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Honouring Laws in the Breach

Ryan Straughn

Yesterday the blogmaster allocated some time to listen to Minister Ryan Straughn’s (opening 40 minutes of the video posted) moving the second reading of the Amendment to Financial Service Commission (Amendment) Bill 2022. The purpose of the amendment was to validate a fee regime to support the Financial Services Commission (FSC) being financially self sufficient. The other reason was to

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Call to Account – Corruption and Mismanagement Rife @Transport Board

There is another important exercise unfolding in the Barbados Parliament. One of the most important working committees of parliament – PUBLIC ACCOUNTS COMMITTEE (PAC) – chaired by leader of the Opposition Reverend Joseph Atherley has been meeting to call to account the workings of the Transport Board. The revelations from the PAC so far corroborate the Auditor General’s several reports

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Public Accounts Committee and Auditor General MUST Recommit to Holding Public Officers Accountable

  This Committee scrutinises the value for money – the economy, efficiency and effectiveness – of public spending and generally holds the government and its civil servants to account for the delivery of public services. As delivery models for public services have changed, so the reach of the Committee, in following the taxpayer’s pound, has spread beyond government departments to

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How Did We Get Here? Read The Auditor General’s Reports!

Submitted by Douglas Some Barbadians, especially the social commentators and the likes of Harold Hoyte, Carl Moore. Patrick Hoyos, Albert Branford, Wild Coot, Tennyson Joseph, Allan Fields, Peter Wickham, Caswell Franklin, David Ellis, Denis Johnson, et al, still want to know how the country got into this economic situation. Some of us surely have very short or convenient memories. HAVE

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Owen Arthur Calls The PAC To Order To Investigate Malfeasance By Government Over The Marina Project

It has become patently obvious to the BU household that politicians in Barbados are members of a fraternity who will defend their ‘club’ even at the expense of the national interest. The two political parties have been latched on to a good thing for the last 30 years. Each party gets a chance to enjoy the ‘sweets’ compliments of the

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