Trinidad’s, Guyana’s and Suriname’s current relations with Venezuela

Submitted by Dr Kumar Mahabir

In March last year, Trinidad and Tobago’s (T&T’s) relation with Venezuela shot into the spotlight. It was sparked by a secretive and suspicious meeting by Venezuela’s Vice President Delcy Rodriguez with Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley. Another controversy was sparked by the fuel shipment from T&T’s Paria Fuel Trading Company to Aruba, which was then surprisingly sent to Venezuela.

In Guyana, Venezuela is claiming the Essequibo region and most of the country’s maritime space. This dispute was taken to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in 2018, with Venezuela arguing that that the ICJ does not have jurisdiction to rule on the matter.

And where does neighbouring Suriname stand in these disputes? Remember that the former Bouterse government had close ties with Venezuela. What will be the new Santokhi government’s approach in this changing geopolitical landscape?

The following are HIGHLIGHTS of a ZOOM public meeting held recently (24/01/2021) on the
topic “Trinidad’s Guyana’s and Suriname’s current relations with Venezuela.” The Pan-
Caribbean meeting was chaired by Sharlene Maharaj and moderated by Bindu Deokinath
Maharaj, both women of Trinidad.

The Speakers were SENATOR ANIL ROBERTS from Trinidad, a former Minister of Sport and
Youth affairs, now opposition senator; PROFESSOR DANIEL GIBRAN from Guyana,
Professor Emeritus of International Security Studies at Tennessee State University in the USA;
and ANGELIQUE ALI HUSSAIN DEL CASTILLO from Suriname, a former Ambassador to
Indonesia and Chair of the Democratic Alternative91 (DA’91) party.

SENATOR ROBERTS from Trinidad said:
“Trinidad and Tobago has become an ‘enabler’ to the illegitimate Venezuelan government
because of the actions of the People’s National Movement’s (PNM) government and Prime
Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s relationship and fraternization with President Nicholas Maduro.
The T&T government was caught allowing Delcy Rodriguez – the vice president of Venezuela –
to enter the country under the pandemic-lockdown. Her immigration papers were signed by the
Minister of National Security, Stuart Young.

Meanwhile, thousands of Trinidadian citizens were locked out of their homeland, suffering,
starving and sleeping in subways with no access to food, clothes and medication. They were kept
out by a regime similar to that of Maduro’s. Rowley and Young have been following Maduro’s
policies and turning T&T into an undemocratic State.”

DR GIBRAN from Guyana said:

“The current and continuing impasse between Guyana and Venezuela over ownership of a
sizeable piece of disputed real estate is traceable to two strategic blunders: one by the British
Government in 1966, and the other by Forbes Burnham also in 1966. Both blunders were
incubated within the larger geopolitical and geostrategic context of the Cold War. And both were

Today, Guyana is facing an existential territorial threat that is at the heart of its existence, a
threat that will not simply disappear into thin air by the waving of a magic wand. In short,
Guyana’s security, the security of the State in the context of its physical space, is threatened by
an unstable, belligerent neighbor that claims two-thirds of its territory. This sharp and heavy
sword of Damocles continues to hang over Guyana.

Venezuela’s claim to the Zona de Reclamation is not simply Maduro’s claim and boisterous
fulminations. It resides in the soul of every Venezuelan citizen. It is a national feeling; unlike
anything we have seen demonstrated in Guyana.

Two strategic blunders – both committed in the same year – have burdened Guyana and stymied
its path to economic development. The Ali-Jagdeo Government is well-placed to strengthen its
relationship with the United States. In doing so, it would also allow the US to unhook itself from
a Venezuela that it once strongly supported, especially during the Cold War.

Today, Washington DC is eager, ready and willing to support and defend Guyana. And the
current governments on both sides of the Atlantic are ready to do business.”

ALI HUSSAIN-DEL CASTILLO from Suriname said:
“In October 2020 when there was an almost universal call for free and fair elections, the
Santokhi coalition party, in its political campaign, had promised that its position towards
Venezuela would be drastically changed.

DA’91 – the political party that I chair – has over the years made many calls to the government
and parliament of Suriname, as well as to the representatives of Venezuela in Suriname, to
condemn and leave the path of destruction and the violation of human rights.

It fell on deaf ears. In recent developments regarding the border issue between Venezuela and
Guyana, Suriname supported Guyana. However, the questions are: Does Suriname support
Guyana’s claim on its land or does Suriname support Guyana’s position that the International
Court of Justice (ICJ) has jurisdiction on the issue?

This is especially important since Suriname still has an important border issue to settle with
Guyana. The expectation of President Santokhi that standing with Guyana will not have any
consequences on its relationship with Venezuela, remains to be seen.”

It Can’t Happen In Barbados, No Sir, I Tell You That Can’t Happen Here

Submitted by John Farmer

Dr. Anthony 'Gabby' Carter popularized Jack - at cyan happen here in this country

Dr. Anthony ‘Gabby’ Carter popularized Jack – ‘‘dat cyan happen here in this country”

How many times have I heard those words spoken? Then the person who I have been speaking with goes on to qualify his/her statement. “Here in Barbados, we have one of the highest literacy rates in the world. We have the third oldest parliamentary system in the Commonwealth with a democratic governmental system almost four hundred years old. Also Barbados has a good education system plus a good Justice system. It is impossible for that to happen here!” Have you not heard these words spoken before?

I heard these same words uttered by Venezuelans just 15 years ago. At that time their democratic form of government was the longest surviving democracy in South America, a mere forty years of existence, but still the longest lasting democracy at that time in South America. Their primary and secondary education was good and they had many excellent Universities, with Simon Bolivar University rated one of the four top universities in the whole of South America. All education was free and on a scale of meritocracy the top students were selected by the top Universities, but they could apply to any university of their choice.

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Open Letter to Vivian-Anne Gittens and the Nation Newspaper ABOUT Venezuela


Vivian Anne Gittens: Publisher of the Nation Newspaper

Vivian Anne Gittens: Publisher of the Nation Newspaper

Dear Ms Gittens,

Approximately one week ago, you and your Nation Newspaper facilitated the staging of a Conference at the Hilton Hotel in Barbados by the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) — a United States of America dominated association of media corporations and media owners. And as was to be expected, the IAPA utilized its Barbados-based conference to unleash a negative propaganda attack against the democratically elected socialist Government of Venezuela — the administration of President Nicholas Maduro.

Furthermore, in the aftermath of the said Conference, the Nation Newspaper has published a number of articles and at least one editorial that have promoted the views and opinions of a group of right-wing Barbados-based critics of the Venezuelan government, and that have also attacked the efforts made by the Friends of Venezuela Solidarity Committee of Barbados to give principled solidarity and support to the Government and people of Venezuela.

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Shame On You Venezuelan Ambassador!

Submitted by Gabriel Varvaro

Venezuelan Ambassador to Barbados Jose Gomez Febres

Venezuelan Ambassador to Barbados Jose Gomez Febres

Just read the interview by Barbados Today with the Venezuelan Ambassador … what a shower of old left wing garbage that was. I made some pertinent comments as I was left outrage by this but it seems like Barbados Today did not find them adequate for their news outlet.

My comments on the article:

Unfortunately the Ambassador (who by the way doesn’t even speak English and is not a career diplomat) is telling the same big set of lies that leftish cleptocrats continue to tell inside and outside Venezuela. Venezuela has had an unprecedented oil revenue during the Chavez administration, in the region of US$120 BILLION and it only takes someone to have a look around its cities, highways, hospitals and fields to realise that the money has evaporated. Not only has earned a lot more than the previous 40 years of democratic governments but it has also TRIPLED the foreign debt by numerous loans from China and Russia to buy from TVs and washing machines to AK47 and Sukoi planes.

This same regime, the one that named the Ambassador can be clearly defined as CLEPTOCRACY, in which all it matters to its officials is to steal the country’s revenue and firmly grip to power in order to continue the robbery.

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Pertinent Questions About the Venezuelan Political and Economic Situation

Submitted by John E. Farmer

What about PetroCaribe?

What about PetroCaribe?

WHY does President Maduro keep demonizing the USA in every speech he makes? Also, why, like Chavez did, does he blame USA for Venezuela’s problems? Is it not true that IN 2013 USA purchased an average of 792,000 BARRELS of OIL PER DAY from Venezuela which is more than a third of Venezuela’s daily oil production? Is it not true that Venezuela owns refineries in the USA as well as 14,000 petrol stations under the name of CITGO? So where does Venezuela’s revenue come from? Yes, it comes from the good old USA, approximately 80 million dollars a day – not a bad pay cheque, eh?

Why, last week, did Maduro plead with the USA public not to let the government put sanctions on Venezuela? Very simple answer to that one, the already catastrophically weak Venezuelan economy would completely implode. Secondly, it is rumoured and not too difficult to certify that many of the Regime’s high echelon and Military upper crust own businesses, mansions and bank accounts in USA, Can you imagine if the USA applied sanctions and froze these accounts. What would happen if the regime suddenly had to run! The situation is looking a little dicey right now, isn’t it? Wasn’t Maduro two months back threatening the USA? Now he is pleading with them ‘please.’

What about PetroCaribe? Was this a gift offered to the West Indian Islands of the Caribbean or a guise? Could it perhaps be another way to infiltrate into the economy and geopolitical environment of another sovereign country?

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The Unfolding Venezuelan Tragedy

Submitted by John E. Farmer

David Comissiong - “Mr. Comissiong, have you ever lived in Venezuela?”

David Comissiong

“Mr. Comissiong, have you ever lived in Venezuela?”

On Sunday night 16th March 2014 I watched a program on CBC Television (The Peoples Business) in which the interviewer (Maureen Holder) was having a discussion with a representative of the Venezuelan Embassy in Barbados and Mr. David Comissiong. The subject was concerning the present situation of protests taking place in Venezuela against the Venezuelan Government and their President, Nicolas Maduro. Before I go any further I must ask this question: Mr. Comissiong, have you ever lived in Venezuela? For you certainly did not seem to have any idea of the actual situation at present that is taking place in Venezuela and you appeared to be stating facts that you had either read, rather than experienced, or restating information supplied to you by the Chavez Revolution, which is socialist Communist rhetoric.

Mr. Comissiong, you implied that the Venezuelan opposition protestors in the streets were from the very rich families –Extremely Rich – I think you said, who did not wish to give up their affluent life style, and this is why they were opposing the present Maduro Government and the Chavez revolution which was for the people. Mr. Comissiong, I would like you to know that the people marching in the streets of Venezuela who are against the Maduro Regime and the previous Chavez Regime are from the rich, the middle class and from the poor. Or, do you believe that the four million people (49.07%) who voted against Maduro are all rich? These people are fed up with a dictatorial oppressive regime which rules by the Gun! No democratic government goes shooting and gassing peaceful protesters – putting them in prison- beating them up until they are black and blue and purple all over their bodies – many of whom remain in prison just because they don’t agree with the Chavez or Maduro regimes. These people are marching and here is why:-

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Venezuela: Reality Check

Submitted by the good and bad

David Comissiong

David Comissiong

Today in the Nation newspaper there is a photo and caption concerning the situation in Venezuela…With the likes of David Comissiong and other left leaning individuals fully backing a worldwide known government that has so totally failed a once prosperous and potential country, that it is now used in major Universities all over the world as a model of failure.

I hardly think Comissiong is really aware of what is happening in Venezuela…its so easy to lay back totally removed from reality and spout garbage that sounds good, which helps to elevate his status and make for more conversation when he attends cocktail functions.

I know because I have family there who tell me the truth about nothing on supermarket shelves for days…items that were once all Venezuelan made now being imported, a crime rate that would make wars a walk in the park, a total disregard of freedom of speech, false accusations and imprisonment…etc.

Mr.Comissiong you are a true coward who hides behind words and manipulation for your own self-fulfilment and agenda

Media, War Propaganda And The ANTI-CHRIST

Submitted by Pachamama

President Barack Obama labelled The Anti-Christ

Today China and Russia vetoed a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution and prevented a possible Third World War scenario. That resolution would have enabled the United States of North America, NATO and a motley group of plutocratic, oligarchic, despotic Persian Gulf Arab regimes (which purport to represent something they call ‘The League of Arab States’ to institute regime change in Syria a la Libya.

To Obama the Arab Awakening has presented an opportunity to institute regime change in countries the USA dislikes in its quest for unquestioned global dominance. The powers are not interested in removing the leaderships of  criminal, undemocratic, client states in Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Jordan, Egypt and Kuwait which otherwise act as gas stations and US military bases. Obama’s regime change military strategy is overtly aimed at Syria, Iran, Venezuela and other countries that defy American foreign policy but the real agenda is to encircle and check China and Russia. This colonial policy has no interest in the human rights of the peoples in countries where the ‘leaders’ dutifully take their orders from Washington. Washington itself may speak about civil rights in glowing terms for its own people but its history suggests a lack of any commitment to human rights, as a more fundamental requirement for the peoples of North American.

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