Austin Sealy Says Keep Pressing On

Submitted by Bush Tea
Austin Sealy

Austin Sealy

From the Nation -August 17, Sir Austin calls to keep pressing on…. International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Sir Austin Sealy hopes that Barbados will not be disheartened by the modest performances at the Rio 2016 Olympics. Speaking last night on telephone link-up from the Copacabana Beach in Rio, Sir Austin told the MIDWEEK NATION that no stone should be left unturned in ensuring that Barbados make an improved showing in the future. “I know that there will be some disappointment with none of the athletes advancing and making an impact, but that is the way the cookie crumbles. We have got to keep trying and working hard and understanding what is required to do well at the Olympics,” he said.

This is the kind of convoluted thinking that explains the quagmire that Barbados has become. Here we have a recent knight – honoured for his now forty or so years of leadership in local sport, explaining the abject failure of local talent to shine in ANY WAY comparable to other Caribbean islands…calling for more of the same.

Did Sealy call for CHANGE?

Did he call for a NEW approach?

Did he critically assess the old approaches that CLEARLY does not work?

Did Sealy suggest that the current long-term leadership gracefully RESIGN?


None of the above. His advice is for us to continue ‘pressing on’…

What the hell!

But we all know why Sealy and his associates want to keep ‘pressing on’ with their luxurious lifestyles. We know how they personally thrive on the ‘fatted’ sports-calf – even as our athletes lack the most basic of requirements.

It is no wonder the DLP clings to power – even in the face of their own clear knowledge of their incompetence. It is no wonder that, even as their EVERY project fails; as their highly prized FOREX falls; as their every scam is exposed to public scrutiny and ridicule, …our leaders ‘press on…’

It is one thing for DEM to keep on doing the same thing and expect different results…but it is another thing altogether for US to be allowing clear jackasses to keep on riding US, as people ….. and expecting to EVER win.

Time To Dump Dead Weights Leaders – Jones, Stoute… Frundy?

Submitted by Charles Atlas

Steve Stoute, President BOA , Ronald Jones, President BFA, PM Fruendel Stuart

What is really wrong with Barbadians? There must be some kind of curse hanging over our heads. How else can we explain the proliferation of such mediocre leadership in so many areas of national life? Why does Ronald Jones think that he should impose himself on Barbados football for another four years? The sport has fallen into chaos – with falling rankings, a reputation for violence and hooliganism, low standards, and accusations of bribery under his watch. Even in his other conflicting national role he has shown his total inability to lead – best exemplified with the Alexandra affair.

In any other civilized country Jones would claim ‘personal reasons, medical reasons or just plain tiredness’ – and step aside to allow someone else to make an effort to turn things around. It is not as though there are no alternatives…. Randy Harris has shown himself to be more than capable of doing a better job in this position. One can only assume that Jones is hooked on the personal perks of the position and cares nothing about the success of football.

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Minister Lashley Goes To London

BU has received word that Andrea King did not travel with the Minister to London. The taxpayers of Barbados did not pay for her to go. She attended a trade forum there along with other Caribbean Cultural Industries workers/participants. Of interest also, she did not attend any of the Olympic events, at the time she was in closed incubator sessions throughout the duration of her trip.

Barbados Underground

Stephen Lashley, Minister of Sports

Every four years when the Olympics comes around the conversation becomes as predictable as the views of a political yard fowl. Of course how we manage merger resources to develop our human capital deserves to be a priority item on the national agenda. Successive governments have paid lip service to development initiatives which fall outside the traditional. Sports and the Cultural Industries are seen as ‘projects’ which are used to feed the fat cats and manipulate the masses with the lure of what is possible.

In the private sector successful companies in response to the challenging economic times have ramped-up tactics to ensure greater cost efficiency. Should the citizenry not expect our government to acknowledge the benefit of adopting a similar approach? World economies which Barbados depend on for our success have been on the skids for four years and counting. Despite this reality we have a government which has failed to convince the population of the parlous times. The Opposition has shown solidarity with government by promising the people that lifestyles built on consumption is sustainable. For some it does not take a crystal ball to see the fortunes of a little country careening downhill like a truck with no brakes.

Shani Davis And Others Doing Blacks Proud In Canada

Shani Davis, Gold Medalist at the 2010 Winter Olympics

Tiger Woods has always disowned his blackness. For all his time in the eye of the public we have read of his relationships with non-Blacks and this has firmed the perception that Tiger was socialized by his parents to prefer non-White people in his social circle. Until recently when his fabricated world was shattered by the revelation of his many infidelities, Blacks may feel cheated because Tiger at the zenith of his iconic status did little to promote Black consciousness in the world. Now the very media which until recently he controlled like a master puppeteer has unleashed a torrent of criticism and invective which has effectively sealed his legacy. Yesterday an unforgiving media forced Tiger Wood to do what he has resisted for 3 months in one of his most contrived and insincere press conferences held to date.

It is ironic the shattering of the hitherto preteen image which Tiger had spent millions to fabricate has occurred in the month of February, Black History Month. What does it teach us? There is the adage which Bajans of the old days remember “manners maketh man”. It is not money which defines who or what you are but your behaviour over time. The fall of Tiger Woods as a Black golfer who has achieved  in a White controlled sport, and all it represents, has placed a heavy dent in the Black psyche.

Against all the negatives which Tiger Woods has heaped on the backs of the already overburdened Black race, the good performances of Blacks in other areas of endeavours continue to illustrate the resilience of the Black race. In the Caribbean the Winter Olympics does not generate much interest. However in recent years it would have interest some in the Caribbean because of the exploits of the Jamaican National Bobsled Team at 1988 Winter Olympics.

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Beijing Olympics Online Ticket Scam leaves A Trail To Barbados

This is the British conman accused of masterminding an Olympic tickets scam that has fleeced fans around the world - Source The Mirror

On the right is the 49 year old British conman Terrance Shepherd accused of masterminding an Olympic tickets scam that has fleeced fans around the world/Image source the Mirror

Barbados Olympic Team as they participate in the Opening Ceromony in China

Barbados Olympic Team as they participated in the Opening Ceremony in China/Source BU family member

Even as the the Beijing Olympics is set to be unveiled to the world today with over one billion people across the world expected to tune in, little Barbados according to reports is being represented by a small team of six athletes. We take this opportunity to wish the team all the luck in the world because they will need it. In a previous blog we wrote about how Barbados needs to Stop Mekkin Sport At Sports. How on God’s earth will our part time athletes, who are not able to incorporate the required banned substances as part of their training regimen be able to compete with the top athletes in the world. The truth is we have our fingers and toes crossed for Jade Baily who seems to have what it takes to go all the way but…

To the point of this blog. One of the biggest Olympic online ticket scams has been uncovered. Terrance Shepherd a 49 year old Briton has been able to set-up an elaborate online network which has resulted in him pocketing millions of dollars at the expense of unsuspecting dupes. The scam is being reported to have affected people in Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Hong Kong … Continue reading

Stop Mekkin Sport At Sports

Dr.Esther Byer-Suckoo - Minister of Sports
Dr.Esther Byer-Suckoo – Minister of Family, Youth Affairs, Environment and Sports

Historically in Barbados the matter of a national sports program has been made sport of by most. How often have we observed the sports ministry tacked on to what are considered the more significant ministries. Over the years we can recall the sports ministry appended to the education and tourism ministries. Of late it has been given to Minister Esther Byer-Suckoo whose most substantive responsibility is for family, youth affairs and the environment. While Barbados has been ‘dippsy doodling’ with the management of sport, Jamaica, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago and other islands in the region have been investing heavily in their sports programs. Many of the countries named have realised the opportunities, financial and otherwise which sport offers to the youth and the country.

No longer can investing in a sports program be viewed as a trivial pursuit. The global sports industry has reached mega-proportion. Opportunities for our youth can now be had through scholarships with universities around the world, access to international professional contracts in several sporting disciplines with enormous benefits accruing at the national level.

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2008 Olympic Games, China, Cuba & Lies

olympic symbolIt is ironic that the Olympic Games which can be traced to Greek origin in 776BC, and despite the early hiccup when the games took place as part of a religious exercise, it soon evolved to one where it was used to celebrate the achievements of the human body. How many of our readers know that the early competitors were restricted to young males who had to compete in the nude? The winner was given a crown of olive leaves which to this day symbolizes hope and peace.

As we blog tonight there is tremendous controversy which shrouds the games and some say threaten the start. The political overtone which has increasingly enveloped the games in the last thirty to forty years conflicts with why the games were established so long ago. Like many we have become deeply saddened at how the games have become a political football and are quickly degenerating to nothing more than a side show.

The decision to host the games in Beijing, China is interesting on many fronts. At the top of the list is the need to question the relationship between the USA and Cuba and the USA and China. Cuba is a relatively small island which in defiance to the world and the USA in particular, has practiced a system of government the text book refers to as communism. The main characteristic of a communist system is the promotion of a classless and stateless society predicated on common ownership. Political scientists readily admit that the definition of communism or capitalism for that matter is far removed from what is the reality. They will also admit that the two ideologies are seen as conflicting in a modern world which prefers to promote capitalism at the expense of communism. It is interesting that China where the Olympic Games will be held from August 08 – 28, 2008 practices communism, a similar system of government to that of Cuba.

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