Mottley’s broken promise

Barbados Underground and traditional news sources have been highlighting the mysterious case of Savvy on the Bay yet to be resolved. The public dispute between Allan Kinch and government encouraged Prime Minister Mia Mottley to issue the following statement in April 2023. As usual the citizens of Barbados are treated like pariahs in a democratic system of government designed to serve them. Several MONTHS later Mottley’s promise must be categorized as another empty promise by a politician.

… you [Senior Ministers William Duguid and Dale Marshall] have a timeline on these negotiations, and if these negotiations don’t finish within the next few weeks, there must be a ministerial statement to the Parliament and all of the facts laid bare, including how this matter started under the last government; why there was a need to go to court under the last government; how, therefore, the sale was proceeded with as a result of an act of specific performance; and why we would not have been able to act before when we said from the very beginning, those two lots in the middle were always car parks …

Prime Minister Mottley
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