Doctors and Nurses Quitting!

Submitted by FearPlay

Source: Barbados Today – The Case of Dr. Griffith – Docs failed

Recently, a case was brought against a local medical practitioner for malpractice. The courts ruled against it. Reading the following report, one has caused to wonder what effect this local case had and will continue to have on the parties involved, how it will effect them going forward and the consequences this case will have throughout the local medical profession as it interacts with the public. 

Has a time bomb been set in place for patients and professionals alike? Many of the stressors in the article are reported to be present in the local arena. 

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Lawyers And Doctors Accused Of Not Paying All Their Taxes

Submitted by the People’s Democratic Congress (PDC)

Treasury Building

“When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny”.

Thomas Jefferson

“Men fight for liberty and win it with hard knocks. Their children, brought up easy, let it slip away again; poor fools. And their grand-children are once more slaves.”

D. H. Lawrence

Retired Acting Commissioner of the so-called Inland Revenue Department of Barbados, Frank Forde, must be one of the Princes of Darkness and Evil in the world of Satanism. For how else could he be described when very recently he came right out in defence of this very evil, wicked anti-developmental TAXATION system in Barbados??

That he has actually come right out and done it the way how he has done it indicates, one out of many things, that he has a raging serious personal problem with highly trained, black professional business people EARNING significant incomes in the private sector of Barbados. Indeed, what ALL Ministers of Finance of the government of Barbados – including the present Minister of Finance, and administrative people like Forde, right down to some others serving in various TAX DEPARTMENTS of the government of Barbados, have been despicably doing is showing many people how they can use this already evil wicked TAXATION system – in the most uncharitable and portentous of ways – to perpetually and falsely justify and wage personal grudges, envies, crusades against those neo-classical black private sector persons who EARN middle or high incomes in Barbados – and who – in many cases – EARN more than the monthly salaries  the evildoers. It is not surprising either, that those evil doers think and act in a manner that is synonymous with the interpretation of the Willie Lynch proposal, and secret society behaviour!!

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A Society Locked In A Full Nelson By Lawyers And Doctors

Submitted by Abraham

Sadly, I have found that in Barbados there are two main professions that are given all the priority and prominence in the society, these are Law and Medicine! Obviously it has lead to a large fraternity in Barbados with arguably negative results at the moment, i.e. when the population has no recourse and is always held at ransom by doctors, who have been known to exploit locals, with huge overwhelming prices for health related issue, as well as the lawyers, literally robbing poor people for legal services rendered. Added to this is a government and opposition devoid of innovative ideas to lead this country forward, as they are stuck in the past modes and methods, which aptly describes the required thinking in these professions. The problem gets worse when we look at the percentage of our scholarship winners who have and are continuing to pursue these professions in the last 15 years, instead of entrepreneurship, tourism management, agriculture development and alternative energy management. All critically needed areas of development today.

As it stands there are no alternative measures to this madness, and the thought of outside competition rendering similar services would prove futile, as we remember our treatment of Guyanese construction labour. Imagine in this present day paying a lawyer huge sets of money for the title and deeds to piece of land, to the sum like almost 10,000 and for what, poor service and unnecessary delays! I consider these practices as wrong and we the grass roots people and users of this poor service in this country need to do something about it! With level headedness, good morale and ethical skills such as displayed by our leader and deputy, maybe we have a fighting chance to save Barbadians from the wrath of these two professions as we desperately need a new path to take the country forward. Health Minister, Mr. Inniss is seemingly doing a great job and trying his best, as they are several cases I have heard about a certain urologist in Barbados and believe me, he should not be allowed to offer services at all.

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