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Post General Election Musings

Of concern to Barbadians everywhere is the ‘fatigue’ that has set in triggered by an economy stuck in the doldrums for  more than 10 years. Some Barbadians although tired of the persistent state of affairs seem to have expected Mia and the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) to flick a switch to quick fix the economic problems of the country.  Old

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Governor Cleviston Haynes Delivers Q2′ 2018 Economic Review

Text file (PDF): CLICK HERE     Why You Should Watch the Quarterly Economic Review   Created 30 Jul, 2018 Every quarter, the Central Bank of Barbados publishes its review of Barbados’ economic performance. The video review, delivered by the Governor, is livestreamed on the Bank’s website and YouTube channel, and also posted in its entirety – about 10 minutes

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The Adrian Loveridge Column – Anticipating the Impact of Additional Taxes on the Tourism Sector

[Barbados Underground] It is now a full month since the new Government imposed the mandatory room levy that our cherished guests have been asked to pay. How effective has the additional tax collection been and will we ever know what sort of overall revenue has been successfully collected? Or how many the yet unregistered accommodation providers have so far evaded

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