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Another Heather Cole Column – Republic or Monarchy?

Heather Cole

“Whoever has the gold makes the rules” John Hart Medieval Kings were created by wars and conquest and passed on their titles to their descendants. There are no kings in Western democracies. The majority in Europe are ceremonial relics of antiquity so it is highly irregular that successive governments in Barbados have created a strange phenomenon where they elevate men

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Mark Maloney Scammed!

Thanks to Bajan Citizen for producing relevant links to the latest story making the rounds about Mark Maloney being scammed out of US10 million dollars purported to be a payment for 1 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine on behalf of Barbados and two other governments. The blogmaster has two questions: On what basis was Maloney’s company Radical Investments Ltd

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All Baloney!

The recent uptick in conversation about the awarding of government contracts to construct houses in Barbados has caused many tongues to wag. A quick search of the web easily found articles of which they are many many many more criticising the relationships between the government of Barbados and Mark Maloney of Preconco fame. Is this just more politics as usual?

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