Iran Seizes USA RQ-170 Spy Plane

Submitted by Sargeant


A story receiving very little attention is the news that the Iranians have in their custody one of the USAF’s most secret weapons a RQ-170 Spy Plane aka a “Drone”. Not even the closest of US allies have been able to get their hands on one of these machines let alone have access to its technological equipment.

When this story first broke the US said it had lost control of a drone which was on patrol over the Afghan/Iranian border and the US also hinted that it had crashed but there were sophisticated systems on board which would make it self destruct by fire on impact. The Iranians countered that they had the drone which they brought down by seizing control of its systems over its territory. I thought that the Iranians were engaging in some sort of propaganda war and certainly they were bluffing and didn’t have a complete drone, perhaps they had some burned out parts etc. Imagine a few days later the Iranian produced a complete drone looking like it just left the hangar and the US was left with egg on its face.

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Christianophobia v Islamophobia: Two Sides of the Same Coin – The Misguided Indoctrination of Domineering Fascists Christian Zionism and the Fractious Nature of Islamic Fundamentalists in Stymieing Religious Freedom

Submitted by Terence Blackett

The planet earth is under siege. The ravages of war and conflict precipitate. The colossus of negative political and religious spin ferments as the hearts and minds of men suffers from information fallout fatigue. The time honoured traditions of decadent, myopic socio-religious politics continues to meander through a maze of fractiousness, intolerance, instability and controversy.

Today, Tony Blair’s autobiography hits the book shelves describing his justification for starting the modern-day “CRUSADE” between what he and George Bush* calls radical Islam and Zionist Christianity. Jewry, Islam and Christianity continue to merge and feud at historical crossroads in an apocalyptic battle for supremacy. The sinister forces which have brewed this religious and political alchemy seek to exacerbate a clash of civilizations which will result in a doomsday nuclear holocaust where the embers will burn across the Middle East consuming everything in its path.

But is this blind arrogance on man’s part – or the manipulation of invisible forces outside the reach of cognitive human understanding?

Whatever the reason, moves are afoot to add fuel to that emerging fire, where a few weeks ago, (in the form of a resolution by Republicans in the USA House of Representatives) resolution, H.Res.1553 was tabled which provides unequivocal support for a surgical military strike against Iran according to the Huffington Post.

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Iran And Guyana Make Strange Bedfellows:Implications For Caricom

President Mahmud Ahmadinejad of Iran and President Bharat Jagdeo of Guyana

The President of Guyana Bharrat Jagdeo recently visited a few middle eastern countries, of interest to some was the visit to Iran. BU finds it surprising that we have had little if any analysis in the local media about what motivated the visit to Iran and possible implications for the region. It should be noted that Guyana is a sovereign nation and is solely responsible for shaping its foreign policy.

Press reports suggest that and a MOU was signed with Iran which will see Iranian medical doctors  fill shortages at state [Guyana] hospitals and build a medical school to train students and junior physicians. Additionally, Guyana is to benefit from a $1.5 million grant to target the healthcare system and resources to map mineral resources. Other countries like Jordan and Kuwait provided financial and other resources.

The foreign policy positioning of the Jagdeo led Guyana seems at odds with that of other countries in Caricom. Given the intrigue of geopolitics at large, it seems surprising to see Guyana formulating a foreign policy which could see it at odds with the only super power. Despite the boast of being a sovereign country it is one of the lowest rated if measured by GDP or HDI. Taking on a conflicting position with the USA might prove unwise.

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