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Pay the $3.50 or Alternatively Drink the Poison

“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” ― Edward R. Murrow The blogmaster continues to listen to the fury in the feedback by Barbadians triggered by government’s decision to increase bus fare to $3.50.  After more than four decades has the national discussion changed about the state of public transport and the burgeoning sub culture which accompanies

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Minister Michael Lashley Struggling to Deliver Average Transportation Service

The following comment was posted by BU commenter Artax in response to a statement by BU that questioned Minister Michael Lashley’s ability to supply an efficient public transportation service in Barbados – Barbados Underground Transport Board has been STRUGGLING for months to put at least 85 units on the road per day. “How did (Lashley) plan to rollout a contingency?”

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Fixing Public Transportation

Submitted by Anthony Davis “FROM BAD TO WORSE.” That sums it all up! How do you expect people to be productive if they cannot get to/from work on time? It is very frustrating to hear: “We are having challenges with your services” after seeing buses with 2 or 3 passengers leave the terminal for destinations like Silver Hill which are

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