2023 Top 11 Cyber Security Tips For The Caribbean

Submitted by James Bynoe,
International Cyber Security Leader 
Global Chief Information Security Officer
  • Whether in the private/public sectors or a small village shop maintaining an accurate inventory of all your internet connected systems and services is critical to protecting your entire organization from international cyber criminals, hackers, hacktivist, script kiddies and many more attacker types. Today many publicly reported data breaches worldwide occur in part or whole due to poor asset and inventory control which often leads to poor management and updating of systems connected to the internet. These factors when combined create a perfect opportunity for compromise by malicious actors or cyber criminals. 

Key Question for Your IT Support Team or Yourself: 

  • Do we have an up to date asset inventory of all systems and devices,  and are they running routinely updated operating systems? Additionally are you have a ‘good’ anti-virus and malware protection application running (free is not always good) on all computers and laptops which is also routinely updated?  
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Who cares some faceless person stole information from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital?

A recent report caused the blogmaster to search BU Archives.

As far back as 2014 with the support of vested parties led by subject matter expert James Bynoe, several blogs highlighting the threat posed by cybersecurity were to Barbados Underground – list a FEW- Understand Internet Data Privacy: What should you know and expect, Website Defacement Cyber threat to the Caribbean and Caribbean Businesses, Organizations and governments and people could be losing millions to cyber criminals and hackers and don’t know it appeared. For those interested do a search using ‘cybersecurity’ of the BU Archives.

Last week it was reported the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) suffered a cybersecurity incident. Another way to explain it – information was stolen from QEH’s database by unknown parties. So far the official and sanitized explanation is – “the QEH was taking all necessary precautions to protect the integrity of our systems ans patient privacy“. On December 14. 2022 the QEH issued a report indicating changes to its operations because of the cybersecurity incident – Temporary Changes At QEH Due To Internet Outage.

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Caribbean Cyber Security Awareness Month: “Be Aware, Be Proactive”

Submitted by James Bynoe (Caribbean Cyber Security Center)

Stay safe Onnline

Stay safe on the Internet

October is Global Cyber Security Awareness Month and it remains critically important to engage all Barbados public and private sector stakeholders – especially the general public – to becoming more aware of the many internet risks, threats and vulnerabilities facing us daily at home, school and work.  Based on regional cyber security incidents within the last 18 months “EVERYONE” in Barbados has a role to play in promoting effective cyber security as cyber criminals and predators have targeted Barbados and the overall Caribbean region. Constantly evolving cyber threats also require the engagement of all Barbadians in following international cyber security best practices and standards — from government and law enforcement to the private sector and most importantly, the public.

Cyberspace is woven into the fabric of our daily lives and the world is more interconnected today than ever before. We enjoy the benefits and convenience that cyberspace provides as we shop from home online, bank using our smart phones, and interact with friends from around the Caribbean and world. However while the benefits of the internet outweigh the negatives, the negatives from cybercrime and online sex predators must be addressed.  To address the internet negatives the Caribbean Cyber Security Center is   committed to raising cyber security awareness in Barbados and to working across all levels of government, the private sector, and internationally to protect against network compromises, and child internet exploitation.

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Submitted by James Bynoe, BCF Senior Vice President for Cyber Security

As a Barbadian and Cyber Security executive the protection of the Caribbean’s Public and Private Information and Communication Infrastructures is one of the most serious economic and security challenges facing Barbados and our region.

Our ability to effectively ensure the Confidentiality, Availability and Integrity (CIA) of regional informational technology assets has significant economic and security implications for both the public and private sectors.

More than ever before a comprehensive regional Caribbean centric approach to Cyber Security is needed which takes into consideration the many local technical, management, operational, and cultural nuances of Caribbean nations.  It is also important that we as a region start to view ourselves as a “single cyberspace entity” in order to leverage best of breed Caribbean centric cyber security best practices and lessons learned.

Here are a few facts which emphasize the need for ICT professional in the private and public sector to “act”.

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