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Speed Dials and Privileges

Submitted by BU Regular In Barbados speed dialing is usually reserved for your closest friends, your bestest buddy. That person who can get you out of jail or the mud if you need to. It is with passing interest therefore that a reputed “businessman” who was previously charged for trafficking of drugs from an area associated with certain activity was

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Police ‘Raids’ Red Sea In Deacons, Alleged Police Brutality

In light of recent developments BU sees value in highlighting a blog originally posted in 2011.

BU understands the Barbados Police Force ‘raided’ the area known as the ‘Read Sea’ in Deacons Road on Saturday 22nd January 2011. During the ‘raid’ five persons were arrested. Among those arrested were photo journalists Sandy Keisha Pitt, 32 years of Bush Hall, St. Michael, for the offence of assaulting a police officer in the execution of his duty and Cheri Alisa Pitt, also of Bush Hall, St. Michael, was arrested and charged for, failing to move and keep moving, armed with a weapon adapted to cause injury, assaulting a police officer in the execution of his duty and resisting a police officer.

BU now publishes an alleged account of an incident which occurred. The account does not reflect the opinion of Barbados Underground.

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