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Charting the Path to Food Security!

Submitted by Baird’s Village Aquaponics Association (BVAA) This is an overview of the plan for the building of a privately owned aquaponics industry capable of providing 100% of Barbados’s locally consumed herbs and vegetables; We invite you to our open day on June 10th time 7 till 11 or 1 till 5 to take a […]

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Aquaponic Farming is Growing

Submitted by Damian Hinkson With a decade of experience in Aquaponic(AP) farming I am very happy to see AP systems now being created all over the island. The benefit of producing vegetables using fish manure rather than land animal’s or chemical fertilizers are many but the most attractive is the fact that your irrigation and […]

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Understanding Aquaponics and Growing Food

Submitted by Damien Hinkson My first true commercial farm upgrade to aquaponics (AP) is complete, the first of many more as the commercial farmers are rushing to exploit the labor saving qualities of AP. This type of farming comfortably puts you in the .3 to .7 worker per acre range, amazingly, with no additional labour […]

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If Farming Were Easy…

Submitted by Damian Hinkson If farming were easy we would all be doing it! after all Food is our most basic need. So it stands to reason that farming should be profitable. However that’s not the case. I will point out why using 3 points below and then explain one solution to make farming profitable […]

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The First Steps to Food Security

The following extract about Aquaponics submitted by Ready done Aquaponic farming dates back to the Aztecs but due to the currently available combination of cheap plastics and Magnetic drive pumps it was recently re-discovered and improved upon as a viable organic farming method. The system is designed to hold fresh water fish in tanks, in […]

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Aquaponics Versus the Pet Dog

Submitted by Ready done Aquaponics is the food production system the world is upgrading to from conventional industrial farming. The major problem it solves is that potassium fertilizer taken from mines and used to help crops produces 40% more fruit. It has worked well for the last 100 years but it is a finite resource […]

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Adoption of Aquaponics Systems the Food Solution for Barbados

Submitted by Ready Done I got home yesterday and heard the unmistakable voice of my first crush Jacqueline Yvonne ‘Jackée’ Harry, there she was standing on that same step in a tight blue dress as curvy as l remember her. My daughter was watching the show 227, she likes the 80s era, as she puts […]

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We Need to Integrate Waste Disposal and Agriculture

Submitted by Readydone Gale and her family paid a visit to my farm at Bairds village recently. She was the usual type of visitor. She proceeded to share that she has done some research and is very interested in agriculture for food production at home. It is the usual type of thing I hear. Many […]

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Local Farmers Crying Out For Leadership

Submitted by Ready Done It is obvious by grouping farming with small business that the late Prime Minister David Thompson wanted us to elevate our current view of farming to a more business like model. With the help of our leaders we can quickly make this dream a reality, we only need some basic systems […]

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Baird's Village Aquaponics Project, A Case Study For Homegrown Success

Submitted by Ready Done . Many of us are of the opinion that our little island is in need of good leaders (not saying we don’t currently have any). The Barrows and Adams type leaders who had a clear vision and the will power to give us what was needed for 50 years and even […]

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Aquaponics, A Viable Option For Backyard Farming In The Heights And Terraces Of Barbados

Submitted by Ready Done . The LORD reigneth, he is clothed with majesty; the LORD is clothed with strength, wherewith he hath girded himself: the world also is established, that it cannot be moved. Thy throne is established of old: thou art from everlasting. The floods have lifted up, O LORD, the floods have lifted […]

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Growing Cheaper And Healthier Vegetables Using Aquaponics

Submitted by Ready Done If you ever thought you were paying to much for vegetables, keep reading. We pay unjustified amounts of money for vegetables just because it is more convenient than finding the time and energy to grow our own. There is a solution for those of us that don’t want to pay so […]

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Bard’s Village Aquaponics Association Points To Aquaponics As The Way Forward To Food Security

Submitted by Ready Done Imagine your plate without rice, macaroni or English potato. How long could you survive in a crisis situation? We import 93% of the staples we consume daily. Luckily there is about two months foreign reserves to buy food, good news for the supermarket owners. When there is a hurricane threat we […]

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