The Blatant Disrespect and Abuse of the Barbados Supreme Court

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Peter Harris

Some years ago there was a case that Henry Forde, QC and other attorneys represented their clients who are service providers on the island, Carter’s General Store was one and there were many other contractors, plumbers, electrical engineers etc.

The name of the property they built  and provided millions of dollars worth of services and supplies for is called Sandy Lane Falls, located in St. James, the owner of this property Peter Harris, refused to pay these service providers their money, this is a matter of public record, they all sued him to recoup their million dollar losses.

The matter was set down before the Supreme Court, but what  Harris did next was pure disrespect and evil and can be confirmed by others, he incorporated a shadow company, a separate company, his company, unknown to the Court or the Plaintiffs, as the First Claimant to the action, to be paid first upon a Judgement,, which means the real parties to the court action, although they too received a Judgement, never received a dime.

Fast forward to 2017 and he is at it again, because that first scam worked so well against the Supreme Court, against the Judges and all the Plaintiffs, he has now set up other shadow companies, secretly sold CGI Towers to Scotia Bank, who by the way have finally put up their Scotia Bank logo on one side of the building, but this time it’s to avoid paying any claims in personal injury cases, the scam against the Supreme Court, the Judges and injured claimants is bigger and there is much more at stake.

And then this happened recently:

Legal standards have fallen to an all time low at the Supreme Court, the bar is now set extremely low for lawyers who should not be lawyers, we have spoken about that on here ad nauseum in the last 4 or 5 years, it has only gotten worse, will only get worse, if there is no intervention.

It’s time for the useless attorney general to actually do some work and help the chief justice and judges, who can be seen as trying their best, to reel in these unethical law firms, their well known unethical owners and their  unethical junior lawyers who work for unethical  insurance companies, did someone say CGI Insurance, then they will be correct….and who continue to be destructive to the court system, showing blatant disrespect to the judges and injured people.

I understand that this law firm, it’s owner, it’s junior attorney and the insurance company, that I always complain about incessantly, which will be named at a later date again and will continue to be named until the corrupt, blackmailed government ministers and politicians do something about them…….and the lastest disrespect to the Supreme Court, the Judges and injured Claimants is making the rounds  in legal circles from extremely reliable sources that  they,  this month,  all concocted this cockamamie  scheme to not prepare for a personal injury trial and  lied to the judge and the court, in a bid to maliciously and unnecessarily prolong the personal injury case, in  a continuous years old bid to delay the outcome.

Apparently the judge did not think it funny or cute, was not amused and awarded the claimant costs to the attorneys in the amount of $4,000 for the waste of their time…not bad for a couple hours work that they did not have to do and I will hazard a guess that VAT will be included.

Good for that Judge.

Many plaintiff attorneys are complaining that defense attorneys who work for insurance companies are refusing to prepare for trials in an attempt to subvert the cases, to facilitate the insurance companies intent to not pay compensation to injured claimants.

In my opinion,  the attorney general can do much better than that by helping the  CJ raise that penalty to 15 or 20,000 dollars and it will beccome a definite deterrent for unethical law firms, their unethical  owners, unethical  junior attorneys and unethical insurance companies and their owners,  they will no longer feel the need to maliciously torture and  suffer injured clainants by viciously prolonging the cases, just because they have been getting  away with it for years, through the  David Simmons legacy of  selling out the supreme court to the same insurance company.

The same insurance company that,  because of his involvement with the despicable and morally bankrupt owner, I am told, Simmons lost his place on the CCJ because of his destructive and toxic relationship with the Harrises……… “despite Simmons being one of the brilliant architects of the CCJ.”…….were the exact words used.

He ruined that excellent chance to leave a lasting legacy and lost Barbados’ seat on the CCJ to run with these two indian beasts who are hellbent on destroying the lives of Bajans.

It is a good thing the CCJ holds itself to an extremely higher standard or Simmons and his toxic relationship, were they allowed on the CCJs bench, would have compromised every case sent to the CCJ from Barbados.

Immoral, unethical actions carry dire consequences..

Raising the tort will set a frightening  precedent for those who continue to engage in the evil practice of compromising the supreme court to protect their greed, for financial gain. They would all be too afraid to have to pay a 15 or 20 thousand dollar penalty for wasting the Court’s time.

I keep warning these politicians, government ministers and others who are currently being blackmailed by the Harrises to do something about them, time is running out.

In the Public Interest – A Musing Directed at Editor-in-Chief of the nation Newspaper Roy Morris

Roy Morris, Editor-in-Chief, Nation Newspaper

Roy Morris, Editor-in-Chief, Nation Newspaper

It would be a worthwhile exercise in determining how and why the Nation Publishing Group of Companies reported that the money was repaid? Was this primarily intended to embarrass and compromise Dr. Grant? We already know why Barbados Today will not be motivated to be prolix about the outcome of the case – Peter Harris and Sandy Crest Medical Centre Forced to Drop Charges Against the GrantsBarbados Underground

In his weekly column Editor in Chief of the Nation newspaper Roy Morris responded to a BU blog that was posted on the 12 July 2016 (see above) and widely shared on Facebook.  In that blog BU asserted that it was never declared during the Court Session that the 1/2 million dollars purported to have been stolen from Sandy Crest  by the Grants was repaid. It therefore continues to bother BU – a proud card carrying member of the non traditional media –  how was the Nation newspaper able to report the following:

When the matters came up for a final time last June 23, with a representative from the medical centre present, the Court heard that the money had been paid back. Magistrate Douglas Frederick then dismissed the charges.

After reading Morris’ long winded effort in his weekly column In the Public Interest the BU household is none the wiser about how the Nation newspaper was able to publish that the money was repaid. We are also intrigued by Morris’s explanation that the young Nation court reporter Tameisha Sobers followed up with officials of the court some time after June 23, 2016 when the case was heard to complete the less than 120 word story. Who are these officials of the court Mr. Morris?

We now turn our attention to the Deed of Release quoted by Roy Morris in his column to pose some questions about the case. BU is surprised Morris, an experienced journalist, would not have quoted from an interview with Dr. Malcolm Grant to clarify his concerns.

It is interesting to observe how you lot in the traditional media are able to hide behind the cloak of anonymous sources to support stories. More interesting was Roy Morris publishing from a document received by Barbados Underground on the 13 July 2016 that was incomplete even to the untrained legal eye. The story gets more interesting for BU when the Editor in Chief of the Nation newspaper AND former Editor in Chief of the Peter Harris newspaper Barbados Today includes the following in his article:

“drawn and prepared” by a most competent Queen’s Counsel by the name of Leslie Haynes.’’

For those who are unaware, Leslie Haynes is the lawyer who acted on behalf of the Peter Harris controlled Sandy Crest Medical Centre and who delivered the last words to Magistrate Douglas Frederick in open court that his client did not intend to pursue the matter against the Grants. Again, BU expresses curiosity as to how the Nation newspaper was able to secure what was listed in the Deed of Release.

There is no need to be prolix Editor in Chief Roy Morris, we know that you know where we are coming from.

Your move!

Peter Harris and Sandy Crest Medical Centre Forced to Drop Charges Against the Grants

GrantsnippetOn July 8, 2016, a Court decision made on June 23, 2016, some 15 days earlier, commanded less than 120 words on the Court pages of the Nation newspaper and barely a few seconds on the Voice of Barbados. In April 2012 the same Court matter was trumpeted far and wide by the Nation newspaper, Voice of Barbados and Barbados Today. The paucity of and delay in coverage regarding the dismissal of all charges against the Grants, has attracted the attention of Barbados Underground.

When it was first reported in April 2012 that medical doctor Malcolm Grant and his wife were charged with stealing 1/2 million dollars from Sandy Crest Medical Centre, BU’s immediate reaction was NO WAY! For those who do not know, Dr. Grant and his late wife solely established the parent company of Sandy Crest Medical Centre in October 2003, before inviting others, including Dr. Brian Charles, to participate in its ownership.

In the less than 120 words, the Nation newspaper editors committed to the story on July 8 (captured above) it caused alarm bells to go off in the BU household. The penultimate paragraph of the report states:-

When the matters came up for a final time last June 23, with a representative from the medical centre present, the Court heard that the money had been paid back. Magistrate Douglas Frederick then dismissed the charges.”

The traditional media, formally labelled the fourth estate, plays a very important role in sustaining an orderly society. Any sign that the traditional media has been compromised in its mandate must be prioritized by Barbadians. BU is satisfied the local media is compromised. We have seen the local media surrender to the advertiser and the political ruling class. For those who doubt BU check the CBC TV archives to view an interview with former president Emanuel Joseph of the now defunct Barbados Association Journalists. Coincidentally, Joseph is a reporter at the Peter Harris controlled Barbados Today.

If a member of the BU household was not following the Grant case closely, the less than 120 word report by the Nation newspaper and 10 second Voice of Barbados newscast would have passed unnoticed. Dr. Grant did not pay back money to Peter Harris and Sandy Crest, the case was dropped, end of story. It would be a worthwhile exercise in determining how and why the Nation Publishing Group of Companies reported that the money was repaid? Was this primarily intended to embarrass and compromise Dr. Grant? We already know why Barbados Today will not be motivated to be prolix about the outcome of the case.

A Business Ethos of Deception…the money grab

Many years ago some questions were asked about the circumstances which led to the award of an insurance contract by the Transport Board (TB) to CGI Insurance. Although the questions were put to former Minister of Transport Rommel Marshall at the time, he or the government he represented never felt compelled to answer the taxpayers truthfully. Neither the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) or the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) have been transparent over the years about how the taxpayers business is being managed.

In Barbados as is the case in small countries where relationships run deep, it should come as no surprise that business deals and decisions are greatly influenced by ‘informal’ considerations. The fact that successive governments have resisted implementing transparency laws assures that the practice of delivering ‘favours’ has become embedded in our business ethos. This is a reality in both the public and private sectors.

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What Manner of Men Are Peter and Thomas Harris?

Barbadians who know the Grant family were shocked to learn in April of 2012 that they were charged with the theft of over $1/2 million dollars. The alleged criminal act is reported to have taken place at the Sandy Crest Medical Centre in St. James.  Bail was posted at $250,000.00 for each of the accused, with two sureties. Regrettably Carole-Anne Grant, the matriarch, has since passed no doubt as a result of the tremendous stress the matter had placed on her health.

And why was BU shocked? The conceptualization of Sandy Crest was entirely done by Dr. Malcolm Grant in 2003. The Grants – husband and wife team – later approached Dr. Brian Charles and as they say the rest is history. After several years of a happy partnership both the business and social relationship soured.

The alleged facts of the case are as follows:

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Barbados Money Class Attracted To Private Healthcare Delivery

Peter Harris

The directors of Warren Healthcare Complex were ‘commended’ by Minister of Health Donville Inniss at its launch earlier this year. In his address he was quoted: “…the state cannot provide all services to all residents and hence it is my considered opinion that we must encourage the private sector to provide services which may or may not be provided in the public sector…”. The report details the players who formed the partnership to make the Warren Healthcare Complex a reality. Although it is not mentioned in the report quoted, BU understands that Peter Harris, one of the principals of CGI – is Chairman of the recently opened Warrens medical facility. The truth be told BU welcomes entrepreneurship wherever it rears it head but we have to be vigilant!

BU has been keeping an eye on how ownership of the private healthcare sector in Barbados has been taking form. Not many Barbadians are aware that then Minister of Health Jerome Walcott bought a 20% stake in Diagnostic Radiology, a company owned by the emerging deep pocket Peter Harris. Of course Walcott has a ‘front man’ who sits on the Board of Directors to represent his interest! Peter Harris we understand owns Diagnostic Radiology Inc; Teleradiology Inc; Emergency Room Inc; MRI Services Inc all key players in the healthcare sector.

To date BU has not been able to uncover any evidence which gives Minister Inniss beneficial ownership in any of the private healthcare facilities in Barbados. This includes The Sparman Clinic. What we have become a little uncomfortable about is the  high number of government radiology requests which originate from the QEH and polyclinics which find their way into the private healthcare system.  BU readers should recall Dr. Richard Ismael’s concern about Dr. Alfred Sparman allegedly being  allowed to poach patients from the QEH. As citizens we have to begin to connect the dots. We are suppose to be an educated people.

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