Lagan Construction Vs. Barbados Tourism Investment Inc And Attorney General Of Barbados Court Documents Revealed

Dr. Jerry Thorne resigned as Chairman of the BTII over the Barbados Pierhead Project

In the opinion of many the Pierhead Marina Project has NOT generated enough debate in Barbados. BU posted several blogs on the subject and the Leader of the Opposition Owen Arthur had promised to call the Public Accounts Committee to order to address concerns about said project. Regrettably Arthur has not followed through for reasons yet untold.

However, based on court documents filed in December 2012, in the matter – Lagan Vs. Barbados Tourism Authority – Arthur’s apparent delay maybe a strategy with an eye on the general election which must be called no later than April 2013. It is general knowledge that Lagan Construction, the company originally selected to build the Pierhead Marina in a BOLT arrangement,  was summarily replaced by SMI, a company registered in Barbados but incorporated in St. Lucia with its principal Gline Harrison. SMI was one of three companies which were contracted by VECO to build Dodds prison.The reply to the defence document (see below) makes for interesting reading by its justification of why the government awarded SMI the contract. – also see related BU blogs below.

BU takes this opportunity to thank the person responsible for enlightening the Barbadian public.

The Statement of Claim spells out the following:

  1. Damages for breach of contract ion the amount of USD28,105,807.00.
  2. Special damages in the amount USD346,444.
  3. Interest pursuant to Section 35 (1) of the Supreme Court of Judicature Act
  4. Costs;and
  5. Further or other relief as the court deem just
See p:3/28

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The Ted Stevens Revelation – The Connection To VECO, A US Justice System Manipulated, Barbadian Eric Holder To The Rescue

Then in February 2009 an FBI whistle blower revealed that prosecutors had conspired to withhold exculpatory evidence from the defense and had falsified records. In particular, the prosecutors withheld testimony that the cost of the renovations was actually less than Stevens had paid. They also knew that the star witness was likely lying at trial when he said that a friend of Stevens had told him to ignore the senator’s request for an invoiceNational Post

Deseased former Senator Ted Stevens (l) US Attorney General Eric Holder (r)

In the build up to the last General Election the then opposition party highlighted the relationship between VECO and the Barbados Labour Part government with good effect. Barbadians it seemed bought into the allegations that the Arthur Administration had become tainted by relationships with VECO, the company which built the Dodds Prison, 3S, the company which widened the ABC Highway and would have built the contentious flyovers and others.

The story quoted above maybe of interest to Barbadians to expose how reputations can be crushed by a US Justice System believed to be just but which can be manipulated all the same by those with political agendas. The following comment was received by BU and in the interest of promoting free and frank exchanges, we publish:

Please read this incredible miscarriage of justice. I hope Barbadians understand that this had a connection to a company called VECO and the accusations, groundless it seems, led to its demise.  At least a Barbadian (Holder) had the courage to stop the rot. You should be proud. How easy it is to spread rumours and falsehoods!!! You should publish this as a lesson in the extent to which the US justice system will go to destroy somebody.

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Opposition Party Should Stop Blowing Hot Air

Submitted by a Government Supporter (name withheld by request)

Former Senator Kerri Symmonds caught relaxing in the visitor's gallery of the Upper Chamber recently

Have you looked around the other islands and realised that they are suffering badly from growing unemployment figures, declining tourism arrivals and in Barbados we have maintained unemployment around 10%; kept people working, provided a $25 million Tourism Relief Fund that people are singing the praises of – how it kept their bars and restaurants open in the slow season, one BLP hotelier raked in over $400,000.00 from that package, tourism arrivals are up 3.1% over the same period last year. Where among the other islands can any of them say the same compared to what we have achieved? Not one of them!

When I start to listen to that crew that raped Barbados for all that it was worth, that have NOT AN OUNCE OF CREDITABILITY, I too should be sent The Dodds Residence. To have built a prison that started out with locals providing a quote of US $67 million that was refused and to have selected a known group of crooks in VECO with a final cost of US$288 million. Then a road works project by an unsavoury character called Jonathan Danos who was introduced to Barbados by Messrs Steven Hobson and Hallam Nicholls.

With COW Williams and Rayside Construction doing all the work the government has a payment of $47 million paid to Jonathon Danos for what we don’t know. Then we have Tony Hoyos and Colin Brewer who operate nearly every shop at Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA). Is this the Hoyos who paid an entertainment allowance from taxpayers monies to workers of Hardwood Housing only redeemable at his restaurant the former Aqua?

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Trouble Brewing At Dodds Prison

One of the more controversial projects inherited by the Barbados government is the state-of-the-art prison project located at Dodds, St. Phillip. First it was tagged at one hundred million dollars, then two hundred million and in recent weeks the figure has jumped to seven hundred million. We couldn’t resist jumping on the seven hundred million band wagon! Yes BU is aware the seven hundred and forty nine million refers to the future cost of the prison which was built under a BOLT financing arrangement. Governor Delisle Worrell at his most recent press conference felt constrained to mention the impact the prison loan will have on the foreign reserves come every January for the next 22 years. Barbados under the current arrangement has to repay for the next 22 years $30 million dollars.

What has made the Dodds prison even more controversial is the fact it was built by VECO, an Alaskan based company which had a very murky reputation before it was sold. VECO had no track record of building prisons at the time the contract was awarded; in case you are wondering there is the  uncanny similarity to the ABC Highway contract which was awarded to 3S. The recent report in the press which fingered Minister Darcy Boyce as a key participant in the decision to award the VECO prison contract has added to the intrigue.

In all of the discussion about VECO and a seven hundred and forty nine million dollar prison, Barbadians appear to have forgotten the plight of the prison warders. Going back to the last administration the prison warders have expressed concerns with their conditions of employment. BU remembers prison boss John Nurse attempting to make some changes at the prison and the Prison Officers Association forced to request the legal services of Ralph Thorne to defend member’s interest. How can Barbados forget the inquiry into the burning down of Glendairy which again brought warder grievances to public light. We are into the mid-term of the current administration and the problems have not gone away.

According to BU sources the officers at the Barbados Prison Service feel marginalized by the administration and have turned to BU for help.

Here is what we know:

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Does The Attorney-General Think The Average Barbadian Is Stupid And Cannot Read?

‘Many people doubted that a facility of this size could be completed on time and within budget’.

Barbados Advocate 16th October 2007

‘Last month Attorney-General announced that the facility, designed to house 1,250 inmates would now be completed by the end of January (2007) and not year-end as originally projected’.

Nation 8th October 2006

‘The new prison under construction at Dodds, St. Philip, will not be ready ahead of Cricket World Cup 2007 as originally planned by contractors and Government’.

You can go on, just Google Dodds prison and you will see a whole bunch of stated completion date objectives.

As to the ‘within budget’!

There still not been a satisfactory explanation why the former Attorney-General would mislead Parliament by quoting a figure of $100 million.

Nation 29 June 2005

‘Mottley said Government would have to await the completion of the designs to quantity the finance of the prison, but she estimated it would cost around $100 million’.

‘Meanwhile, sources revealed that the second bid was submitted by a consortium made of Jada Builders, Rotherley Construction, Rayside Construction, C. O. Williams Construction, Williams Industries, FirstCaribbean International Bank, Barbados National Bank and mega-billion dollar British construction firm, Carrilian, which builds and operate prisons in the United Kingdom. That proposal carried a price-tag of approximately $120 million in a 25-year BOLT – build, operate, lease and transfer – arrangement’.

Nation Newspaper

Now I wonder what currency that consortium was quoting in?

Adrian Loveridge

16 October 2007

VECO And Barbados Leader Of The Opposition David Thompson Named In Law Suit In Ontario Canada!

Barbados Free Press must be given credit for breaking the story of a law suit filed in Canada by Nelson Barbados Group Ltd (Plaintiff) which named defendants Prime Minister Arthur, Chief Justice Simmons, Mark Cummins (Chief Town Planner), David Shorey (Prime Minister’s close friend and confidant) and many other prominent individuals and companies. BU have followed this case with great interest given the implications if this matter is allowed to play out in the court. We do not intend to rehash the story but BU readers who wish to familiarized themselves with the original Barbados Free Press story can do so here or visit .

A BU visit to the website today confirmed that the original Statement of Claim was amended and filed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on the 13 August 2007. We did a quick scan; correct us if we are wrong, but do we see David Thompson, Commonwealth Construction and its subsidiary VECO and some other interesting names added to the law suit?

It is time that we start to connect the dots!

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Corruption, extortion, conspiracy, a company chief executive pleading guilty to bribing state legislators, another employee appointed to oversee the firm’s project in Barbados committing suicide, one Senator being investigated by the FBI and others being pressured to resign. At least 7 persons have so far been charged with serious criminal offences in connection with a corporation called VECO.

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