Mottley And Arthur At It Again

Leader of the Opposition Owen Arthur (l) Mia Mottley (r)

Owen said no to a private request for a meeting from Mia to discuss the Rawle Eastmond matter,  Mia went public with the request and Owen said no publicly. Political pundits can draw some easy conclusions from what has played out so far. Mia felt obligated to intervene on behalf of sitting Member of Parliament Rawle Eastmond who is a known sympathizer. Mia wants to align herself with the concern by Eastmond that there is ‘padding’ of the membership in St. James North. Mottley has been on the frontline pushing for constitutional reform of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP). Her act was also symbolic, to let Arthur and cohorts know that as a senior member of the party she will not be treated or ignored like a Johnny come lately.

The simplistic interpretation of events as they are being played out in St. James North: it is an internal party matter which should be left to the branch executive to apply the by laws of the BLP. A deeper understanding must be viewed through a political lens, that is, a public display of the widening fracture in the relationship between Mia and Arthur.

It should be obvious that Mia Mottley and Owen Arthur are not singing from the same hymn book. With a general election on the horizon this cannot be good news for BLPites and the electorate at large. The question being asked by interested observers is what caused the fracture. More importantly, what is preventing the fracture from healing?

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The Silly Season Is Upon Us

Harry Husbands, DLP Candidate for St. James North and VOB talk show regular Verney Hinds

Even as the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) continues to be consumed by internal squabbling, the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidates we understand have been beating the campaign trail. Can we expect Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart to announce the date of the general election soon which may catch the BLP with their pants down?

Above is Harry Husbands, the candidate for St. James North, who used the talk show with good effect to propagate his popularity. His strategy seems to have worked when popular octogenarian Verney Hinds, a regular caller on the VOB talk show solicited a promise from Husbands to build a culvert on a piece of land he has an interest.

We now declare the silly season open!