Digital-National ID Coming

The blogmaster watched with interest the CBC TV8 People’s Business show last weekend and took note of the heavy focus government is placing on digital transformation in the public sector. What is good about the project is that inefficient processes will have to be updated to support several implementations promised. Congratulations to who appeared on the TV show in his role as government’s E-commerce Coordinator for the digital transformation project. Under the late Prime Minister Owen Arthur public sector reform was the buzz project, we wish this administration well with digital implementations in the public sector. It will not be easy given the entrenched culture.

It was also good news to read about the launch of the Barbados Digital ID and National ID Card Replacement Project. It is long overdue given the pace at which technology as advanced in the last 15 years. The previous government started a similar project and after squandering hundreds of thousands of dollars in consulting and hardware costs it was a stillborn. The blogmaster hopes second time around taxpayers monies will be better guarded.

In recent weeks the government announced the pay for driver’s license initiative supported by home delivery by the Barbados Postal Service. The blogmaster takes this opportunity to recognise the transformation at the unit responsible for issuing a Police Certificate of Character. From a distance we seem to be heading in the right direction albeit too slowly.

People’s Business TV Show – 30 August 2020

Covid 19 Forces a Rush to Implement Digital Transformation

The COVID 19 period has redefined the new normal in the world. Whether a small, medium or large business, business models have had to be rejig deliver goods and service safely and economically. Government departments comfortable for decades with operating under layers of bureaucracy have been forced to join the rush to deliver services via electronic channels.

To the credit of the Mottley government a high priority was already being given to a digital transformation program before the pandemic struck. The nature of the coronavirus pandemic has given greater urgency to implementing government’s digital transformation program in both private and public sector.

It was timely to travel to the St. George North branch meeting to hear first hand Minister of  Innovation, Science, and Smart Technology Senator Kay McConney deliver a presentation on Sunday on the status of Government’s digital transformation programme. Given the large slice of critical services which government delivers to the public, it is an imperative Minister Kay McConney earns her pick.

 Listen to the Senator by fast forwarding to 1hr 02 min of the video.

Transform Digitally or Die

A famous quote by Leon Meggison might answer this question.“ It is not the strongest
of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives

The quote attracted the attention of the blogmaster while reading the attached article distributed by the IADB titled Could Digital Transformation Help the Caribbean become More Resilient to Natural Disasters? Anyone with a grip of the reality of the state of Caribbean economies appreciates that although the authors are well intention in the role technology can play to optimize activity in a disaster period, the prevailing ethos of the public service in the region makes this a huge challenge.

The blogmaster is tempted to opine that based on business requirements informed by the need to be efficient to make best use of scare resources, Permanent Secretaries in the Civil Service should be at the vanguard of digital transformation. Instead, we have to charge this group responsible for running the day to day affairs of state with being complicit with the political class in undermining the efficiency of government. The political class in Barbados are unanimous in the view- if we are to judge by policies enunciated through the years- that the pubic service should be used as the employer as last resort. Such an approach runs counter to the views expressed by the authors of the IADB article.

Clearly there is the evidence that the traditional business models utilized by the region have started to yield diminishing returns by any measurement, grasping new opportunities to build a digital economy is a nobrainer.

Read the full article: Could Digital Transformation Help the Caribbean become More Resilient to Natural Disasters?


Reverse Esoterics: The Arcane Transhumanist Deception Agenda, Digital Cosmology and Man’s Quest To Raise ‘The Immortals’

Submitted by Terence Blackett

“What the Empire fears most is the man who cannot be corrupted – bought or sold at any price” – Anonymous

The Blue-Bloods and the Black Nobility families of Europe have been solely responsible for all the corruption and evil that exist in the world today. They were the ‘Enlightened Ones’ – the ‘Illumined Ones’, whose core doctrines drew from the wells of Biblical, historical and anthropological antiquity – going all the way back to the sons of Ham (THE CANAANITES) and the sons of Esau (THE EDOMITES), to the fallen sons of Jacob (THE DANITES). These fallen sons of God (Bene-Ha-Elohim) including “THE POSTMODERN ‘ITES” in the land, would spread their tentacles of agathokakological wickedness and spew their puerile pus of evil upon the earth, in every form of Satanic and human worship, pagan idolatrous practices and avowed deception – entrapping countless billions of souls over four millennia.

In the clamour of the blood, guts and gore of the Protestant Reformation’s fervour of the ‘Dark Ages’, the Medici Clan of Italy by 1463 was one of the most Satanic and bloodthirsty elite bloodlines of the Black Nobility in Renaissance Europe – uncontested as the purveyors and custodians of “The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus” – they created an unholy trinity of Hermeticism bred upon Mt Hermon by the fallen sons of God according to books of Jasher and Enoch – masked as man’s energumenical knowledge quest to be his own ‘god’’ through a network of “alchemy, astrology and theurgy”.

Thus, in the violent throes of the Protestant Reformation across Europe and the Catholic murder of over 50 million Christians, the time-tested maxim became clear: “if you can’t beat ‘em, subvert ‘em”, and this virulent ideology became as insidious as any which has ever graced the annals of mediaeval antiquity. By 1509 to 1513, Gasparo Contarini, one of the leading noble families in Venice, had created a group which became later known as (‘i-spirituali’) – who would set in motion the future stated goals of the New Age Movement to destroy monotheistic religion and return man to outright paganism by using the deconstructionist penchant of Aristotle’s philosophy, having previously rejected Plato’s methodological interpretations of perfection, that was thought to bring man closer to his Creator.

Today in the 21st century fragmented colloquium, (‘i-spirituali’) is now based on the reverse esoterics of digital cosmological and a patently narcissistic created world based on (‘i-Phone technology’) where human consciousness is being computationally and mathematically modelled to the point where the manipulation of quantum consciousness is no longer light years away but researchers have created a modem to the brain that will upload and download synthetic versions of technology in order to be able to control up to a million neuron pathways. DARPA projects like this, will not only create enhanced human capability but the end-goal is to create Satanic super-soldiers and super-human life forms – confirming the inviolability of Darwin’s survival of the fittest hypothesis!

This genesis of man’s quest for immortality at his own hands goes way back to the “Forbidden Tree” in the Garden of Eden based on Creation theology and some today, see Aristotle’s primordialist, pre-Neo-Darwinist hypothesis purported to imply that the Creator had nothing to do with the unfolding of the universe and/or the continuity of the creation-process. For Aristotle’s view saw that man’s progress, as merely illusory time/space distanciation, removing us from the ethereal world confines of a Creator God. Aristotle also believed in no right or wrong; as knowable truth was empirically, quantifiably, and damnably imperceptible – incapable of being measured. Aristotle believed only in ethics, but with no human variables housed in morality, but moreover, that ethics was merely a matter of [socially] constructed convention. Aristotelianism then became the prepubescent oligarchical disease that would mire classical, modern and postmodern Western society with the ravages of Occult Kabbalism and every other dubious evil known to mankind – a world of reverse esoterics based on an arcane transhumanist deception agenda – (a video that is well worth watching)!

Looking back at this 16th century culture war that would inevitably carpet-bomb England with the shrapnel fragments of freemasonry practices – creating an impenetrable fortress for the Synagogue of Satan to lay its destructive plans based on an ethos of conviviality amongst its adherents – using Britain as the hub from where circumnavigation of this specious ideology would proliferate across the then known world, to become propagated as the Venetian Deception. Nothing was spared! No institution, monolith, ideology or Enlightenment treatise remained uncontaminated by its ‘imago viva Dei – for the ‘gods of Mt Olympus’ had come down to wreak havoc upon the besmirched souls of ignorant men. It was Christianity (only) that asserted that all men were created in the image of Almighty God, but now the Venetian oligarchy was intent on creating a world created in its own image and dictated by its own nefarious likeness!

In the book by Thomas Horn & Cris Putnam – “On the Path of The Immortals” he cites: “This is the ‘Secret Knowledge’, the scientific imperative, informed and driven by spiritual advisers that the Bible cites as key to the opening of the gateway to the ‘gods’.” It is Entemenaki, Baba-alu, the opening of the Abzu, the doorway to Hell.” Horn & Putnam’s book elucidates man’s vain quest for that secret knowledge of the ancients – Gnosticism and Alchemy which opened the Occult door to Rosicrucian theories and the birth of freemasonry; the multifarious backdoor sciences of Satan displayed in a posthumous velum of what we know as Hermeticism (the modern variant of all secret scientific knowledge of all secret orders and elite bloodlines). These Western esoteric traditions are no more questioned today as is the Genetically Modified Organisms in our food, medicines or in our spiritual spaces. This is how far down the rabbit-hole mankind has fallen! This is how “DUMBED-DOWN” we have become where we supposedly question everything (thinking we are “WOKE”) yet question nothing of any real serious import because the cerebral geo-engineering and nuanced programming brainwashes us into focusing on insular, localized and fluid geopolitical shenanigans which has precious little to do with the overall picture of our daily lives!

The transhumanist deception agenda has created a world where nothing that is framed as reality can be trusted. Fake money has become the foundational premise upon which mankind has built his monolithic structures including our daily, disjointed and disconnected lives. Men have moved from gold (God’s currency) to silver (which was as common as stones in the days of King Solomon) to cryptocurrencies (a Satoshi Nakamoto created algorithm platform with all its vagaries) where virtual wealth is now created from out of thin air. So men serve “mammon” in the hope that it will bring them into some concocted version of eternal bliss and salubrious comfort, but if history is any gauge of the future – the outcome is always one of eventual dire tragedy. Men put faith in fake banking; as a result, it has left those of us who are “SAVERS” with near 0% interest rates, while the said Banksters loan our money at exorbitant rates to those who need credit facilities to fund their projects and their daily lives. Fake pension pots and a fake stock market (where Bulls & Bears coexist in synergistic harmony) see bubbles ebb and flow like the waters at Miami Beach and only God knows the true extent of the Pyramid Scheme that has been created by the medievalist Black Jewish Nobility of “moneychangers” and money-lenders in Renaissance Italy of the 1400’s – orchestrated to rob us blind today.

There is more faith in fake economic theory postulated and computationally fed into Stata and “R” software programs, as econometric models housed in quantum algebraic formulas that would please Albert Einstein’s lesser self – while the captains of industry and entrepreneurship promise a 4th industrial revolutionary world, where cyborg science fiction becomes science reality fact – a two-tier world of fake politics run by a global elite of Blue-bloods and Black nobility operatives, who control every aspect of human life through the insidious harbingers of technology. So forget about localized polyTRICKS and the machinations of which political party will bring more VA-VA-VOOM to the table – it’s all a planned colossal CON!

Reverse esoterics means more fake elections! Your leaders are not ELECTED – they are SELECTED! The ‘dark forces’ which operate in the shadows decide who assumes power based on their capacity to sell-out the citizenry and line the pockets of their masters. So for those who place their trust in fake government – they will always be grossly angered and disappointed when those you defend turn your world into despair and despondency in not fulfilling their Manifesto promises to you. Any trust in the arm of flesh will be nothing more than a fool’s paradise – a place where beggars become princes and fools rule by their own decrees.

Fake history is now being rewritten given that the victors have always been the ones who have had the literary authority to decide what version of their story will be heaped upon the masses. Life is nothing more than a cricket match where the game is “FIXED” and those who “SPIN” knows how and when to bowl a googly.

Every facet of life is being controlled. Fake science has created fake agriculture which in turn has created fake Frankenstein foods which has led to fake medicine providing a Band-Aid for what is now an incurable condition – as the ‘gods’ of fake modern commerce profit off the backs of docile, DUMB-DOWNED humans who have place more trust in doctors, lawyers, LIAR-politicians, preachers and others, than they place in the secrets of nature which God has skillfully provided for the healing of the nations.

So while the ignorantly hurting languish in the cesspool of fake entertainment based on fake sport, fake news mediazation, fake sexuality and fake reLIEgion – the elites provide more and more fodder to meet the insatiable appetite of this carnivorous monster who gobbles up everything in its path with no visible satisfaction and no possibility of any end-goal in sight.

The foibles of reverse esoterics presupposes that fake education is the answer to our issues and ills, as young people rack up astronomical DEBT to fund brain warped academic courses which have precious little life application and ill-equips most for a world in quantum flux – heading headlong in a quagmire of fake consciousness about the world and the way it ought to be run for the many and not for the malevolent few.

Sadly, there is hardly anything that can be trusted in our world – for even fake advertising spins a tangle-web of intrigue that would please Edward Bernays – as propaganda is the insalubrious tool used by those who seek to wipe our consciousness of any rhyme or reason.

Even fake justice today is construed and constructed on the walls of fake law practice and fake jurisprudence! The quality of mercy according to Shakespeare is truly strained and in a world where fake money is the ‘god’ of the age – if your pockets are not lined with Bitcoins or 999.9 gold bullion, do not expect to solicit the fake legal justice in any court of law if the crime is embellished in the court of human opinion and the odds are stacked virulently against you, although you may be innocent.

In conclusion, the reverse esoterics of fake technology has not brought us together as a species – moreover, it has created a world where interconnectedness has never been more erratic, spasmodic, patchy, scrappy, bitty and piecemeal. After 1000’s of years of human existence upon this God-forsaken planet, mankind continues to show that it is virtually impossible for them to live together with any meaningful semblance of normality or harmony. Good luck to the dark forces that somehow believe that they can herd men into some kind of collective evolutionary sheep-pen given the creation of a hyper-reality world that would validate the postulations of Jean Baudrillard, where men can live as ‘gods’ – every man existing under his own vine and under his own fig tree.

Enough said!