Hold President Trump Accountable Before UN General Assembly


President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela

There is no such thing as “American Exceptionalism”! And therefore, the President and Government of the United States of America (USA) are just as subject to the rules of International Law as are the President and Government of any other country.

Thus, when– on Friday the 11th of August 2017 — President Donald Trump of the USA threatened a unilateral military strike against the sovereign and independent Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela he was breaching a rule of International Law that is so fundamental that it is enshrined in Article 2 of the United Nations (UN) Charter.

Article 2 (4) of the UN Charter stipulates that “all Members (of the UN) shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.”

But this was not the first or only time that President Trump and his Administration had committed a flagrant breach of the said Article 2 (4) of the UN Charter !

Indeed, ever since taking up the office of President of the USA in January of 2017, Mr. Trump has attacked the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on no less than four occasions by issuing Executive Orders and inflicting punitive and damaging sanctions against the Government and people of that sovereign, politically independent nation.

President Trump also went on the public record on Tuesday the 8th of August 2017 threatening the Government and people of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea) with “fire and fury like the world has never seen” if — according to him — the Government of North Korea makes “any more threats to the United States”. This –it is clear — is a threat of a nuclear conflagration that will be much more horrific than the “atomic” decimation that the USA inflicted on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 !

And, as if to further emphasize his utter contempt for the precepts of International Law, Mr. Trump used the podium of the General Assembly of the UN on Tuesday the 19th of September 2017 to issue a further threat to “totally destroy North Korea”, and to publicly parade his arrogant determination to defy the many U N resolutions that have denounced the USA’s illegal and genocidal blockade of the Republic of Cuba and demanded its termination.

In light of the fact that the USA has proven itself to be, perhaps, the most aggressive and warlike nation in the history of the World — with a record of having initiated or participated in well in excess of two hundred major military assaults or wars against other sovereign, independent countries during the 241 years of its existence as an independent state–the international community of nations would be well advised to take President Trump’s illegal threats and attacks very seriously.

It is against this background therefore that we, the Members of the Caribbean Chapter of the International Network In Defense of Humanity, would like to remind all member states of the United Nations of their Constitutional power to bring the issue of President Trump and his flagrant and dangerous breaches of International Law before the UN General Assembly for collective discussion and for the prescribing of an appropriate response by the World community.

Article 11 (2) of the UN Charter establishes that “the General Assembly (of the UN) may discuss any questions relating to the maintenance of international peace and security brought before it by any Member of the United Nations…..and……may make recommendations with regard to any such questions to the State or States concerned or to the Security Council or to both….”

Furthermore, Article 20 of the Charter provides that “special sessions (of the General Assembly) shall be convoked by the Secretary-General at the request of……. a majority of the Members of the United Nations.”

In light of the foregoing, we — the Members of the Caribbean Chapter of the International Network In Defense of Humanity now hereby:-

(1) CALL upon the responsible and peace-loving Member States of the United Nations to join together in a collective effort to bring the issue of President Trump and his flagrant breaches of Article 2 of the UN Charter before the General Assembly of the United Nations ; and

(2) REQUEST that all responsible and peace-loving members of the human family support this CALL by:-

(a) attaching their signature, name and address to this CALL ; and

(b) forwarding this CALL to the Head of Government and Minister of Foreign Affairs of their country either via e-mail or by printing and sending a hard copy.




Obama – The Case for War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity

Submitted by Pachamama
Saudi Arabia's Prince Bandar bin Sultan al-Saud - Credit: The Wall Street Journal

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Bandar bin Sultan al-Saud – Credit: The Wall Street Journal

The failure of Saudi intelligence chief, Bandar Bush, to convince President Putin to withdraw political and other support from Syria in a visit to Moscow over two weeks ago was the trigger for the Western-backed false flag operation that may have led to the deaths of over 1400 Syrians in eastern Damascus. This is the same Bandar Bush who spent all day on 9/11 in the company of his brother George Bush, as POTUS. Bandar has been working surreptitiously for the past two years to topple the government of President Assad. This work was not unlike the skulduggery of 9/11, but grander. This time one of the PNAC objectives that inspired the self-inflicted wound was at work in the MENA countries known as the Clean Break Strategy. Bandar’s offer to Putin for economic and political concessions and corporation if he were to turn his back of Iran and Syria represented a final hurdle in widening the instability in the region in a cynical game of the exertion of power from Riyadh but given cover in the name of the hapless American people led by the serial war criminal, Barack Obama, for the first victim of war is the truth.

Base on their history, the proximity to events and very words of Bandar bin Sultan himself we are certain that this massacre of the innocent Syrian people was to construct a caucus beli for military action against a sovereign nation. But this does not represent a singular event. Obama has cold-bloodedly murdered 243 children by drone strikes in several countries; he is certainly complicit in the murder of tens of thousands of Syrians as he supports the Saudi and Qatari sponsored Al-Queda, Takfiris terrorist groups in Syria. The planned, criminal, humanitarian, intervention he is now implementing will likely kill many more Syrians. He has already murdered thousands of Libyans and even a head of state, leaving that country in a deepening chaos. This is a continuing war crime. He has been complicit in the deaths of 1400 Palestinians during December 2008. This is the same Obama who refuses to call what is happening in Egypt a military coup and supports a regime that has slaughtered thousands of Brotherhood supporters. With Bandar’s help he removed a legitimate government, democratically elected but who were guilty only of a gross misreading of the geo-political circumstance. This is a military which is using weapons supplied by Obama to murder Egyptians daily, but there will not be any action against this junta, for these are empire’s henchmen.

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Will No One Rid Me Of The Meddlesome Priest?

On 22 March 2012 the issue of David Weekes’ quest to procure A Request For Copies Of The Instruments Of Ratification [Caricom] was highlighted. In the period since there has been an interesting development.

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Guyana Trades Union Congress writes President Jagdeo on UN Int'l Year for People of African Descent

Lincoln Lewis, General Secretary Guyana Trades Union Congress

The United Nations dedicates 2011  The International Year For People of African Descent. The Guyana Trades Union Congress on January 17 wrote President Jagdeo to the effect demanding 25 items be addressed to make the year a meaningful one to eliminate racism to persons of African Descent. Other than an acknowledgement of receipt of said letter from the Office of the President, President Jagdeo has not communicated to the Congress, or made any efforts to address the concerns. Consequently, your support and solidarity is being sought to publish the attached letter to inform the Caribbean Community of efforts made by the Congress to eliminate African racism in Guyana and the deepening contempt the Jagdeo administration demonstrates to African Guyanese and their rights.

Champion Of The Earth Presides Over A Troubled Regime

In the Theatre of the Absurd anything is possible. And so it is that Guyana’s President, Bharrat Jagdeo, is among six winners from government, science, business and entertainment to be awarded this year’s United Nations Champion of the Earth prize, for leadership in environmental conservation…

Extra judicial killings are a way of life in Guyana

Bharrat Jagdeo has without doubt taken some steps to protect the amazing rainforests of Guyana, and this has earned him the title, Champion of the Earth. However, no matter how environmentally correct Jagdeo appears on the world stage, Champion of the Earth is no title for a man who heads one of the most corrupt and repressive regimes in the Caribbean and South America. Jagdeo is the leader of The Peoples Progressive Party (PPP), in power in Guyana for the last 18 years. The inconvenient truth is that Bharrat Jagdeo, so called Champion of the Earth, heads a death squad regime, charged with political assassinations and torture, and presides over a nation where disappearances and extra-judicial killings have become a way of life.

Acclaimed Internationally

Bharrat Jagdeo is, at the same time, acclaimed by an international audience.

Lord Stern, who is widely credited with changing global understanding of the economic impact of climate change, congratulated Jagdeo on his award, stating that “his tireless advocacy, particularly on the urgent need to protect the world’s forests, has made a tremendous contribution to the international climate change agenda.”
He added “I know that he (Bharrat Jagdeo) shares my view that a future high carbon world is one of disaster, and we must redouble our international efforts to build a prosperous, low carbon future.”

And Nobel Peace Prize winner, Professor Wangari Maathai, has also congratulated Bharrat Jagdeo. Professor Maathai said, “I would like to congratulate President Jagdeo on becoming a ‘Champion of the Earth’. His tireless work to keep the world’s attention on the importance of saving our forests has been an inspiration to many across the world. His leadership continues to remind us that progress is possible and that we can save the world’s forests while at the same time fostering prosperity and improving the lives of our people”.

How could Professor Mathai be talking about ‘fostering prosperity and improving the lives of our people’ in the same breath as the name Bharrat Jagdeo? We must assume that she is unaware of the reality in Guyana, where conditions on the ground tell a very different story. Despite the many attempts by Guyanese abroad and at home to bring international attention to the rampant corruption, repression and plunder of resources by Guyana’s ruling regime, it has proved very difficult to get the attention of the international media. Not of major geo-political interest in the region, and with a president who has been adept at achieving world recognition for his environmental efforts, the international media has simply regurgitated the flow of lies coming from the Guyana government. Even Al Jazeera’s recent brief coverage of a massacre in one of Guyana’s villages failed to come to terms with the reality on the ground, instead depending on the government line of ‘police against bandits’.

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And The Rich Shall Get Richer: What About the Poor?

The recent catastrophic earthquake which rocked Haiti has exposed one of the weaknesses of modern civilization; the failure to narrow the gap between rich and poor countries. Haiti is a country which has languished at the bottom of the ladder using any yardstick which measures economic and human development. During the period of struggle being experienced by Haiti its regional and international counterparts have failed to advance its economic and other infrastructural development.

Yesterday in the news reference was made to the richer nations (G8) failing to honour pledges made at the 2005 Gleneagles Summit recorded in the Gleneagles Agreement. Total aid pledged was $107bn (£68bn) in 2010 against 2005 pledged of $128bn, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has forecast. A recent study released by the OECD has tabulated the shortfall in pledges at 21 billion dollars. Countries expected to be most affected by the shortfall are those located on the African continent. As much as we hate to write it Blacks and non-Whites represent the bulk of the population of Africa.

Is it unreasonable to link the economic stagnation which exist in the world to race?

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What Is Your Agenda Mr. Peter Wickham?

Peter Wickham

Peter Wickham

Political Scientist and the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Talk Show Host Peter Wickham continues to display emotional outbursts directed at UWI lecturer Dr. Kean Gibson. We find it strange that Peter Wickham a political scientist who earns his daily bread by performing scientific analysis would depart from his training when dealing with the matter of racism in Guyana and the real possibility that these learned behaviours can be imported into Barbados given the significant number of Guyanese on the island, legal and illegal.

Dr.Gibson’s response to Wickham in yesterday’s Nation newspaper shows that she is very capable of defending her work and reputation. We have to disagree with Dr. Gibson when she opines that there are not enough Indo-Guyanese in Barbados to destabilize Barbados. The exact number of Guyanese resident in Barbados has been a mystery which has straddled two administrations. The closest we have gotten to a figure from an official source was when former Minister Maxine McClean who had responsibility for immigration matters exclaimed that the government’s best estimate is placed at twenty five thousand. The uncertainty in the number exposes our flawed immigration framework which has been a legacy of the former government. Continue reading