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The George Brathwaite Column – Ethics and Morality

James Madison, one of the founding fathers shaping the American Constitution, asserted that: “If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.” From the outset, ethical behaviour is social and constituted through norms and standards of behaviour that are generated as partial responses to

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Miss Galaxy 2011 Show Featuring Transvestites, Crossdressers To Be Staged At The Plantation Garden Theatre

In March 2010 BU took the position against allowing Movado And Vybz Kartel to participate in a ‘face to face’ with our youth. In fact we went further and told the pair ‘to stay the hell out of Barbados’.  If the realms of the estate are prepared to remain passive while our public morals come under attack; not so BU.

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Has Hilary Beckles Traded His Soul To Ensure His Legacy?

The politics of globalization are about asserting one’s identity. If you can’t assert the authenticity of your culture…your nation, state and your culture will be rendered obsolete. Hilary Beckles – Principal of the University of the West Indies (2002) Does anyone think Hilary Beckles remembers the quote above? What the BU household remember is his valiant effort to gain a

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