Why Rush To Waste-To-Energy Plant Instead Of Recycling?

Submitted by Kammie Holder

Minister Denis Lowe

I am all for development of alternative sources of energy but not if a dioxin spill is possible. I am attending the premiere of the Climate Change Film Series entitled “Partnership for Resilience” at the Hilton. This film series is sponsored by UKaid, CaribSave, British High Commission Bridgetown, and Australian AID. The Honourable Dr Denis Lowe spoke to a low carbon and green economy. What have me puzzled in another breath the Minister speaks of a Waste to Energy plant where garbage would be burnt to generate energy.

A Government Senator has informed me that this $400 million plant will be using brewery mash and animal offal as feed stock. Thus I need to ask the under mentioned questions.

Why no partnership exist whereby householders can have 1.5kwh Solar Power plants at US5,000 with this $400 million?

Can someone find out from the environmental Minister if a low carbon economy does not mean Carbon Dioxide reduction?

Does not increased Carbon Dioxide lead to increase acidity of seas which is causing bleaching of coral leading to the death?

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A Mad Decision By The DLP Government

From the Facebook Page of Agyeman Kofi

The Barbados Labour Party spent $30 million in Greenland despite the protestation of lone wolf Richard Goddard. In the year 2011 money is still being spent on a project that will not happen.  Dr Denis Lowe and the DLP is about to commit folly in burning $400 million to burn garbage in a Waste to Energy plant in St Thomas. Now would you believe this is the same government that wants to promote Community recycling? Would you believe this is the same government which is getting millions from the IADB for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency?

Why speak about the environmental issues and now decide to set up a plant which will produce fly ash, Dioxin and acid rain? Imagine I had a discussion with a minister who is framing this decision and he had not a clue on what is recycled in Barbados. Let me tell the population of Barbados who care that six months after the Nuclear Incident Japan which was not suppose to happen high radiation levels are still being detected. In January 2011, residents of Checker Hall and surrounding areas where seen sweeping up tons of Ash from the Arawak Cement Plant after their Scrubber had broken down. Do any of you recall hearing anything from the Government or Environmental Protection Department.

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Oh No Minister Kellman

Denis Kellman, Minister of Environment, Water Resources and Drainage

Here is what is being written on Kammie Holder’s Facebook Page about a speech delivered recently by new Minister of the Environment:

Ministers of governments must do research before just reading any speech prepared for them.  The money we will put in a Waste to Energy plant  can be better utilized in Renewable Energy. Where will the toxic dioxin be dumped and if the scrubbers breakdown? Tell the investor wheel and come again. Bhopal is still fresh in our minds and we will not survive a Dioxin spill or can we afford an accident. Why do we listen to investors who come and talk pretty with the only motive being profit. Enact legislation to encourage persons to sort their garbage and provide incentives for companies to recycle, reuse and reduce. When will our leaders learn?

I have tagged ministers of government past and present, doctors and an undertaker as he can expect more persons to die from cancer if we so foolishly accept a waste to energy plant in Barbados. Let St Lucia brag about been the first at least there a down wind of Barbados

Here is a press release released by Greenpeace in 2004 which appears still to be relevant.

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