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Non Exhaust and Exhaust Emissions a Problem

The blogmaster recognizes citizen advocate Kammie Holder the the tireless work championing issues of concern, especially in the role as Advocacy Director at the Future Trust of Barbados. The following was posted to the blogmaster’s Facebook timeline by Kammie Holder. David, blogmaster If we published our water quality we would not have a South Coast Sewage problem today. It would

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Burning Stuff, It Needs to STOP!

Submitted by Anthony Davis HOUSEHOLDERS ARE being urged not to burn rubbish or other debris around their homes. “Speaking after smoke from an early morning rubbish fire in the nearby district of Farm Tenantry, St. Peter, prevented classes from starting at the Alexandra School yesterday, Acting Chief Fire Officer Errol Maynard told the WEEKEND NATION that the practice was one

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Garbage and Pollution

Submitted by Charles Knighton Should those in authority ever tire of talking about the problems posed by noise pollution, smoke pollution from burning rubbish or garbage-strewn yards overgrown with bush, and actually decide to take action against the miscreants responsible (hopefully this will not resemble the recent “action” taken with the Belle squatters or those with supposedly illegal home additions),

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