Deltro Group (Del Mastro): Here We Go Again

Former MP Dean Del Mastro in handcuffs

Former MP Dean Del Mastro in handcuffs

Here we go again!

Even before the Cahill Energy Scam has been forgotten, enters Del Mastro centre stage.

Deltro Group (Del Mastros) is reported to be responsible for constructing a 20 megawatt solar farm on 70 acres of land somewhere in Waterford for which he has received concessions from the Barbados government.

What does Del Mastro’s Solar Farm have in common with Cahill Energy?

Little or nothing is known about the principals of the Canadian Energy company AND what is known is unflattering. The unwillingness of this government to share information with Barbadians who elected them to serve will go along way to secure the legacy of the Stuart administration, one of the most secretive in our post Independence history in Barbados.

BU found it to be embarrassing business to read and listen of exchanges between Dean Del Mastro, reported to be CFO of Deltro Group and local entrepreneur Bizzy Williams. Why is this news if our government led by Denis Lowe and Donville Inniss have not adequately shared the nature of the relationship with these Del Mastro people? Would this type of transaction unfold the way it has so far in Barbados in a developed country?

How insulting to the people of Barbados in the build up to 50 years of Independence. Say Pride and Industry anyone?

A couple simple questions for our government:-

  1. What is the track record of Deltro Group in the solar power business?
  2. What concessions have been offered to Deltro Group by government?
  3. Was due diligence done by the government on the Del Mastros who appear to fit the definition of Politically Exposed People (PEP)?

BU family member Due Diligence unearthed the following blog to support positioning Deltro Group front and centre for investigation by the BU family.

Click the link: I Guess The Barbados Has An Open-Door Policy Toward Felons


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BTII: Investment and its Importance to the Local Economy

Sen. Darcy Boyce, Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, Investment, Telecommunications and Energy

Sen. Darcy Boyce, Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, Investment, Telecommunications and Energy

Positioned on the periphery of local politics, the independent is always forced to chuckle. The idea that Senator Darcy Boyce was CEO of the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc (BTII) between 2004 and 2007 reporting to former minister Noel ‘Barney’ Lynch is reason enough.

BU will continue our remit to shine a bright light at the underbelly of Bajan society much to the annoyance of the establishment. Politicians on both sides have become very comfortable issuing vacuous promises to a largely forgiving electorate. The coming of transparency legislation indeed!

All agree tourism along with attracting investment are critical  to a vibrant local economy. The agencies responsible for overseeing related activities are expected to bring a good game.  Have a look at the BTII website which has… committed [itself] to this development and invites investors around the world to evaluate our investment opportunities and work with us in profitable and beneficial projects. You too can benefit from our success by taking advantage of tourism investment opportunities on the island…Local media has credited the BTII with leading the agreement to purchase Heywoods property known as Almond Beach Village.

BU is willing to offer the management of BTII an apology if proved wrong but the website appears not to have been updated  since 2006. Here is a snippet:

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Government's "New" Old Policy

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

It is becoming very painful to watch the Stuart Administration govern this country. As a proud and loyal Barbadian who put country first, it hurts when my Government continually foul up and blunder. It is obvious to me if no one else that they had a plan to capture the Government in 2008, but thereafter they had no plan to govern and their every action is showing it. Consequently, they lunge from one ill-conceived policy decision to the next.

I was on time to hear Senator Darcy Boyce announce some initiatives in the Senate that were designed to attract high net worth persons to relocate to Barbados. I could not believe my ears when he detailed the specifics, so I waited for media reports to verify. On the back page of the Wednesday, June 20, 2012 edition of the Nation, under the headline, OK TO INVEST, my disappointment and embarrassment for this Government were confirmed.

From what I heard and read, it would appear that Government was merely repackaging some aspects of the existing Immigration Act and proudly trumpeting them as new. Whoever advised the Government should have read the Immigration Act. According to the Minister’s announcement, persons would now be entitled to stay in Barbados on special entry permits if they satisfy certain criteria and they are either: parents of citizens of Barbados; retirees with means to support themselves; or investors. These new measures have already formed part of the laws of Barbados and have been so since the 1970s, specifically, they can be found at section 6 of the Immigration Act which states, in part:

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A Few Questions For Minister of Finance Mr. Chris Sinckler

Submitted by Phil Collins

Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance and Senator Darcy Boyce at the centre of the Pierhead dispute

The controversy over the Pierhead Marina and the award of the contract to non-bidder, SMI Infrastructure Solutions (SMI) is well known. For the sake of completeness it should be noted that the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SMI since February 2011 when the Minister of Finance, with much fan fare announced shortly thereafter that construction work on the Marina would commence within 12 months.

Under section 5.0 of the MOU it was agreed that: “SMI will arrange financing through a third party for the work to be done under this MOU”. In other words SMI would be responsible for funding the new Marina design which was being undertaken by its prime marine engineering consultant, W F Baird and Associates.

On Monday 31st October 2011Citicorp Merchant Bank Limited advised the Government of Barbados that it was unable to raise the Bds$40.0 million on behalf of SMI. On the 1st November 2011 the CEO and Chairman of BTI were invited to meet with the Permanent Secretary of Investment in the Ministry of Finance and the Minister of Finance, Mr. Chris Sinckler to discuss the situation.

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Darcy Boyce Please COMMUNICATE, You Are The Servant

Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office, Senator Darcy Boyce

Glaring examples of a lackadaisical communications policy of the government continues to manifest itself to even the least discerning. Today’s headline story in the Sunday Express of Trinidad reveals Barbados also has an interest in oil blocks which Trinidad is seeking to exploit yet only Grenada is defending their interest. Is Senator Darcy Boyce who has responsibility for the ministry with responsibility for offshore oil resources asleep?

BU takes the opportunity to entreat Boyce to come clean on matters related to the Pierhead Marina Project. Didn’t Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler signal in a ministerial statement last year the project would be mobilized in January 2012? What about the clean up of the oil Mobil site as Needhams Point which is likely to see court action brought against the Government. What the hell is going on? Can OUR government (Boyce) please COMMUNICATE with us? We should also ask leader of the opposition whither PAC action on this matter as promised?

The lack of communication cannot be the preserve of mere servants who mistakenly see these roles as Kings would their fiefdoms!

A copy of the Express article is pasted below for easy access:

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About Drill Darcy Drill

Submitted by Looking Glass

Why can't we focus on developing a fishing industry?

We were told that after the 2006 Hague Tribunal Barbados/Trinidad Maritime dispute the BLP decided to go ahead with an Offshore Exploration and Production Program. About 70.000 square kilometres were divided into strips and oil companies were invited to explore the waters off the Northeast coast. There is no oil within our Exclusive Economic Zone.

The fact that there is no oil within the waters of our Exclusive Economic Zone leaves one to conclude that the BLP’s intention to accommodate oil drilling there was a bad pipe dream. Yes there is oil on the Rock but how much remains unknown. The oil is located in and around the heavily populated centre of the island. Grantley Adams and Errol Barrow said no to the oil company the current PM has accommodated (About Rising Prices and Oil). Fortunately the drilling there if/when started is likely to be short-lived.

Yes Guyanahas facilitated offshore oil drilling in part of the oil vein that extends into Venezuela. However the drilling is within its Exclusive Economic Zone. Given that no oil exists in our waters were we hoping for international jurisdiction to delimit the area thereby making it accessible to others in the region?

Related Link: Drill Darcy Drill

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Bridgetown Pierhead Marina Project – Government of Barbados Faces Possible Law Suit Over The Award Of Contract To Signature Management Inc

Michael Lagan, Chairman

The Nation Newspaper today carried the story of a threatened law suit of $60 million dollars by Lagan Construction, a British company, against the government of Barbados. Lagan Construction is reacting to government award of the contract for building the Barbados Marina Project to Signature Management Inc for a bid which trumped Lagan’s by 23 million dollars.

The following was posted by a commenter to BU on another blog which purports to encapsulate the facts of the issue. BU believes it is an important matter to merit separate scrutiny by the BU family.

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