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The Adrian Loveridge Column – Creating Opportunity in Real Estate

While watching an episode of Caribbean Life on HGTV (Home and Garden Television) hosted by our very own Cherita O’Dell recently, highlighting available property opportunities on Barbados, it struck me as one of the areas that really needs much greater attention to attract increased foreign exchange. According to available data, over 96 million households in the USA have access to

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Notes From a Native Son – Are We Facing the Point of No-Return?

Two recent events should have shaken Barbadian society to the root. The first was the plea by former prime minister Owen Arthur for a truce on the dangerous standoff between the two dominant political parties on what to do about our badly managed economy, and for a cross-party National Commission on the Economic Development of Barbados. He did not put

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What are the functions and objectives of an independent Senator? During the time the late Sir John Stanley Goddard sat in the Senate he repeatedly called for up-to-date financial statements for Hotels and Resorts Limited to be made available. After all, it’s a majority Government owned company funded by the taxpayer and surely we have a right to know their

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Marching To The Beat Of The Drum

A comment by an anonymous commenter to BU yesterday resonated for most of the day. The relevant excerpt: to date the land use policies of the Thompson administration and the Arthur administration are indistinguishable. I would dare say the immigration policies are also similar but for the amnesty period now in place. The feeble implementation of a physical development plan

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Barbados We Love You, But For How Long?

It continues to amaze the BU household why politicians feel that they can ignore the PEOPLE and get away with it. But we know the answer, don’t we? Barbadians have long ago repatriated their dreams and aspirations to the politician. In the past this passive approach by Barbadians was regarded as a characteristic to be admired, but that was in

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Quotable Quotes By Key Actors On Barbados West Coast Development

The Financial Times (FT) published an interesting article yesterday (20 September 2008) about the development of our West Coast. The BU family has been a great advocate of questioning the high-octane development occurring on the West Coast of Barbados. Of concern to many is the fact that despite a change in government our coastal development policy appears to be unchanged.

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