Unnecessary Deaths in Gaza

Submitted by Dr. Grenville Phillips II

It is distressing to see multi-storey buildings in Gaza collapsing after one missile strike. It is more distressing to know that many of our brothers and sisters in humanity are buried under that rubble. Structural Engineers must now consider the impact loads of military missile strikes in their designs.


A building will not likely survive repeated bomb explosions, but we should have two design aims. The first is that a multi-storey building should not collapse after the first missile strike, assuming that the first missile strike is to eliminate enemy targets near external walls.

If the intent is to destroy the building, then the first strike should give occupants enough time to escape while the decision to order another strike is implemented. The time for occupants to evacuate a building is based on the floor area, exit locations and number of stories. Therefore, the second strike can be timed to allow occupants to safely escape – otherwise the intent is evidently murder.

The second design aim is that a collapsed multi-storey building should not trap occupants inside, and should allow rescuers access to save injured persons.

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World Affairs – Connecting the Dots

Submitted by Pachamama

What do the near two weeks of continuing slaughter of Palestinian children in the concentration camp cum Warsaw ghetto of Gaza, as the same forces that have maintained that open air prison for 65 years continue to support ISIS – the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, sometimes Levant – have in common with the Western project to destabilize the Ukrainian government and now backs a fascist, Right Sector, government in Kiev with the shooting down of a Malaysian jetliner?

We have previously connected the establishment of the fake Zionist regime in Palestine with American’s quest for global supremacy. Under the protective umbrella of the Americans all international laws, conventions and responsibilities of occupying powers have been ignored for decades. In international law an occupying power has no rights, only responsibilities – not Israel! They are reports that Israel maybe seeking to illegally claim gas resources off the shores of Gaza. So much so that the free reign given to Israel has left the rules of war in tatters, at the water’s edge. These rules were largely established after 60 million people died during WW2. Rules enacted because of the atrocities perpetrated, in part, against European Jewry.

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UN Inquiry Accuses Israel Of War Crimes In Gaza

Submitted by Yardbroom

Binyamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel

Binyamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel

A United Nation inquiry has made the claim that Israel engaged in:

…a deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish, humiliate and terrorise a civilian population in Gaza.

It further asserted that some individuals should face:

individual criminal responsibility and both Hamas and the Israeli committed war crimes and possible crimes against humanity

Although the inquiry subjected Hamas to censure it was not as severe as that on Israel. The conflict Dec 2008 – Jan 2009 – debated on BU ( Barbados Underground)  – was as a result of tunnels built by Hamas to circumvent the Israeli blockade being bombed by Israel.  Hamas intensified their belligerence and fired rockets into Southern Israel in retaliation, causing panic in the civilian population.  In the resultant war when the Israeli Military crossed into Gaza, in excess of 1,300 Palestinians were killed including 320 children, official figures gave the Israeli death toll as 20.

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