LGBTQ Killings – what it portends

The Blogmaster does NOT support hate speech or hate crime and abhors bigotry and prejudice wherever and whenever it shows. However, there is the obligation by democratic societies to protect the right of citizens to practice freedom of speech. How societies evolve to be inclusive will have to be managed sensibly by today’s leaders. There is no room for the usual rhetoric.

Addressing hate speech does not mean limiting or prohibiting freedom of speech. It means keeping hate speech from escalating into something more dangerous, particularly incitement to discrimination, hostility and violence, which is prohibited under international law.

— United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, May 2019
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LGBTQ a Persecuted People – Why is Loving Others so Difficult?

Submitted by Steven Kaszab

More than 600 LGBTQ-identifying people have been killed in acts of violence in the USA and Puerto Rico since October 12th 1998. A  gallop poll estimates that 4.1 percent of 10 million Americans are identified as LGBTQ, while America’s Federal Data Lists  sexual orientation as a factor in only one reported hate crime in 2016.  67 violent deaths of LGBTQ People in the same year happened. 28 of these were victims in the Pulse Nightclub shooting alone. These numbers suggest that the real number of LGBTQ victims remains hidden by our government agencies, hoping to deny that LGBTQ Citizens are victims of hate crimes in America, trying to blame other reasons for the violence.

Transgender and gender non conforming people are in danger Globally.

Joe Rose (Gay Canadian beaten and stabbed to death on a bus in Montreal.

Ukea Davis(18) Transgender shot to death

Stephanie Thomas(19)  Transgender  Shot to death

Felicia Moreno(25) Transgender shot to death

Michael Scott Goucher (21) Gay stabbed 45 times

Rosa Avina(27) Lesbian burnt to death

Muhadh /ishmael (17) Kenyan  Beaten to death 

Frank Yazzie (Gay Navajo) cut in half and stuffed into two bags

Zella Ziona (21) trans woman of color shot to death

Amancay Diana Sacayan  Argentians Trans Woman murdered

Amber Munroe (20) Transgender woman murdered

Shira Banki (16) Israeli stabbed to death

Francela Mendez (29) El Salvadoran murdered by group of men

Cameron Langrell (teenager) took her own life  after being bullied at school

Jennifer Laude (26) Philippine Trans Woman murdered by a man she just met at a disco.

Thembelihie Sokhela (28) Soth African lesbian suffocated to death after being raped.

Paulo Henrique Alves (47) Brazilian Gay man burned alive on side of road.

Pedro Araujo(52) Brazilian man murdered because he was gay.

Delon Melville (26) Guyanese Man murdered  because he showed “effeminate behavior”.

Kenya 2013 @ 103 men, women and trans people were murdered in mass killings  by enemies who felt their behavior was disrespectful to their families.

To get to 445 murders the stats excluded killers that killed romantic partners or former romantic partners. Hate crimes are on the rise. Victimhood for LGBTQ Community Members too. Law Enforcement Professionals are out of their league, unable or unwilling to understand, protect and be a part of the greater LGBTQ Community.  While Law enforcement should be dedicated to protecting our most vulnerable communities, and the LGBTQ Community is one of these, the Justice Department does not take hate crimes seriously enough. Law Enforcement Officers and Officials do not empathize with, understand nor sympathize with this community. The huge and uncertain death toll is in part due to a violent backlash against social progressions like same sex marriages and expanded acceptance of the LGBTQ Communities influence and success.

Anti-discrimination laws born from civil rights movement have shined the light of justice upon ugly racial  discrimination. Such laws need to do the same thing for the LGBTQ and other Communities.

Nations in the Caribbean, Africa and elsewhere need to repeal any bans on gay sex, like Trinidad and Tobago did in 2018. There are nations that still have laws where sex between two consenting adults of the same sex can be punishable by 25 years in prison, black balling a person because of his sexuality, and while many of these laws are not enforced they still have a chilling oppressive effect upon our neighbors within the LGBTQ Community.  Sodomy Laws Discrimination still holds many to account because of the influence and fear amplified by HIV/AIDS and prejudice. In Antigua “buggery” is still punishable by 15 years in prison. or up to 5 years if committed by a minor. Barbados has laws that punish same sex relationships with ten years to life, one of the harshest in the Caribbean. These laws are still on the books. In Dominica anal sex is punishable by 10 years in prison. “Gross indecency’ is what it is called.

In Japan many transgender people prefer to be labeled with a disorder like “gender identity disorder” a person who would like to live and be accepted as a member of the opposite sex. “Simply if a boy wants to wear a skirt, let him wear a shirt”. Japanese Culture is often viewed as more accepting of gender explorations and expression. However a strong “deprogramming movement exists with Japanese and Asian society, very similar to what The LGBTQ Community experiences in the west.

Being a member of The LGBTQ Community is something to be proud of, and cannot be hidden in the closet as it once was not so long ago. Societies moral judgmental laws are changing as our society evolves, and what was once oppressive, prejudicial and hateful is hopefully becoming a thing of the past. Members of the LGBTQ Community tell each other they are loved, even though there still is a stigma attached to this love. 

Only honesty, a love for personal freedom and global empathy can change our ways, diminishing the power that hate, fear and ignorance have upon us all.


Submitted by Pachamama

While most remain distracted with the dos and don’ts of political-economy, the Mugabe regime in Bulbadhus has made prophetic the admonitions of OSA. Arthur had told all who would listen to him that he would never leave the BLP in the hands of Mugabe. While Mugabe, like Obama, pretends to be singing from the same hymnal as ‘his’ forbearers, ‘she’ has spared no effort in the construction of a tapestry of interlocking networks of ‘her’ LGBTQ ‘folks’ within the very ‘seat’ of governmental power in Bulbadhus. ‘It is a hidden government (within a government) operating like a mafia’, a source close to the administration tells us.

We, for a year now, have been receiving reports that regardless to the point of approach one has to navigate a series of LGBTQ networks, characterized by differing personalities and with no less than an obvious determination to empower their people. Not that Barbados is unfamiliar with this ethic, however the overt politicization of this brand of ‘identity politics’ in Barbados represents a stark departure from the past and delivers for Mugabe, like Obama before ‘her’, the undisputed title of the first lesbian prime minister of Barbados, maybe in the Caribbean as well.

We have people, near to and far from Mugabe, coming to us, making the same general types of complaints, they go like this. They would go to Mugabe or she would call them in to meet and then a referral is likely to be made. The making of such a referral it turns out, time after time, to be the equivalent of ‘kicking the matter into the tall grasses’. A grassy area infested with ‘bullers’ and ‘wickers’ experienced to have a firm, unbreakable, commitment to the LGBTQ mafia and to that mafia alone. This means that anybody who is seen as not having the required links will see their proposals and projects ‘offered-up’ to members within the LGBTQ government networks for exploitation. It is not our case however, that these formations are necessarily monolithic.

We have a report that there was a certain directorate which was preferred for a specific person. However, a senior member of the mafia thought that that allocation could have been redirected elsewhere, to a place nearer home. And it was Mugabe, ‘herself’, who then had to behave badly, as badly as we would expect a ‘lion of a woman’ could in order to install a known kleptomaniac instead. We have these kinds of reports but seek not to get anybody in trouble.

And Mugabe continues to play this double-game with the people of Barbados, exhibiting dangerous, even existential, contradictions. For example, she has oft opined, publicly, that the population is getting older, that there are not enough younger people in the population. Very well! But how is the covert and overt promotion of the LGBTQ discourses and praxis, as a national project, to serve population stabilization and development. Are we somehow on the threshold of a scientific breakthrough where men could breed other men or women other women? How could it be possible, for a prime minister, with a straight face, could preach one thing but actively seek to subvert that which Ma’at, Ptah, Sambo, Ani have thusly ordained? Indeed, how is the destruction of the human species by the LGBTQ ‘folks’ any less profligate than the killing of up to 300 life forms monthly? What are the links between the people who are close to her, people who served to sterilize the Barbadian population for decades, the eugenicist and now these LBGTQ people currently controlling the government of Barbados? How it is that Mugabe could redirect economic support from the traditional family structures while seeking to elevate other formations where there is no centrality of children, all in the dead of night? These, and more, are internal contradictions which the Mugabe regime can never reconcile nor does it pretend to.

LGBTQ people, now the GoB and their supporters are unthinkingly supporting the extension of imperialism. An end-stage American, White imperialism which can go no further but being on its death bed seeks to gnaw on the bones of those who still believe that it has something to offer them. It asks us to forget that none of the structural problems of capitalism have been solved, can be solved. These are the essentially questions of race, class, poverty and all which flow therefrom. In response, capitalism and imperialism pretend to present a social formation to deliver comfort to people who see themselves as having issues separate from those which we all suffer. Irrational identity games currently at play are no substitute for radical and fundamental transformation necessary. They cannot avoid the cultural dead-end facing us!

Obama! Obama! There’s Bulling On My TV!

Submitted by Pachamama

Kerry Washington plays the part of a high priced whore on the POPULAR TV Show Scandal

Kerry Washington plays the part of a high priced whore on the POPULAR TV Show Scandal

Mene! Mene!
You have been weighed
On the scale
And found wanting!
(Kemetic Hieroglyphs – 5,000 BC circa)

Dear Mr. President:

As you enter your seventh year there could be no doubt, even in a fool’s mind, as to which is your most favoured constituency has been. That would certainly be the LGBTQ folks, their consorts, defenders, enablers. Indeed, they have been far less faithful than the Negroes. These have always been self-centered people, but they are getting everything they always wanted and the Negroes nothing, nothing at all. On this season’s top shows, there is nothing but bulling and wicking. This is based on the power of your presidency. Your have used your ‘bully pulpit’ to set the trajectory for these social discourses. All the plots are centered on the normalization of bulling and wicking in the minds of the people. And Mr. President you don’t give a ‘bull’ that our children have to see this immorality in prime time TV. Not since the Ptolemies eat flesh and drank blood at the first Eucharisto have we seen this level carnality.

In fact, most studies that we have seen continue to show that Negroes have been going backwards while your black ass is in a White House. Like in Detroit where Negroes, in your first world country, can’t even get water to drink. Where hundreds of thousands are being displaced, made homeless through a perverse regentrification process, in front your very eyes, as a precursor to the generalized destruction of Black people everywhere around the world. But bulling and wicking remains on my TV!

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