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Farewell Your Majesty

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth, I was uncertain how to publicly respond. I believe all Barbadians are similarly uncertain. Many who dared express sentiments of mourning on social media were rudely set upon by persons accusing them of supporting colonialism. Then the Government’s most revered Cultural Ambassador wrote the song, “Good Riddance to Rubbish” in direct reference to Her

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Gabby is Right

Submitted by Tee White A poem by Barbados cultural ambassador, Anthony ‘Gabby’ Carter, on the death ofElizabeth Windsor, queen of England has generated unwarranted criticism fromcertain quarters on the island. The poem, reprinted below, points out some truthsabout the British monarch and her relationship to the crimes of British colonialism. For those with a strong allegiance to British colonialism, these

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Hear Our Prayer O Lord

Why does the act of praying become top of mind whenever there is a desire to be comforted? This observation is all the more real when those who invoke and participate in prayer are non believers. Those who watched The Grammys (2012) witnessed host LL Cool J kicking off proceedings with a prayer triggered by the passing of Whitney Houston. 

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