect and commercial gain and possibly out of pure ignorance. You could not even give the public that your deliberateness in distorting was influenced by the expectation of more information and for that you apologize. I now say any decent newspaper would have fired you or put you on the back bench like they will put Sinckler. I for one will not buy another Nation or Sunday Sun newspaper. But what does it matter? Who cares? Not the Nation . Harold Hoyte I am ashamed of you too because I know you still have influence in what goes on at the paper.

Blogs Guarding Freedom Of Expression

Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales

Karim said Trinidad and Tobago needs an educated, enlightened and fiercely independent media, noting that “fiercely independent journalists operating in the traditions of the Fourth Estate will provide our citizens with the facts on which they can make informed decisions.


In seems coincidental that at the launch of the College of Science, Technology and the Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago’s (COSTAATT) Ken Gordon School of Journalism and Communication Studies the above quote was uttered on the very same day the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales came out strongly on behalf of an independent press and the vital necessity of such an organ in any democratic society.

The Lord Chief Justice’s insightful comments can be found on the Daily Mail’s website, among others –

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Betrayal By The Fourth Estate In The News of The World Scandal – Is The 9/11 Story Still To Be Told?

Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch

Many have been following the events of the last week which has seen the fall of media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s British empire. One group probably paying more attention than most is the Fifth Estate.  There is the well known position that the price of democracy is eternal vigilance. For such vigilance the people through the years have partnered with the Fourth Estate. The shenanigans of Murdoch’s now defunct News of the World  best explains why ordinary citizens the world over have decided to use social media to promote opinions and exchange news even if from their own amateurish and sometimes unprofessional perspective. In the case of BU we observed a concentration of ownership of our local media and a manipulation by corporate Barbados and the politicos of media practitioners – scary!

Who on earth would believe a mainstream media outfit owned by Rupert Murdoch would hire a private investigator to access and delete messages from a murdered teenager’s voicemail? In the process compromising the investigation? Unbelievable!

A simmering story which may develop out of the News of the World story is the possibility the same thing was done to 9/11 victims and their families. Not too long ago, less than two weeks actually, to broach the idea that such a dastardly act could have been conceived far less perpetrated by mainstream media would have provoked many to accuse BU of feeding a conspiracy theory.

More and more reputable and prominent people have been speaking out about “a great mass of evidence relating to 9/11 kept hidden by the mainstream media”. While BU is not ready to say there has been a conspiracy which shrouds the tragic 9/11 saga, it is clear many more in the know believe information is being suppressed. One such person who has come public with his concerns is Tony Farrell who had been employed for twelve years as ‘Principle Intelligence Analyst’ for South Yorkshire Police, 13th largest of the 44 police forces in the UK., read what he has to say:

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Is The Barbados Population Being Properly Served By Its News Media?

Submitted by Yardbroom


The late great American writer Walter Lippmann said:

“The journalist’s role was to inform the public of what the elite’s were doing.  It was also to act as a watchdog over the elites, as the public had the final say with their votes”.

Within the above framework, ” journalism’s first obligation is to tell the truth”.

Why should journalists inform us: ” because an informed public is the only one that can correctly assess whether the society it inhabits is going off the rails”.

Perhaps I should say at the outset, this article has no political polemic, it is not for or against the BLP or DLP.  This should not be necessary, but regrettably a few of us, see every discourse through a narrow focus of political allegiance.

I put it to you, that a few too many of the major decisions, which have been taken in Barbados recently, were to the disadvantage of its citizens; and they possibly would not have been taken, had the electorate been better informed.  There was not the rigorous examination of proposals in the News Media, one would expect.  A couple projects, costing many millions of dollars were not properly examined, and because it was expedient not to “analyse” but to quietly “report” on what had been agreed, the almost empty cupboard, spewed out dollars with a haste that bordered on the obscene.

To be blunt the public were not “informed”, in the journalistic sense.

Without rigorous examination, journalists acquiesced to what history had taught them was a fait accompli.  The public accustomed to no more, accepted what they saw, as the engine turned in the background spewing tax payers dollars to the wind.

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The Barbados Advocate, A Disgrace To The Fourth Estate

Attorney Alvin David Bryan (right) and Wilfred Abrahams (left)

Most people (used reservedly given the Advocate’s circulation numbers) have read the self-serving apologia in the editorial section of the Advocate directed at the Bajan blogosphere, in defense of what many agree is a toothless Fourth Estate of Barbados. A Fourth Estate that blandly and blindly follows the beat of the drum of whichever political party it is affiliated to, ignores glaring incidents of injustice in the Courts of Barbados and refuses to take members of government to task, even if the evidence jumps up and bites them on the gluteus maximus.

A few examples :-

  • Barbados is taken to court in Canada in a civil lawsuit with costs running (on both sides) to almost BDS$16 million. This lawsuit involves the future of over 1% of Barbados’ total landmass, the purchase of  influence of the Fifth Estate (blogs) at BDS1,300.00 per week, the establishment of a blog in Miami, Florida, the collection of shredded documents in Barbados and their shipment to Canada to be reconstituted, the surveillance of the former wife of Owen Arthur, the surveillance of the family and person of former Attorney General Mia Mottley in Florida, the staking out of the Barbados consular mission in Miami Florida and the proposal to follow and stalk employees of that mission, contributing to the upkeep and election aspirations of Minister Denis Lowe (including importing Canadian experts to assist with his election), the use of false names and documents, the jail sentence of one of the parties who is now a fugitive from justice. Barbados wins the case in Canada and all is REVEALED. The case is fully and completely reported BU (Go to Search Box and use ‘Peter Allard’), with full document back-up. Yet, neither the Nation or the Advocate has even attempted to report on the matter. For them, it is as though it has never existed and the BDS16 million it cost is nothing – to the extent, we have to ask if one blog was paid BDS1,300 per week by Peter Allard, how much were others paid? The only other explanation is dereliction of duty as members of the Fourth Estate. Sub judice cannot be used as an excuse here.

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