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Those who have determined that the position ante be returned to are merely requiring of the Palestinians the continuation of dying in silence. Again, the Zionists are killing a high percentage of women and children as war crimes are committed with impunity.

This is a Western imposed silence about the genocide of the Palestinian peoples by an Apartheid regime for seventy-three years since the Nakba, or Catastrophe, of 1948. Genocide binds the regime in Washington to its agents in occupied Palestine.

The illegal Zionist regime could not exist for these many decades, in the middle of the Islamic world, without the sustained support of the United States of America principally, western European countries and others.

Amongst these is Germany – the country which committed all manner of atrocities against the Jewish peoples, and others, during World War Two. One dark day has long been replaced by another, this time in Palestine, as the historic suffering of Jews is imposed on Palestinians, though with less directness.

Successive German governments, after World War Two, have bent over backwards to appease the Zionist state with the widest range of support. Even to the extent of suborning a second genocide against the Palestinians in what Human Rights Watch (HRW) and the Jewish human rights organization B’Tselem of Israel have both independently deemed to be an Apartheid state.

Since the 1990s Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and other icons of the former South African Apartheid state have long told us what HRW and B’Tselem have only recently seemed to have discovered. Only the Zionists have this unique ability to bemuse us into such cognitive dissonance.

The Palestinians have determined, across all factions, whether in the 1948 territories (now euphemistically called Israel); in the cantons of the West Bank; within the refugee camps in several neighboring countries; or in the largest outdoor prison camp on earth – Gaza, that this is a struggle which must be won. Whether Hamas, Fatah or Islamic Jihad it is generally felt that there is no choice but to seek liberation by deploying all necessary forms of resistance. We urge all Islamic countries to rally to their side.

For the Palestinians, and their supporters, the nebulous language well-rehearsed and coming from Western capitals is irrelevant. For us this is not a conflict which requires protestations from the usual suspects and the associated self-serving demands that hostilities must end, well-timed to give the Zionists adequate opportunities to ‘mow the grass’ (meaning killing Palestinians in their thousands) to dampen the resistance, as ever growing. The United States has thrice blocked UNSC resolutions in the past week, following a highly predictable pattern.

It’s not the time to issue staid edits that the occupier has some right to defend itself. Bullshit!

For in international law an occupying power has no rights at all, only responsibilities. This is the legal framework developed and led by the United States itself after World Wars One & Two but for over more than fifty (50) years America feints ignorance about the laws of war which were brought into being with it as the principal interlocker.

Blinken, as Secretary of State, knows full well that the Oslo Accords promising the Palestinians a Two-State solution has been long dead. Certainly, Blinken cannot believe that that misguidance of a deal, as given to Yasser Arafat thirty (30) years ago, could have any resonance with Palestinians today, not after Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ gave everything to Israel, breaking international law and leaving nothing for the Palestinians to even consider. Trump and Netanyahu, the Zionists-fascists and the Christian-Zionists have sown the wind. Now is the time to reap the Whirlwind.

Only the settler occupation regime in Palestine, serving as America’s cat’s paw in Western Asia, enjoys carte blanche to violate any and all international laws with such impunity. Even its own racist domestic laws are no refuge for Palestinians living in Sheikh Jarrah since the 1967 war. Families who were dispossessed once must be again, as a function of Zionist ambitions, constant expansionism.

Could you imagine any world leader, except Netanyahu, sending an army to raid the third most holy place in Christendom? Far less using smoke bombs and deploying incendiary devices as Christians prayed on Easter Sunday. Far from attracting condemnation from the United Nations Security Council as a lawful captive of American and Western imperialism it would have been casus belli for war.

All of this is happening at a time when the Zionist state is coming under a continuing existential threats. The Boycott and Divestment Movement has shone a bright light on its criminal nature. It remains deeply concerned about what it calls a ‘demographic threat’, not unlike the far-right in the United States of America.

In response, Zionist forces in many governments have acted in unison to delegitimize the censorship of Israel by the international community. Jeremy Corbyn was called an anti-Semite and was run out of the British Labour Party for failing to bow low enough to Pax-Judaica.

There are many others falling prey to the Zionist thought police. In academia, there is the illogical ‘understanding’ which erects an artificial distinction, without any real difference, between the meanings of Jew and Zionist. While the academy tries to maintain this flimsiest of excuses Palestinians are being subjected to a long-winded genocide while academicians irreligiously avoid being labelled an anti-Semite. All this nonsense while Palestinians are, in reality, more Semitic than any other people

Given these circumstances, it is but right to resist the occupation regime in Palestine. That resistance must endure until all the displaced Palestinians in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Gaza, the West Bank and elsewhere are restored to that which was illegally taken from them in an act of war during 1948, 1967, 1971 and all other displacements since. International law makes it wholly illegal to acquire territory through wars of aggression like the Zionists have, supported by Britain and America.

Benjamin Netanyahu – The End of the Zionist Project

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Benjamin Netanyahu  snubs President Obama

Benjamin Netanyahu snubs President Obama

This week’s unwelcome visit to Washington by Benjamin Netanyahu is the latest manifestation of deep-seated differences between the Obama administration and an Israeli government driven further and further to the right, at home, but more and more popular within the ranks of the love-hating, dispensationalists, WASP, Republican led, United States Senate and House of Representatives. These are occupied Israeli territories in the place called North America!

Nobody who has any sense, in the ‘international community’, likes Netanyahu. Whether it is Obama telling former French president Sarkozy, into a hot mic, that he did not like him. Or Obama himself complaining that he had to deal with him every day. Or the Europeans, countries like Switzerland, distancing themselves from the Zionist regime over settlement expansion while recognizing the Palestinian Authority, as a legitimate government, in international fora. Indications of how distasteful this maniac is.

To the Zionist tyrants, in Washington, it would not matter that there is an election in Israel around the 17th, of March 2015. It does not matter that in relations between states there is a tendency to avoid internal politics, showing a preference for one candidate over the others in an election period is generally a no-no. Inviting the leader of a political party and giving him a global platform is unheard of amongst decent people. But the stakes are high, so there is no time for the niceties of international relations. Netanyahu and Israel have been conning the world with the specter of the failure of that entity.  This time he may well have a point but the people of the world are no longer in love with the Zionist project and are ready to dis them. Only people like the money grabbing, election contribution greedy, pimps in Washington can be made an audience of. God is not on their side either, if He ever were.

That Netanyahu could be allowed to violate the most sacred protocols of diplomacy tells us, on the one hand, that the Christian Zionists amongst their ranks see it as the work of their dying god to side with Israel, whether right or wrong. On the other hand, that they see Obama as too impotent to cut off the legs of the Netanyahu government in the way political killers like Bill and Hilary Clinton would have. Even the Bushes! Netanyahu may be mad, but he ain’t foolish.

After-all they have carefully watched Obama for nearly seven years. They have him well measured. They are certain that his handling of this embarrassment will be no different than his red lines drawn to President Assad, of Syria. They have watched his avoidance of war in Ukraine. They will see him as a ‘sneaky fellow’ who likes low impact guerrilla wars using drones, terrorists and mercenaries. But when it comes to frontal aggression, he lacks the will, ability. That is how they think! In short, they see him as a toothless tiger. We are betting that the next purchased American president of a puppet will be an ignorant, gun toting, armchair war hawk, who will again, have to be brought to heel by some country in the South. Moreover, the Lobby (AIPAC) believes that Netanyahu has a more powerful economic-political base within the United States than Obama. Indeed, they may even want to further inspire the kind of chaos theory, within the United States, that Obama has allowed the rest of the world to degenerate into.
In short, we have a tail waging a dog! A dog that can bark, but has no bite!

What has AIPAC and the Zionists, of all stripes, so exercised, is the expectation that Obama will do a Nixon to China, this time with the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) over the nuclear issue and other interests. Iran has vast resources and some corporate interests can’t wait to do deals with the Iranians and are waiting for the lifting of sanctions, especially the Europeans.

Other forces have been milking the lie that the Iranian nuclear program has military dimensions, for nearly 25 years. A nuclear program started by the Americans with a then reluctant Shah, before the 1979 Islamic Revolution. It is Netanyahu, himself, who has been arguing all this time that the Iranians will have a nuclear weapon in less than a year, in less than six months. Twenty five years hence, he’s selling the same snake oil. Some forces are tired of this ignorance.

They have even gone to extreme measures to politicize the peaceful Iranian nuclear program, and to demonize the Iranians wherever they could. It is this Zionist lobby that has brought the world to imposing illegal and immoral sanctions against the Iranian nation, employing all aspects of state power. Their demonization of Iran extends beyond the nuclear file. It extends to the AMIA bombing in Argentina in the early 1990’s. A false flag operation to create conditions for war. These same Christian-Zionist forces are currently trying to prevent a proper investigation as agreed between the Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner government and the Islamic Republic. An investigation which is likely to reveal Israeli hands behind the killing of more than eighty Argentinian Jews. All of this to create the circumstances for a Western led war against the Iranian people.

America has always acted to destroy the perceived enemies of Israel.

The Zionist lobby and their Mossad, most times in cahoots with the intelligence agencies of the United States, tried to sabotage Iranian nuclear facilities with the Stuxnet virus, a few years ago. They plotted with Jundallah, an Iranian, anti-revolutionary group, to hand over fictitious nuclear engineering  documents on an alleged Iranian computer to the IAEA as evidence of weaponization. These are the same people who have created the confusion in the Middle East. Have destroyed Libya, Syria and Iraq. Partitioned Sudan. Invaded its neighbors and fought countless wars of aggression to make flesh of the greater Israel project. All done on the backs of the American tax payers. All in the name of a rapacious Christian-Zionism.

But Netanyahu maybe an evil man, but he is no fool. He can see the writing is on the wall. His Zionist state has been defeated in wars by Iran or its allies no less than six times. The specter of Israel as a military power has long changed. They cannot win against Hezbollah or Hamas. It was Hezbollah,  almost entirely supported by Iran, which ran them out of Lebanon in 2000 and again defeated them in the July 2006 war. Netanyahu is a former military man and he must reason if his country cannot defeat a small guerrilla group, then is it impossible to even dream of defeating the Islamic Republic? Their only option was to get the ignorant Americans to die for Israel, again. Obama is saying ‘no’ like he means it.

Our sources in Washington are telling us that Obama told Netanyahu that if he thought he could ensnare America into another war by attacking Iranian nuclear facilities that he (Obama) would shoot down the Israeli military jets. For the Iranians see no difference between an Israeli aggression on their territory and an American attack. The Iranians have promised to put the Middle East on fire and all of American interests. It is a Dark Ages phenomenon. And they have the means by which to do.

How contradictory is life? We have a man, Netanyahu, coming to the United States to abuse the Obama administration. A man who is wanted by the same American authorities, for questioning, for the thief of over 800 triggering devices for nuclear weapons. Devices to support an illegal Israeli military nuclear program as given to them by the Americans and the British. A program President Kennedy, the last genuine American president, was against. A program never inspected by the IAEA. A program which has up to 400 nuclear warhead. In a country which has a military doctrine called the ‘Sampson Option.’ They are saying to us, that if the state of Israel cannot continue in its wicked ways, they are prepared to destroy the whole world. There are no sanctions against them but a country (Iran) which has no nuclear weapons has several sets of sanctions. A country whose highest authority has fore-sworn nuclear weapons. A country which has issued a Fatwa against the military application of nuclear technology, has had crippling sanction for a decade or more.

The Iranians and their allies are the only genuine opponents to the Zionist projects. This is why Netanyahu wants Obama to destroy their enemies. They are too weak to themselves cast a dirty look at the Iranians. But the Iranians and their allies are not afraid of the Great Satan either. In fact, the Great Satan is afraid of the Iranians. You can’t beat them militarily so you try to defeat them through ‘negotiations’, same as for the Cuban Revolution. Through diplomacy. By drawing them into your economic sphere of influence. But they are yet to learn their own history. Then the history of the Persians. Not that bullshit about 300 Spartans!

Nobody anywhere is afraid of Israel anymore. They have long lost their perceived invincibility. Their patina of being divinely inspired has long gone. As this Zionist project is being ‘wiped from the pages of time’ we are to expect more and more reckless attempts to maintain itself. We should expect that Al-Aqsa Mosque is to be destroyed, as present attempts are galloping, at pace. We know the ignorant Christians will say, ‘for the second coming’. We say the only second coming associated with these people will be another Holocaust, this time in the very United States of American, that modern Jerusalem

Caribbean Against Apartheid to Observe 67th Anniversary of United Nations Resolution to Partition Palestine

Submitted by Caribbean Against Apartheid (CAAP)



On Saturday 29th November 2014 the Barbados based group “Caribbean Against Apartheid in Palestine” [CAAP] will be observing the sixty-seventh anniversary of the United Nations resolution to partition Palestine between its residents who had lived there for countless centuries, and recently arrived Zionists from Europe, with the majority of the land going to the minority recently arrived Zionists.

In an exclusive comment, CAAP Secretary, Attorney-at-law Mr. Lalu Hanuman, said: “This despicable and racist resolution has directly led to contemporary global security and civil liberty concerns, from chaos in the Middle East, to 9/11, to increased Airport Security, to erosion of our basic civil liberties, to ISIS today. We are all victims of this insidious United Nations’ resolution, but the biggest victims are the Palestinian People who have had their land stolen from underneath their feet, and who have had to live for generations in squalid refugee camps, or under Zionist military occupation, while the Zionists have been subsidised with huge annual financial and military Western grants.

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