Sandra Husbands In a Class ABOVE Donville Inniss

Submitted by Debra Ifill

The Honourable Donville Inniss is one curious fellow.  Who exactly is he speaking to when he makes those public declarations as he does?  His current area of concern is the inefficiency, and lack of IT training in the Customs and Excise Department.  And no, he has no new policy or plan to remedy the issue.

Yes, I have a fascination with the honourable minister simply because I am of the St Jame South constituency, and I am from among that group of the public that never misses the opportunity to vote.  Therefore I pay close attention to the utterances of those who would seek to represent my interests.

What I would wish of the honourable minister, is for him to explain what he sees his responsibility to be.

Additionally, the government service on a whole has suffered from internal inefficiencies for sometime.  There is a point of view that the calf must be fattened since the government must be seen to be employing the people.  I have a similar view, however, I’ve always thought that yes, the government should employ majority of the people, but that it also lacks creativity in the implementation of this idea.

I also think that the state would benefit from better training of public servants, better and actual implementation of policies and processes, and overall better management.

Here’s the thing, I can offer up this critique in a public space as a simple citizen of the country.  It is not my responsibility to come up with the solutions, and then to seek to implement them.  Hence the reason I have always disagreed with the idea that citizens should shut up if all they can offer is critique.  In my view this is simply an attempt at silencing decent.  But I digress.

However, again I find myself having to point out that Donville Inniss continues to critique himself and his government with these ridiculous pronouncements.   Whether unwittingly or purposely  so, it seems quite juvenile and silly.   Unlike me, ordinary citizen X, he has the power to actually effect the change he sees as needed!

After eight years as a member of the sitting government, I think it a reasonable expectation for the honourable minister to be coming to the public with a report of what HE has implemented to correct existing inefficiencies.

We all know that inadequacies exist in many government departments.  However, it is not the governments’ role, on approaching the end of its second term to remind us; but to report to us what they have done to correct, any ills.

I attended the recent educational forum put on by the BLP candidate for the area Mrs. Sandra Husbands, and in my opinion at this time, she is looking to be in a class above and beyond Mr. Inniss.  Let us hope that others can see as I do.

Curious fellow indeed.

Sandra Husbands Lashes The Port Authority

Submitted by Brandford Padmore

Should we privatize the Port?

A familiar voice speaks about Port workers and the Union. It’s difficult to find a brutally honest public figure these days. The call to PRIVATIZE the Barbados Port Authority and send home all of those workers is understandable.

It seems like they take long to do jobs and are involved in a high level of _ _ _ .

Well Done Sandra Husbands!

Submitted by Phoenix

Donville Inniss      (DLP) Sandra Husbands (BLP)

David fights against the giant. Dressed in his simple tunic, carrying his shepherd’s staff, slingshot and a pouch full of stones, David approached Goliath. The giant cursed at him, hurling threats and insults.” Am I a dog that you send this kid to challenge me? “

We all know how the Biblical epic goes. David takes up the challenge and slays big able Goliath with a first time slung stone. Sounds very current and maybe soon familiar as first timer Sandra Husbands etches away into Donville Inniss, a second timer’s territory daily. St.James South constituency was the stomping ground for BLP Liz Thompson before the last elections when Donville dethroned the incumbent by a meagre 311 votes.

Donville Inniss has now had more than four years to rearrange the furniture to suit his end, but how well has he managed to do so is debatable? Husbands has managed to infiltrate, the Don’s accustomed largess and pittance with down to earth solutions for her constituents’ concerns and neighborhood needs. The Don has been using governmental debushing and cleanup resources to the max. Husbands with limited resources, has organized many fund raisers and re-started  The West Terrace community neighborhood watch. She was also instrumental in their crime prevention thrust.

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