Choking on Mutton

Submitted by Grenville Phillips II
Draft plan of new National Stadium

In 1966, the Government or Barbados wanted urgent temporary stands at the Garrison to accommodate spectators of our Independence ceremony. Barbadian Engineers designed the prefabricated reinforced concrete stands which were constructed just in time. After our independence, those stands were dismantled and became part of our National Stadium, where they have stood for the past 57 years.

It appears that China has offered to demolish our National Stadium and rebuild another – as a gift to Barbados. That would seem to be a good thing. In underdeveloped and desperate countries, anyone opposing such a gift would likely be publicly criticised, ridiculed and persecuted to appease their Chinese benefactors. But we are not an undeveloped country.


In a developed country like Barbados, the Government should consider whether such gifts are in the national interest before accepting them on our behalf. The question that the Government must ask before accepting any gift is: ‘Is this a Trojan Sheep?’ A Trojan Horse is designed to harm a nation militarily. A Trojan Sheep is designed to harm it economically.

Some Trojan Sheep are obvious. If China gifted any of the following services to Barbados, the Government would immediately find them offensive. Further, local professional associations would kick-up dust at the brazen attempt to trick us with such obvious Trojan Sheep that are clearly designed to starve local industries into bankruptcy.

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Stephen Lashley, Gimme $10.00

Members of the BU household love sports. As we type this blog we are congregated in front of the TV watching the Grenada Invitational. Those who cannot access ESPN 2 here is the link to the online stream.

The image above shows an emotional coach of the St. Michael School athletic program being comforted by principal of the school Dr. Yvette Mayers after being regaled as the 2017 Barbados Secondary Schools Athletics Champion.  Check the beaming facial expressions of the athletes in the background. Does anyone doubt the positive effect participation and success in sport can have on the youth of a country?

While Grenada  just next door opened the Kirani Stadium today and is currently hosting 126 athletes from 26 countries. Our Minister of Sports Stephen Lashley is begging each Barbadians for $10.00 to refurbish the National Stadium. There is little need to prolix on this issue to state how we feel about the state of sports in Barbados.

The millions collected by the lottery every year -what do we have to show for it besides the bevy of officials who get to travel the world and stay at four and five star hotels including Minister Lashley? The ramshackle space that is the National Stadium is a sad reflection on where Barbados now finds itself.

The dilapidated National Stadium