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Time to Modernize Court System

Judicial Impact Assessment (JIA) is a process whereby the government can anticipate the likely cost of implementing a legislation through the courts and help deliver timely justice to litigants. Litigation demand depends on a variety of factors most of which are not factored in the making of laws. This results in the court system being left with little or no

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Former Magistrate Carlisle Greaves Shares Techniques to Improve Barbados Court System

Former Magistrate Carlisle Greaves delivered an address to the Barbados Rotary South last evening (30 August 2017) on the topical subject of crime. Unlike much of the emotional debate being stoked by political motives and ignorance, Greaves in a relatively short address highlighted some of the factors at the root of a failing court system that in his view is

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Tales from the Courts – CJ Marston Gibson Usurps the Legislature With Practice Directions (MEDIATION/ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION) XXXI

It is very interesting to BU that none of our legal fraternity has come out publicly, YET, to condemn the lack of legality of the new Practice Directions handed down by Marston Gibson, despite the fact that they have been widely publicized by the Nation newspaper. Needless to say, if you go on the Supreme Court website and navigate to,

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