Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Revelation – We Rest

Last Sunday night during prime time an interview by Oprah Winfrey with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attracted 17 million viewers in the USA. The blogmaster did not watch but read a few of the reviews summarized by traditional and not so traditional media.

Several allegations (revelations) were introduced in the interview, however, the one that resonated with the blogmaster is the allegation the Royal family expressed a concern about the degree of blackness of the unborn Archie.

Why does the blogmaster care about the comment?

Meghan said her son Archie, now aged one, had been denied the title of prince because there were concerns within the royal family about “about how dark his skin might be when he’s born.

That was relayed to me from Harry, those were conversations that family had with him,” Meghan recounted in an interview with Oprah Winfrey aired on CBS late on Sunday.

Meghan declined to say who had aired such concerns, as did Harry. He said his family had cut them off financially and that his father Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, had let him down and refused to take his calls at one point.

The Irish Times

It was not long ago the world reacted violently to the 8 minutes and 46 seconds heinous act which triggered the resurgence of the #BlackLivesMatter movement in the USA and beyond. As a Black man living in a majority Black country full in the knowledge of the slave trade and its vestige which continue to plague our way of life two hundred years later- it was a dark revelation this time shared by insiders.

Do we need to be reminded the Queen of England is the titular head of Barbados?

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There is no need to prolix on this matter. The decision by the government of Barbados to move to a Republic with haste should attract little or no opposition from Barbadians post the Oprah interview. The decision by a majority of CARICOM countries to loiter on the steps of the UK Privy Council – continuing to recognize it as final court of court is again exposed – should frame a renewed legitimate call from the citizenry to recognize the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).

Since Barbados Underground came into assistance there has been voluminous writing about the pros and cons of Barbados shifting to a Republic. The blogmaster has been consistent in the view the growth of a majority Black sovereign nation must possess the cajones to recognize one of its own as head of state. After the horrific insight by Meghan AND Prince Harry on the weekend into the ethos which pervades Buckingham Palace and the royal family, all that is left to be said by ALL Bajans about if monarchy or republic is – WE REST.

Not Me and Prince Harry!

Submitted by DAVID  COMISSIONG, Citizen of Barbados

Image credit: Millennials Today

Image credit: Millennials Today

Henry Charles Albert David Windsor, also known as Prince Henry of Wales, is a Caucasian young man whose only claim to fame is that he once shocked his own British society by attaching a Swastika symbol to his arm and dressing up as a German Nazi!
Yet, our country’s Government Information Service has informed us– the citizens of Barbados– that our Barbados Government will be according this Nazi-costume-loving-young man a red carpet welcome, replete with ceremonial bowing and scraping on the part of our phenotypically Black or African Prime Minister, Governor General, Commissioner of Police and Defence Force Chief of Staff !
We have also been informed that the said Prince Henry (or Prince Harry as he is often called) will be presiding over such important elements of our 50th Anniversary of Independence celebrations as the “Reveal of the 50th Anniversary of Independence Monument ceremony” and the “Independence Day Parade” at the Garrison Savannah.
Well, I don’t know about the rest of my fellow Barbadian citizens, but this “News” has spoilt the whole 50th Anniversary Independence celebrations for me!
I was really looking forward to attending such historic events as the 50th Anniversary Monument ceremony and the Independence Parade, but my mind simply revolts against the very thought of standing or sitting in a crowd of my fellow Barbadians and watching this strange English Prince– or any other English Prince, Queen or King for that matter– presiding over such sacred national events.
To tell the truth, it really sickens me to the core that 50 years after allegedly achieving the status of sovereign, independent nationhood, our country still continues to bow down to Queen Elizabeth 11 and her “heirs and successors” as our Queen, Monarch and Head of State !
As far as I am concerned this is a national embarrassment of massive proportions !
And so, in order to spare myself what I know will be frightful pangs of embarrassment and psychic pain, I have decided that I will not be attending any of the 50th Anniversary of Independence events that Prince Harry will be presiding over.
I have decided to attempt to bring this decision to the attention of the Barbadian public because I suspect that there are many other Barbadians who feel exactly as I do, and I would like to make them aware of the solution to the issue that I have devised for myself.
I now take this opportunity to wish Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and all the other 29 Members of Parliament a happy and blessed Independence Day !

Prince Harry to Represent at 50th Anniversary Celebration: GIVE Him the Island for a Vacation AND Wedding

Meghan Markie

Meghan Markie

In less than three weeks Prince Harry will be in Barbados representing the Queen of England –our Head of State for the 50th Anniversary celebrations. The BU household would like to believe that whether monarchist or not a great moment for all Barbadians beckons. Young Prince Harry who has taken his royal duties and responsibilities with vigour and grace has been taken to task by the British media because of his relationship with Meghan Markie, a BLACK woman.

The 7 million budgeted by the government for the 50th Anniversary celebrations will be dollars well spent because the visit by Prince Harry will not be missed by the International press. There is a love affair by the Brits with Little England and we must take advantage of the opportunity to showcase the attractions Barbados has on offer. After all tourism s our business!

Given the grief being given to Prince Harry in his home town why not extend an all expense paid holiday in Barbados, girl friend Meghan Markie included of course.  Even better offer  him the key to the island to facilitate the hosting of his wedding when that time comes around.