Obama Cannot be Trusted

Submitted by Pachamama

Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts – (Virgil)

A few days ago he came bearing gifts. A paltry Trojan horse to the Jamaican people. Today he is being quoted in the media as promising not to interfere in the internal affairs of countries in South & Central America and the Caribbean. The region the real and hidden Trojan horse is aimed at. Obama is no more trustworthy than any other US president has been. He is way more deceptive though.

This day’s grand promise is impossible for any US president to keep, there can be no seriousness for implementation, post 2016. For empire cannot help but subjugate. We believe it’s a trick, a head fake, a diplomatic war on the peoples of this hemisphere. That there is a darker, hidden agenda. That that agenda has to do with the TPP and the use of corporations as the newly burnished, unbridled, leading spear of empire.

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Benjamin Netanyahu – The End of the Zionist Project

Submitted by Pachamama
Benjamin Netanyahu  snubs President Obama

Benjamin Netanyahu snubs President Obama

This week’s unwelcome visit to Washington by Benjamin Netanyahu is the latest manifestation of deep-seated differences between the Obama administration and an Israeli government driven further and further to the right, at home, but more and more popular within the ranks of the love-hating, dispensationalists, WASP, Republican led, United States Senate and House of Representatives. These are occupied Israeli territories in the place called North America!

Nobody who has any sense, in the ‘international community’, likes Netanyahu. Whether it is Obama telling former French president Sarkozy, into a hot mic, that he did not like him. Or Obama himself complaining that he had to deal with him every day. Or the Europeans, countries like Switzerland, distancing themselves from the Zionist regime over settlement expansion while recognizing the Palestinian Authority, as a legitimate government, in international fora. Indications of how distasteful this maniac is.

To the Zionist tyrants, in Washington, it would not matter that there is an election in Israel around the 17th, of March 2015. It does not matter that in relations between states there is a tendency to avoid internal politics, showing a preference for one candidate over the others in an election period is generally a no-no. Inviting the leader of a political party and giving him a global platform is unheard of amongst decent people. But the stakes are high, so there is no time for the niceties of international relations. Netanyahu and Israel have been conning the world with the specter of the failure of that entity.  This time he may well have a point but the people of the world are no longer in love with the Zionist project and are ready to dis them. Only people like the money grabbing, election contribution greedy, pimps in Washington can be made an audience of. God is not on their side either, if He ever were.

That Netanyahu could be allowed to violate the most sacred protocols of diplomacy tells us, on the one hand, that the Christian Zionists amongst their ranks see it as the work of their dying god to side with Israel, whether right or wrong. On the other hand, that they see Obama as too impotent to cut off the legs of the Netanyahu government in the way political killers like Bill and Hilary Clinton would have. Even the Bushes! Netanyahu may be mad, but he ain’t foolish.

After-all they have carefully watched Obama for nearly seven years. They have him well measured. They are certain that his handling of this embarrassment will be no different than his red lines drawn to President Assad, of Syria. They have watched his avoidance of war in Ukraine. They will see him as a ‘sneaky fellow’ who likes low impact guerrilla wars using drones, terrorists and mercenaries. But when it comes to frontal aggression, he lacks the will, ability. That is how they think! In short, they see him as a toothless tiger. We are betting that the next purchased American president of a puppet will be an ignorant, gun toting, armchair war hawk, who will again, have to be brought to heel by some country in the South. Moreover, the Lobby (AIPAC) believes that Netanyahu has a more powerful economic-political base within the United States than Obama. Indeed, they may even want to further inspire the kind of chaos theory, within the United States, that Obama has allowed the rest of the world to degenerate into.
In short, we have a tail waging a dog! A dog that can bark, but has no bite!

What has AIPAC and the Zionists, of all stripes, so exercised, is the expectation that Obama will do a Nixon to China, this time with the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) over the nuclear issue and other interests. Iran has vast resources and some corporate interests can’t wait to do deals with the Iranians and are waiting for the lifting of sanctions, especially the Europeans.

Other forces have been milking the lie that the Iranian nuclear program has military dimensions, for nearly 25 years. A nuclear program started by the Americans with a then reluctant Shah, before the 1979 Islamic Revolution. It is Netanyahu, himself, who has been arguing all this time that the Iranians will have a nuclear weapon in less than a year, in less than six months. Twenty five years hence, he’s selling the same snake oil. Some forces are tired of this ignorance.

They have even gone to extreme measures to politicize the peaceful Iranian nuclear program, and to demonize the Iranians wherever they could. It is this Zionist lobby that has brought the world to imposing illegal and immoral sanctions against the Iranian nation, employing all aspects of state power. Their demonization of Iran extends beyond the nuclear file. It extends to the AMIA bombing in Argentina in the early 1990’s. A false flag operation to create conditions for war. These same Christian-Zionist forces are currently trying to prevent a proper investigation as agreed between the Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner government and the Islamic Republic. An investigation which is likely to reveal Israeli hands behind the killing of more than eighty Argentinian Jews. All of this to create the circumstances for a Western led war against the Iranian people.

America has always acted to destroy the perceived enemies of Israel.

The Zionist lobby and their Mossad, most times in cahoots with the intelligence agencies of the United States, tried to sabotage Iranian nuclear facilities with the Stuxnet virus, a few years ago. They plotted with Jundallah, an Iranian, anti-revolutionary group, to hand over fictitious nuclear engineering  documents on an alleged Iranian computer to the IAEA as evidence of weaponization. These are the same people who have created the confusion in the Middle East. Have destroyed Libya, Syria and Iraq. Partitioned Sudan. Invaded its neighbors and fought countless wars of aggression to make flesh of the greater Israel project. All done on the backs of the American tax payers. All in the name of a rapacious Christian-Zionism.

But Netanyahu maybe an evil man, but he is no fool. He can see the writing is on the wall. His Zionist state has been defeated in wars by Iran or its allies no less than six times. The specter of Israel as a military power has long changed. They cannot win against Hezbollah or Hamas. It was Hezbollah,  almost entirely supported by Iran, which ran them out of Lebanon in 2000 and again defeated them in the July 2006 war. Netanyahu is a former military man and he must reason if his country cannot defeat a small guerrilla group, then is it impossible to even dream of defeating the Islamic Republic? Their only option was to get the ignorant Americans to die for Israel, again. Obama is saying ‘no’ like he means it.

Our sources in Washington are telling us that Obama told Netanyahu that if he thought he could ensnare America into another war by attacking Iranian nuclear facilities that he (Obama) would shoot down the Israeli military jets. For the Iranians see no difference between an Israeli aggression on their territory and an American attack. The Iranians have promised to put the Middle East on fire and all of American interests. It is a Dark Ages phenomenon. And they have the means by which to do.

How contradictory is life? We have a man, Netanyahu, coming to the United States to abuse the Obama administration. A man who is wanted by the same American authorities, for questioning, for the thief of over 800 triggering devices for nuclear weapons. Devices to support an illegal Israeli military nuclear program as given to them by the Americans and the British. A program President Kennedy, the last genuine American president, was against. A program never inspected by the IAEA. A program which has up to 400 nuclear warhead. In a country which has a military doctrine called the ‘Sampson Option.’ They are saying to us, that if the state of Israel cannot continue in its wicked ways, they are prepared to destroy the whole world. There are no sanctions against them but a country (Iran) which has no nuclear weapons has several sets of sanctions. A country whose highest authority has fore-sworn nuclear weapons. A country which has issued a Fatwa against the military application of nuclear technology, has had crippling sanction for a decade or more.

The Iranians and their allies are the only genuine opponents to the Zionist projects. This is why Netanyahu wants Obama to destroy their enemies. They are too weak to themselves cast a dirty look at the Iranians. But the Iranians and their allies are not afraid of the Great Satan either. In fact, the Great Satan is afraid of the Iranians. You can’t beat them militarily so you try to defeat them through ‘negotiations’, same as for the Cuban Revolution. Through diplomacy. By drawing them into your economic sphere of influence. But they are yet to learn their own history. Then the history of the Persians. Not that bullshit about 300 Spartans!

Nobody anywhere is afraid of Israel anymore. They have long lost their perceived invincibility. Their patina of being divinely inspired has long gone. As this Zionist project is being ‘wiped from the pages of time’ we are to expect more and more reckless attempts to maintain itself. We should expect that Al-Aqsa Mosque is to be destroyed, as present attempts are galloping, at pace. We know the ignorant Christians will say, ‘for the second coming’. We say the only second coming associated with these people will be another Holocaust, this time in the very United States of American, that modern Jerusalem

Chattel Slavery in 2014

Submitted by Pachamama
Massa day done!

Massa day done!

As the newly minted President of Mauritania heads to Washington DC to kiss the ring of the titular head of global arrogance, chattel slavery remains as pernicious and unremitting as ever. Of course, there are several gradations of present day slavery as suborned by capitalism, but chattel slavery represented a deviation from any kind of inhumanity hitherto known to man. Maybe Obama will raise this issue with Abdul Aziz, not that it would make any difference though, for the chattel slaves of Mauritania, Mali and Niger are not known to have any relationships with the powerful ‘gay rights lobby’ in Obama’s America. For their  interests are to misguide us from focusing on historical wrongs and elevate their fetish to a supreme status within a set of ‘newly’ defined global norms. Those kinds of personal relationships are largely incomprehensible to the vast majority of African peoples, at least within our ancestral homeland.

Remember, this is the same Obama who was laughed out of the room when he had the audacity to suggest to African leaders that they should forget all of their problems and focus on his ‘new’ form of cultural imperialism – homosexuality. His attempts to deceive them  with issues of bedroom business were merely the glove wherein the hidden iron fist of a perpetual colonialism and the global expansionism of militarism in the form of AFRICOM on African soil. And the Arab elites are again acting as ‘handmaidens’ for this new wave of domination of North Africa, and all the rest. So when this so-called gay agenda is to be deployed in a cultural war against African peoples our real issues cannot see the light of day. Chattel slavery still benefits America’s friends in the region and we, as African people remain deaf to the words of our Great ancestor, John Henry Clarke. Clarke argued that African peoples have no friends and never did, and he is right!

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Olympus Has Fallen – The March On Washington

Submitted by Pachamama
Cornel West,  American philosopher, academic, activist, author

Cornel West, American philosopher, academic, activist, author contends that so-called Black leaders raising the expectations of the people in circumstances where there was no determination of meeting popular demands for justice.

On August 28th, 1963 Bayard Rustin, an openly gay, anti-war, Quaker influenced, singer, Black-American ‘human rights’ and peace and justice seeker, Ghandian non-violent activist, along with A. Philip Randolph, as two of the Big Six, had organized for ‘The March on Washington’, a march in which Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) gave what most remember as the ‘I Have a Dream Speech’. However, that public and institutionalized memory, as constructed by his enemies, represents a deviation from what King was really talking about. Rustin is again in the public’s eye as the titular holder of the office to which his civil disobedience was rightly directed then, will now be awarding him, posthumously, the ‘Presidential Medal of Freedom’. Of course King’s effigy is as permanent on the Washington Mall as his sanitized image is in mass media and, by extension, the minds of most. The massive crowds that were brought to Washington in this act of mass civil disobedience were not surpassed until the Million Man March/es of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam of the 1990’s America of Bill Clinton. As we approach the fiftieth anniversary of the events of 1963 it may be instructive to revisit King, his demands, measure the achievements since, properly locate him in the pantheon of African- American freedom fighters and compare the America of 1963, at the height of its power, to the America of today, an American Empire in steady decline.

Before the state-sponsored and self-anticipated death of MLK he told Harry Belafonte that he was afraid that he might have succeeded in integrated African-Americans into a burning house. This clairvoyant reading of the future was informed, on one hand, by spiritualism, but on the other, by the years of the interrogation of the American system through the lenses of various philosophies. King, on balance, saw the America of J. Edgar Hoover, as a militarist, violent, unjust, unholy, imperial, system that was more interested in corporations than natural persons, more interested in war than peace, more interested in the genocide of peoples of color than their social needs, more interested in nuclear weapons than social justice, more interested in White domination that the respect for the peoples of color of the world. King knew well that the violence against Africans in the USA reached levels that surpassed all others in human history. He knew the historiographies of Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey, Gabriel Prosser, Marcus Garvey and many other Black leaders who were destroyed by an American Apartheid state apparatus.

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Requiem for Trayvon Martin

Submitted by Pachamama
USA divided over the court decision to acquit Zimmerman - photo credit: Sky News

USA divided over the court decision to acquit Zimmerman –  Sky News

A black child walking to his father’s home in a gated community of Florida is gunned down with malice and forethought yet an all-white jury finds a murdering Hispanic-Jew not guilty by reason of self defense. This is not the America of the Jim Crow era. It is not the America of the slavery period. It is not the American of the Reconstruction epoch. It is Barack Obama’s America of 2013.

It took a public outcry to even get the racist government of the State of Florida to even charge the assailant in the first place, in what to most observers seemed a clear cut case for the arrest and charging of Zimmerman, police and District Attorney had to be brought under heavy public pressure for charges to be lodged in the first place. Aldon Maddox, of the Trawana Brawley case in New York, correctly predicted seven months ago that Zimmerman would be freed. How could this be? What is the nature of the American judicial system that a great but illegally disbarred attorney could foretell events with precision.

Forgetting the institutionalization of racism in the USA and especially in the Southern States we still have a black population that is yet to enjoy equal (human) rights, not civil. For if you are black in Obama’s American and even being less than 13 percent of the population, Blacks males have a 90% higher chance of being stopped and frisked in America’s major cities. Blacks under 30 are 4 to 5 times more likely to be unemployed in Obama’s America. Blacks have a higher morbidity rate than whites. Blacks suffer disproportionately higher incidence of HBP, diabetes, AIDS etc. The negative socio-economic indicators all point in a similar direction and sometimes include other non-white population segmentations. These indicators have all worsened under Obama.

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DLP OBAMA Comparison Attempt Is Laughable at Best



In recent days as expected we have seen the DLP attempt to draw parallels between Prime Minister Stuart and President Obama’s record which can only be called completely “laughable“.  I must confess that if I lead such an unproductive government I too might try to grab onto President Obama’s record myself.

A primary strategy of the current DLP appears to be the invoking of the record of past DLP prime ministers (to now include US President Obama) in an effort to get the Bajan people to forget how “empty their pockets have become” under the current DLP government.

So let’s look at some facts and comparisons:

Unemployment has steadily risen under Prime Minister Stuart‘s DLP government., while we know the DLP blame “everything” on the global recession, my position is that they have “significantly compounded” our unemployment situation and many other national challenges with overall ineffective leadership, governance and know-how.  They have been totally ineffective at addressing key issues like unemployment, tourist reform and  much needed fiscal reforms.

Here is a “factual comparison” of DLPBLP records which bajans need to honestly and “patriotically” consider in the next election … noting that at the end of the President Obama first term unemployment continues on the decline.

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Are Barbadians Onside With Same Sex Marriage?

Same sex couples queuing to get married

The decision by United States President Barack Obama to throw his support behind same sex marriages must be taken for what it is, a grab for the White middleclass vote. The fact that his loquacious Vice President Joe Biden has gone public in support of same sex marriage would have forced his hand also. The decision was probably not that hard for Obama to make anyway, he admitted in his autobiography to have not been raised in a Christian household and therefore he is not trapped by the dogma of religion when considering the issue of homosexuality and same sex marriage – see Audacity of Hope.

To borrow a term, the world is witnessing the ‘evolution of a belief system’ which sees a growing relativist society treating with the homosexuality and sex marriage as a black or white issue. Pro-advocates of same sex marriage in the USA collapses the argument on the fact that all humans are entitled to equal treatment under the law.

To be expected local pro-advocates of same sex marriages have not wasted any time aligning and promulgating Obama’s view led by Peter Wickham et al. It is note worthy that Wickham fully  leveraged his right to freedom of speech on the talk show last week supported by a fullpage column in today’s press. Perhaps Wickham’s strident advocacy would take on credibility if he were to state publicly if he stands to benefit from Barbados’ acceptance of same sex marriage.

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Political Spin Masters: Barbados Advocate and Nation Unite


By way of an example yesterday I listened to the U.S anticipated Republican nominee Mitt Romney speak to Virginia voters on CNN, in the speech he stated that President Obama has weakened the U.S Navy and cited that the US Navy today has the same “number” of ships as it did in 1917 as why.  Now how in the “HELL” can a logical person compare the U.S Navy’s capabilities in 1917 to that of the U.S Navy in 2012.  One US Aircraft Carrier today carries  5,000 men onboard and enough weaponry to destroy entire nations, just one.  One nuclear submarine has enough weaponry to destroy large chucks of the earth, just one.

This kind of statement I call “Political Spin” and if politics was like Kung-fu folks like Romney would be considered “Shaolin Spin Masters”.  “Spin Masters” bank on the public not fact checking claims as the spin masters distort many realities and truths in favour of political agendas.

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Media, War Propaganda And The ANTI-CHRIST

Submitted by Pachamama

President Barack Obama labelled The Anti-Christ

Today China and Russia vetoed a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution and prevented a possible Third World War scenario. That resolution would have enabled the United States of North America, NATO and a motley group of plutocratic, oligarchic, despotic Persian Gulf Arab regimes (which purport to represent something they call ‘The League of Arab States’ to institute regime change in Syria a la Libya.

To Obama the Arab Awakening has presented an opportunity to institute regime change in countries the USA dislikes in its quest for unquestioned global dominance. The powers are not interested in removing the leaderships of  criminal, undemocratic, client states in Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Jordan, Egypt and Kuwait which otherwise act as gas stations and US military bases. Obama’s regime change military strategy is overtly aimed at Syria, Iran, Venezuela and other countries that defy American foreign policy but the real agenda is to encircle and check China and Russia. This colonial policy has no interest in the human rights of the peoples in countries where the ‘leaders’ dutifully take their orders from Washington. Washington itself may speak about civil rights in glowing terms for its own people but its history suggests a lack of any commitment to human rights, as a more fundamental requirement for the peoples of North American.

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Obama Trumps Donald, The Royal Wedding Gives Thumbs Up To The Institution Of Marriage – Add The Reported Death Of Osama bin Laden

Donald Trump (l) President Obama (r)

Along with all that is happening on the world scene minute to minute  two occurrences stood out for BU last week. There was the Royal Wedding and the challenge by Donald Trump to President Obama to produce his birth certificate to prove he is a bona fide American. The fact that both matters have hogged the media space confirm surely we live in times where news is greatly influenced by its celebrity nature, that is fluff over substance. News reports suggest 12,000 media workers were assigned to cover the royal wedding. Most of the USA Cable Networks gave the Donald Trump Obama birth certificate Obama story top billing this past week.

The UK Telegraph reported that the royal wedding will cost the UK economy the unconscionable sum of £5billion. Bear in mind the UK economy is still in the throes of a severe economic depression. The large expense possibly speaks volumes to the importance the English still regard he monarchy. What else could it be?

After the pomp and ceremony was done at Westminster Abbey on Friday, April 29, what resonated for the BU household was the compulsion to reflect on the institution of marriage between a man and a woman. It is a traditional institution which has seen its diminution in a world where cultural relativism has taken deep root. Perhaps the lesser role now played by the Church in modern day society and the bastardization of the institution of marriage has been a natural consequence. If there is one positive BU hopes prevails out of the royal wedding would be to reinforce the importance the institution of marriage plays in building strong family units.

To the other event:

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Obama Creating History

Submitted by Charles Cadogan

President Barack Obama

January 2, 2009, history was made in the good old “U.S.A”; an African American was sworn in as President. But even before Barack H. Obama became President, he made it clear that if he became president change was not his doing….but it would take each and every one of us in America to create the change we so badly need.

But many people are playing the colour card towards change for African Americans. Change can only come through all of us seeing each other as a person, and not a colour. Respect is first due to self, and many African Americans don’t exercise enough.

We as African Americans need to care more for self and give even more respect to our women and children. How is it possible to love your mother, but disrespect other women? This is something that has to be worked out, and fast. President Obama wants all men to be real men toward their children and women.

I do remember as a young man growing up African Americans took real pride in everything. I remember how men stayed smart from head to toe. Everything had to be just right. I always told myself that I’ll do the same….be presentable at all times. And I have lived up to it, and taught my children to do the same. I have seen many young men today walking around showing their drawers. But this was unheard of when I was growing up. I’ve seen young men looking for jobs not even properly dressed. Then quite a few of them don’t even know how to fill out a job application. This is so very sad to see them going through life this way. Not finishing school and an education, makes getting a real job very difficult. Then to make it even sadder more sad to see so many young girls from age 12 having babies that they are unable to take care of. The funny part of it they mothers or grandmothers raise the child…but before long they go out and have more babies. This is so truly sad seeing so many children being brought into this world and many of them aren’t even loved. President Obama can never change this…only we alone can make the difference that will, and can create change. We all have to be responsible for each other, stop fighting and killing without any good reason, or reasons. Learn how to resolve our differences in a civilize manner.

Know that selling dope to other people’s children isn’t a good thing to do. You are making money through other people’s miseries. You are causing children to go hungry, and some not having a roof over they heads. While many sit around and blame the so call white man, saying he’s the one to blame for bringing the drugs into the country…but we all can make the choice not to accept his offer on the drugs. You call yourself living the good life. Plenty of money, and all what money can buy from the pain and suffering of others. This way of life has to change. Let President Obama be a role model that with an education and setting high standards for yourself…nothing is really out of reach.

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