2020 US Presidential Election

If the late great Gladston Holder were alive he would take the opportunity to remind us that it does not matter who is elected to the White House, it the wealthiest families in the USA where the power is located- the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers et al. That said many will agree party colours aside, Trump’s legacy will be remembered as being one of the most bigoted and divisive.

Let it be no secret this blogmaster cannot wait to see the back of the man. He has disgraced the office of president of the USA and by extension the human race.

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Submitted by Pachamama

As the coalition of forces gather with their vested interests of displace the American fascist dictator, Donald Trump, on a civil warlike political battlefield, it is becoming quite clear that people who call themselves ‘progressives’ will only awake to the machinations, political tricks, being conjured and to the tectonic shifts under the battlefield when it is far too late. Such a re-imagining of American politics, as neoliberalism was the remixing of economic policies, must of necessity, leave ‘progressives’ out in the cold.

We are estimating that this Democratic-led coalition which is likely to emerge from a possible victory will lurch much further rightward than progressives are generally imagining. For Joe Biden is merely running as a Democrat but intends to rule as a Republican. This is all he has known all his life. Being a conservative Democrat means being a Republican. Same as Obama, there are few differences between factions within the duopoly. Biden has never been known to instinctively done anything progressive in his whole life. Above all, politics is about slicing and dicing as an acceptable method of gaining power, not being a fountain of virtue. Not interfering with the hideous structural infirmities on which the country has been built. This is representative of Joe Biden to the bone!

Therefore, it would be irrational to expect a man like Biden to approach, for example, the misanthropically inspired symbology represented by the ‘Star Spangle Banner’, the national anthem, which glorifies slavery in one of its verses. Or revisit the 13th Amendment of the constitution which still legalizes slavery for people in America’s dungeons, 80% of whom are of colour. Need we go on?

Then, the question which progressives will never get answered is – how could he ‘Build Back Better’ on such a flawed foundation? All Biden really wants to do is to get back to how things were before Donald J. Trump was thrown up by the political culture as if those represented halcyon days for Afrikan-Americans, supposedly his most dependable bloc. That’s all!

But, who are these people generally referred to as ‘progressives’? Well, they could be any motley bunch of political gradations from the far-right to the far-left and in-between. To the far-right they may include Republicans who support the logic of climate change and even never-Trumpers. To the far-left they may be communists, antifascists, socialists or even Trotskyists influenced by the lesser of two evils logic.

In this scenario, Joe Biden would, in effect, be the ‘unwitting’ savior of the Republican Party which is likely to be devastated by a massive defeat, if current polling holds true and in the event Trump is unable to complete that well-planned dastardly act currently underway. Should Biden be buoyed by the winds of a fierce national and overwhelming determination which forces Trump into having no other choice but to leave the White House, even to the point of duress if deemed necessary he saves the Republican Party. In so doing, he would be serving the hordes of Republicans seeking asylum within the Democratic Party as a way of making sure the indispensable other half of the American political duopoly survives Trumpism – the Republican Party.

When we look back at the presidency of Trump, in this scenario, it might appear as though a level of master planning, by hidden hands, paved the way for Biden. He could have the prefect landing to enable him to jettison feckless progressive operating under the assumption that this Democratic Party’s ‘donkey’ will take them somewhere. In addition, Biden could have a highly conservative Supreme Court; a Senate which could be Democratic led but more than willing to serve his less than obvious conservative agenda and a House of Representatives acting likewise with muted or sporadic objections from its progressive caucus.

In these circumstances, the LGBTQ identity politicos, who played such an enormous role during the Obama administration, would not be able to co-exist with the Republican elements within the Biden Coalition, absent the few Log Cabin Republicans. If Biden is faced with a choice between these political forces, there is little doubt that he will go with his new-found friends for the fear about defections of the Republicans may cause too much imbalance within his coalition. He will seek to equalize that action by resting on the logic that the LGBTQ forces generally have nowhere else to go.

The same thinking holds true for Afrikan-Americans, Hispanics, and other progressives who will have nowhere to go notwithstanding the presence of a fledgling Green Party with a presidential candidate, Howie Hawkins, and up to maybe a 100 other people seeking the presidency. Defections of progressives are likely to be deemed as merely a temporary setback. Afrikan-Americans should not expect this reformulation of political forces within neoliberal capitalism will deliver any of Biden’s promises about ‘Building Back Better’ and so on. Nothing will happen but talk, until after the election when the drift to the right becomes public. Observers however, can see what a Biden administration will look like right now by the examination of his teams of advisers. To us such expectations are the equivalent of asking a dead man to change his will and expecting it to happen.

One good thing about Biden is that he has dared to locate himself as it to remove the scab from the old festering wounds making America the fascist state it might have always been and/or to which it has now degenerated for all to see. Of course, he was well assisted by the ongoing demonstrations throughout the country and being a politician there was a need for a response that made sense in order to garner the votes of Afrikan-Americans, women, progressives, young people etc.

In some ways Biden has been sheltered by Whiteness and a hyper focus in the country on what is wrongly seen as a cultural anomaly, the Trump presidency. However, the deeper truth is that Biden will never fix, or even start to fix, in eight (8) years, what was consolidated over four centuries.

Guided by history, only the total and complete destruction of American empire can satisfactorily settle these deeply divisive issues, correct all the fundamental social problems that have been termed ‘original sins’. Some contend that this fatal option maybe better that Biden’s return to an abnormal normalcy. Progressives should have long recognized the existential forces at work and found ways to insert someone more able to deal the rebuilding that has to happen and therefore avoid this Biden misdirection.

Fascism – The Capture of the Republican Party by TRUMP

Submitted by Pachamama

By the end of the business day, Thursday 27 August 2020, political history of the world would have been written by one Donald Trump. This grifter would have achieved total and unquestioned controlled over the Republican National Convention (RNC) apparati and inserted his brand in such a way that there would be no recognizable differences between man, family and party. The former Republican Party would have become an integral part of the ‘family businesses.

The current coming-out ‘party’ convention has been so organized so that not a whisper of dissent could be given voice. Every ‘man jack’ chosen to speak was to be a reliable Trumpeter. Only Hitler was this exacting. Dissidents were either skillfully sidelined, assigned to the political wilderness in search of uncertain futures or made to join the growing numbers of ‘never-Trumpers’ in groups like the Lincoln Project, in exile as outside supporters of Joe Biden, a man who himself, is less than compos mentis.

As Trump plays for keeps, the clear intention is the deployment of the party organization for the maximization of personal and generational wealth. He and he alone must be the richest man in the world. This is Trump’s personal party! This is all happening, while the Democratic congressional leadership is running around talking about passing this bill, and that bill. But none of this matters to Trump. For Trump, they provide good cover for him to reshape the political structure, under their feet, and in his own image, his brand. The Republican leadership, on the other hand, has been mere lapdogs to this new ‘King’ of America!

We would be unsurprised should Trump emerge from this convention gaining the added bonus of reducing the margins between himself and Biden, a post-convention bounce. This is the normal bounce expected, which Biden failed to obtain from his own theatrical displays of last week.

At the end of the day we would fail to see, if Trump is as successful as we assess he will be, the circumstances under which the current political duopoly formations could resist the type of transformation similar to that as imposed on the Whig Party of the early 19th century. The real question here is whether the Republican Party, as we have known it, is now dead or not? Given demography, some may wonder how it could have existed for so long. History may find that this has been achieved through systemic electoral fraud. This is a history of fraud with which the Democratic Party (DNC) has willingly colluded to ensure that the status quo is maintained.

Trump must be well-pleased with himself for getting away with the incessant moral and legal challenges he has mounted to the system. For example, no president has thus far, been subjected to an impeachment conviction but continued to successfully seek the party’s banner in a coming election. But nobody even mentions this fact. Such is the gravamen of existential challenges to the duopoly as presented by Trumpism.

Maybe, he was right when he voiced his truism that the president’s power is ‘total’. Evidently, his most loyal supporters, the fascist-Christian-evangelicals; court systems well populated by Trump loyalists; that critical mass of Euro-Americans whose every sinew is racist; the silent corporate elites who support both duopoly factions; and a bevy of supine congressmen and senators are now well-prepared to set-sail any remaining notions about ‘democracy’, ‘liberty’, ‘freedom’ down the Potomac River. The Potomac two-step on full display!

Trump has instilled such a perverse party ‘discipline’ that a Martian visiting Earth and landing on this convention would not believe that there is currently a pandemic and that north of 200,000 Americans, based on excess deaths statistics, lay dead. Even as a coterie of buffoons feels confident enough to compel a populace to believe that what is real is indeed fiction and that fiction is reality. Oh, where is George Orwell when needed most!

Internationally, the Dictator-in-Chief has wielded his fascist powers with ruthless efficiency. We could list the countries. They include Bolivia, Venezuela, Guyana, Belarus, Palestine, Syria and more. In the case of Guyana he, with hidden hands, was able to deploy CARICOM and the OAS to overturn an election and install the PPP on the basis that one of his associates in Washington was a paid consultant to the Jagdeo gang. What is currently happening at the so-called Republican National Convention has more to do with the future of empire and the fortunes of the Caribbean than anything happening in this region currently.

Of course, we expect Trump will be the next president. This we see as highly possible regardless to who wins the most votes, who gains the larger number of delegates in the Electoral College or what the exit-polling may suggest. A Biden victory will merely delay the inevitable. The American fascist dictator has already laid the predicate in order to question any adverse result. Before that, we are guaranteed an enhanced panoply of uniquely American electoral fraudulent measures, maybe by both sides, measures already in play. Will CARICOM and the OAS interfere like they did in Guyana or Bolivia?

Even if by some miracle Biden were to win, it would be another significant hurdle to get Trump out of the White House, physically. Biden is wrongly persuaded that the military brass will expel Trump under these circumstances. Given recent events outside this very White House and the irrational refusal of all elements of the military to arrest Donald Trump and subject him to a military tribunal on treason charges, we are not inclined to concur with Biden.

Trump has never followed any tradition or lawful requirement. He breaks more laws before breakfast that the criminals in his dungeons, it has been said. Also, he is much too fearful of going to jail, like he must, if a sense of political decency is to be re-established in Washington DC. We are therefore left to loiter on the good graces of ordinary citizens in an unlikely quest of removing a political carbuncle from the body politic.

We have been reminded that the Constitution requires the Speaker of the House, Pelosi, to assume the interim-presidency should there be long-lasting election uncertainty going beyond January 20th, 2021, as Trump is threatening with blatant interference in the USPS. But even if it were to come to this, we would fail to see any circumstances where the incumbent, Donald J. Trump would recognize her (Pelosi’s) existence. He may even have her arrested should she venture anywhere near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The fatal flaw is the American political culture requiring the presumptive loser to accept defeat will serve merely to ignite deeper social discord and further the aims of the fascists. This is an environment Trump lives for and is clearly willing to ignite a civil war if necessary.

The classical definition of fascism has been the conjoining of political and economic forces, an unholy alliance. However, what we see emerging here through the use of processes to further disempower the masses and enrich the few is a more virulent formation than understood by the traditional definition. Lewis and Long argued well that when fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag. However, this writer is still left in wonderment that such a monster, from the cesspool of American fascism, would arise in our own lifetimes, at the centre of empire, even as we have always been acutely aware of the very nature of American political culture, which has always been fascistic at its core. We are left to wrestle with the internal contradictions.

Haile Drumpf – The Rise of a New Hitler – When the Centre no longer holds

Submitted by Pachamama

US RNC Delegates countMore than a dozen years ago these writers were denounced when we suggested to those who locate themselves at the center of Caribbean thought that the United States of America was a fascist empire, at its nadir. That financialization had delivered all forms of western capitalism to conditions not dissimilar to Germany 1933. It was a period when fascism, as a social movement, gained ascendency. That unparrelled consolidation of wealth had united global elites into a neo-fascism. Some say an ‘inverted totalitarianism’. Others still, a neo-feudalism.

As the irony of ironies would have it, another German has been thrown up by the leading plutocrats to be appropriately hailed. Haile Drumpf! Not unlike Adolf, Donald Trump, is garnering up to 50% of Republican support, nationally – about 25% of potential American voters. He may also attract significant ‘White’, Democratic Party supporters as well. The Democratic Party is no less rooted in racism, ‘White’ supremacy, than the Republicans. So we see a convergence of ‘White’ social forces around Trump. We have a perverse, conjoining of interests, between the shifting definitions of what ‘Whiteness’ and ‘White’ power are to mean and the distanced-elites, including honorary ‘Whites’, who are ceasing control of larger and larger swaths of global wealth. Few will contest that there has been a massive consolidation of economic and political power into the same (few) hands. For this is the classical definition of fascism, neo-fascism!

What they do have in common is the determination that the political establishment can neither or for not much longer, protect the elites nor feed the masses of Euro-Americans – poor ‘Whites’, ‘Whites’ being forced out of the middle classes. For Trump, a political commitment to the Klu Klux Klan, even telepathically, is no different to his view that ‘Whiteness’, in America, ‘White’ supremacy, is under an existential threat as the most recent Census Bureau population parameters would attest. Unless America can now redefine Mexicans/Hispanics as ‘Whites’, as has happened before, the greatest fear of Hitler, himself, could come true with ‘Whites’ becoming the new ‘minority’ In America – not his ‘master race’. This could be a causus belli for another civil war, at home! Internationally, Europeans are devolving into political-economic systems where far-right and far-left elements act to recreate circumstances this world well knows. These circumstances could only aid the emergence of another Dajjal.

Trump_Republican PartyMainstream commentators are struggling to contextualize the political, social, campaign of Trump. He seems to have tricked CNN and other majors with his reluctance to buy an acceptable level of ads in exchange for met demands which included provision of free 24/7 initial promotion, payment for appearances, promotions which have made Trump the stingiest leading candidate of recent times. Could it be a coincidence that all major news networks would promote Trump ahead of others with significant more political ‘pedigree’? Could we be witnessing the end of an epoch? Or is Kaiser Drumpf a natural outgrowth of 500 years of state-sponsored terrorism by Europeans?

And how is it possible for Hitler to abuse women, preach racial hatred, pretend to change his opinions without notice – on a whim and without paying a political price, tell repetitive lies about creating jobs when he really means higher profits, for his friends. For the institutions of a modern Goebbels allow Trump to perfect the dark arts of propaganda. A propaganda system which is more central to life in the 21st century than it was post 1933, a system no less vicious than proxy war itself, an information war against the people, people who consistently overestimate their own intelligence. We all shamelessly serve systems we don’t understand.

Of course, Trump is not running alone, although he, most times, so acts. As Kaiser he holds no particular fear for the Clintons, Republican Party officialdom, established (formal) political formations, other big money oligarchs like the Koch brothers. These are the perceived qualities which appear to endear him to a growing segment of the ‘masses’ of European-Americans. They are largely a ‘White’ working class, distanced by capitalism, unaccustomed to reductions in ‘White’ privilege and growing more fearful about their place in society. They are as misguided as people anywhere else are made to be, time and time again.

An underlying truth is that supporters of Trump and those of Sanders understand that something fundamentally is wrong with their political-economy. Are unsure about its causation but could be led to blame people of colour, ‘undocumented aliens’ as coded language for their racist intent. We wonder if Drumpf would remember when Germans in America were NOT ‘White’, nor Italians, nor Irish and several other national groups. That racist discourse passes under the guise of ‘illegal migration’. Still, they continue to believe that by somehow making an appeal to the center for ‘reforms’ or even ‘revolution’ they could be successful even while the leaders of American racism see ‘final solutions’ as the central aim. Maybe it will take one more election cycle to disabuse them of their congenial folly. Remember Obama? How has that worked out for his rabble?

At the center, the central banks are failing. Institutional buyers dominate stock market trading, to artificially keep them from imploding. We live in the times of dominant shadow banks, negative interest rates, asset-less banks, dis-inflation/deflationary spirals, the application of series of quantitative easing (QE) since 2008 and bail-ins which bail-out too-big-to-fail banks, stealing from the poor to make the rich whole. The Chinese are spending billions to stabilize their markets. And we could continue to list structural failures all day. We have predicted that only a total collapse could fix any of this. Religious belief in the self-declared, Kaiser Drumpf, as Messiah, will be of marginal value.

On the political side, we’ve had a series of collapses in the American system, making it no less fragile than the economy. We’ve had attempts to default on sovereign debt, to collapse the global reserve currency system. Many attempts were made to bring government to a halt as if government itself were irrelevant. These actions cannot to ‘segregated’ from the original sin that is America and even has some similarities to the pre-1933 epoch of Hitler’s Germany.

And Hillary Clinton could only do the same kinds of wickedness as a Trump but with a velvet glove covering her iron fist. She likes to think that she could out-Trump, Trump, with her warmongering. The people who call themselves “Black” or ‘’African-American’’ must find time to re-assess their relationships with the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the Democratic Party. They must ask themselves what is the reason for continuing to support an organization which cannot even stop policemen from killing Moors in the streets, all over the USA, at will. What is this thing which the Clintons hold over them to have them march from the pulpits to the polls, in the service of their open oppressors, every time? What is the benefit to them? How many times can they be corralled by leading ‘Blacks’ acting as sophisticated pimps for the Democratic Party apparatus? Where are their just demands from the systems they support? Why is it not revolting to them to have Bill and Hillary Clinton run presidential campaigns in Haiti and the USA simultaneously?

The ‘appearance’ of Herr Drumpf may best be located within Islamic eschatology. That narrative better describes these times than its erstwhile companions. It talks about Akhirruzaman; Gogg & Magogg; a nuclear war; the role of Damascus; the rise of Pax-Judaica as the hyper-power; the role of ‘Constantinople’. Have military and political conditions been prepared for the entry of an Arrogant One, Donald Trump, as maximum patsy, who will start this Great War? Well, the current proxy formations of powers in and around Syria may suggest some credence to that worldview. Let’s hope that the bark of Herr Drumpf (Herr Fuhrer) is worse than his bite or that the hidden forces behind his emergence are exposed before billions have to die on the altar of those who have given us many similar scenarios previously, including the rise of the Soviet Union; WW1; WW2.