Police Service Commission Should Have Passed Darwin Dottin’s File to the Director of Public Prosecutions to Seek His Arrest

Former Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin

Former Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin

The top story of the week stoked by the local media is that a newspaper snagged a video which was circulating on Facebook for over a month and posted a blurred image of two teens having sex in a classroom full in the knowledge they were being video recorded. BU has no doubt the public outcry provoked by this incident like all the others before will pass with nothing material done to address the factors at the root of juvenile and parental delinquency in our society. It must be said that the newspaper at the centre of the incident must have experienced a spike in sales.

This is one week  since the Police Service Commission Report to Retire Commissioner Darwin Dottin was released by BU and ignored by traditional media. How can anyone take the local media and the bevy of talk show hosts seriously when in one breath they pontificate about the moral issue emanating from the sex video, and rightly so, but ignore an issue which attacks a key plank in our governance system.  What separates Barbados from the rest has been our ability to maintain law and order on our little island. Despite all of our challenges Barbadians have always prided themselves in being a peaceful and law abiding nation.

While Barbados was consumed this week by the sex video saga the global media reacted to news that the USA (Big Brother) hacked the phones of prominent persons across the globe. All part of adhering to national security. And in Britain there was the news that the long awaited trial of Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson is set to begin, a case where two journalists are alleged to have hacked the phone records of members of parliament, members of the royal family and others – Phone hacking: Court told of tabloids’ ‘decade of deceit.

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BARBADOS MEDIA IGNORES RELEASE OF POLICE SERVICE COMMISSION REPORT: PSC Report Recommended the Retirement of Commissioner Darwin Dottin


Read the Recommendation of the Police Service Commission to retire former Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin – Read it and weep!



A System Of Policing Which Breeds Brutality, The Time Has Come For Reform

Jonathan Birchmore Richard Barrow (l), Melanie Shantelle Lakeisha Denny (r)

… King promoted a non violent philosophy and was killed. Malcolm promoted a philosophy of being non violent with those who are non violent with you. But don’t try to be non violent when people are killing, maiming your men women and children. The assassin’s gun found him also. Laws have changed but the people enforcing the laws are still acting the same. Amodou Dialo is still dead and the police that shot him 19 times are not held accountable. Brandon Johnson here in Indianapolis is beat unmercifully by three police officers that kick him in face until his eye is swollen shut, with his cheek bone broke and his teeth kicked out of his mouth. The prosecutor said he committed no crime still the police exonerated. Even if we wanted to forget, with the police still acting like this how can we forget. And the society keeps exonerating them which sends the signal its alright. Martin himself had the Deacons of Defense!! Have you forgotten? Man it is time for men to be men who have the nerve and courage to protect our women and children from this brutal behavior. Here in Indianapolis we have formed a militia to protect Brandon and his family. Bishop T. Garrott Benjamin, Pastor of one of the largest church’s here has just put up several hundred dollars to purchase a security system for the family. Hell, we aint going to be relying on police to protect our women and children. We are going to do it ourselves. Noooo!! We haven’t forgot. We REMEMBER!!Mmoja Ajabu

The story this week that two of our finest were charged for allegedly assaulting a Jamaican woman while in custody should be of concerned to Barbadians. It could not have come at a worse time for Barbados given the Myrie Affair which continues to get strong ‘airplay’ in the region. For too long we have heard stories about the behaviour of some members of our police force which betrays its credo to serve and protect.

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