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Health Issues for Barbadians – Diabetes, Hypertension, Alzheimer, Erectile Dysfunction

Submitted by Bentley For years (article published in Barbados Underground in 2007) I have been saying that diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer, erectile dysfunction and several other similar conditions all have the same cause, the inability of the body to metabolise carbohydrates effectively, a condition named Chronic Metabolic Collapse Syndrome.  The medical community is only now recognising this.  It will take at

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NCD Story to be Told

Submitted by Bentley Have a read of this article. Ten years ago I outlined the link between diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer, erectile and other sexual dysfunction and other NCD’s. I identified the common cause as Chronic Metabolic Collapse Syndrome or (CMCS), a condition characterised by the body’s inability to effectively metabolise blood sugar. More and more research over time support

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Metabolic Syndrome: Fatty Bum Bum

Barbadians love sugar and this is no secret. We are known also as the amputation capital of the world and the high incidence of non communicable diseases is also no secret. There is evidence more Barbadians are buying into good diet and exercise albeit at too sluggish a rate. Related link: Rational Approach To Diet, Exercise Thanks to Bentley.

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Diabetes On the Rise In Barbados

Submitted by Dr Georgie Porgie (feel free to ask any questions) “Chronic diseases, including the quartet of silent killers, obesity, hypertension heart disease and diabetes, now represent the most significant health care problem and the most important cause of mortality confronting the English-speaking Caribbean. Significantly all of these conditions have the same strong lifestyle components as risk factors and demand

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