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Journey to Nowhere

Some of us have been following the Danny Fenster story, a US journalist sentenced to 11 years in prison by the Myanmar government for alleged breaches to immigration and terrorism laws. Thankfully the latest news is that Fenster was released and should be back in the USA soon. The blogmaster hesitates to use the word empathetic to hint at being

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Speaking Out And The Pitfalls

It is interesting that in Barbados we are discussing the importance of implementing effective Integrity and Freedom of Information legislation at this time. Barbadians especially have become enamored with the idea that we have a well functioning democracy which will just keep hopping along with little or no effort from us. Some members of the BU family have been very

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Why Does China Strongly Support The Myanmar Government?

Beijing’s silent support for the Myanmar government and its brutal suppression against its people angers the international society. Even Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Price laureate and a South African cleric, a religious leader who is seldom involved in international politics, came out and urged China to intervene in the confrontations in Myanmar or he (the Archbishop) would “join a

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