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Ajax Ronald Robinson: Playing Selfish With the Bony Calf

Submitted by HIMILTON A. HILL
Ronald Robinson - photo credit: Nation newspaper

Ronald Robinson – photo credit: Nation newspaper

As a crop-over junkie this time of year normally represents for me a period of revelry, for by any and all means necessary I will contract the infection of festival fever.  BU, Facebook, Twitter, the newspapers are read but nothing can solicit a response, for such are the symptoms of festival fever. Getting Down To Brasstacks, normally my favourite radio program takes a back seat to Fireworks for not only do I love the combination of Dennis J and crazy Carol Roberts in the afternoon, but this festival fever thing is overwhelming.

Yesterday [June 5th] the Voice of Barbados Brasstacks program for me took on the passion and intensity associated with Fireworks as the Owner/CEO/Managing Director/Chief cook and bottle washer of a construction company called AJAX made for all of Barbados to hear, a prima facie case of unfair treatment by the boys in charge.

“The name is Ronald Edwin Robinson” he begun as with the style and intonation of a Baptist Minister perched in comfort of his pulpit any Sunday morning, Robbie made an impassioned and dare I say truthful presentation as it relates to the way the crumbs that fall from the table are guided.

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Botsy Theology

Submitted by HAMILTON HILL

Homosexuality has existed from time immemorial

With the state this country finds itself mired in God knows that some sense of levity is necessary, if only for one to maintain a semblance of sanity in these the most oppressive of times. Dennis J and Fireworks to some extent were able to do just that. Then came the monologue from one Peter Wickham on Thursday’s edition of “Brass Tacks. With three times the passion exhibited in defence of a poll that said exactly what all right minded Barbadians say publicly, Peter Wickham called to task the powers that be at Starcom Network. With the gumption of a man firmly grounded on the courage of conviction he brought to the table a subject that for one reason or another has worn the status of “Taboo” if only because hypocrisy, like the broken trident is symbolic of things Bajan.

It was on the aforementioned Brass Tacks that a caller told us that the food fed to the unborn infant created a homosexual. As if to bolster such vapidity the announcer played a nursery rhyme composed by the ANNOUNCER [Calypsonian] which sought to tell us that one could not be brought onto this earth as a person attracted to another of the same sex. Truth be told “BOTSY THEOLOGY” then as it is now, is nothing more than gift wrapped toilet tissue. The wrap and the gift both go in the same direction. Lets look at the blatant hypocrisy that has attached itself to this vapid train of thought.

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Was Tony Marshall ‘Hoist With His Own Petard’?

Tony Marshall sacked as Chairman of the NIS Board

Up to a few weeks ago retired banker Tony Marshall was the ‘man’ in Barbados. According to the Systematic Survey he was Starcom’s number one talk show host. Until his 2 year term expired as Chairman of the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) last week, he occupied one of the most important positions in Barbados. BU agrees with George Payne MP who suggested in his contribution to the Estimates Debate that the NIS ranks in importance with the Central Bank of Barbados and the Barbados Electoral Boundaries Commission and therefore should operate with independence.  One wonders however if the statement was made based on ‘lodge’ loyalty.

So what happened?

A couple weeks ago Starcom’s David Ellis in response to a public query about Tony Marshall’s absence from hosting the talk show Brasstacks, explained that Tony Marshall will not be returning to the show. It is obvious any decision by Starcom to block its most popular talk show host from the airwaves must have been based on a ‘show-stopper’ issue. CEO of Starcom Vic Fernandes is a man who sees dollars first and Marshall’s absence from Brasstacks and its potential impact on advertising dollars would have weighed heavily in the decision to part ways.

So what happened?

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